In Which I Shamelessly Guilt You into Giving Me Money

Posted by: KittyKait

While we were at the Homeschool conference in Plano a few weekends ago, I lost my iPod touch.  Ouch.  You have no idea how hard it hurt to say that.

I’m going to wait until September 9th to replace it when the newest generation comes out.  That way the price on the old one will drop. Or if the new one is super awesome-er enough I’ll buy it.  Though if I decide to buy the new one I’ll probably wait a few weeks after the release and buy a refurbished one from Amazon.

But of course I’ll need money to carry out this plan.  So, you buy my stuff, I buy iPod and then we’re all happy.

All items are new from Vision Forum or from the Vision Forum clearance rack.

One really cool radio:

Solarlink Survival Radio

You  can use the solar panel, a hand crank or AAA batteries in it to power this radio.  It also has a USB port in the back to charge a phone or pretty much anything else in the world.  And an auxiliary port, which lets you use the speakers on the radio to listen to an iPod.

New from Vision Forum. The box is dented at one corner. $35 with free shipping.

One very nice Dictionary:

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

A dictionary with Christian perspective. What else is there to say?
There are a few little wrinkles on the bottom corner of the back cover but it’s hardly noticeable.  It looks like the paper/vinyl was not carefully applied to the board.  $35 with free shipping.

And Natalie wanted me to add that she is selling a Fidelia doll.

She is selling her for $45 with free shipping.


  1. Gabrielle says:

    BTW, Kaitlyn, if you don’t want to go to the expense for an apple iPod, there are other options. I use a SanClip mp3 player. Mine has a 2GB storage, and I sometimes wish it had more, but it is very doable. It is only about $30 for the 2GB, and if you want an 8GB, you can get one for $50-80. Very affordable compared to an Apple, huh? I know it will take some getting used to from an iPod TOUCH, but I just thought I might throw the possibility out there.

  2. Question since you have had a touch — does it have organizer programs on it? Could I use it to keep track of my address, phone numbers, schedules, etc?

  3. Hi there! Is the dictionary taken?

  4. I’m interested in the radio but wasn’t sure how to let you know besides leaving a comment. =) Thanks.

  5. Good Morning! I want that Dictionary!!! but I cannot find it on the site. . . Does that mean it’s gone??

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