4 Moms Open House linky: Bedrooms, part 2

The other 3 Moms:

The bedrooms?  The kids’ bedroom?  Surely you jest.  That’s the door that we always close when companies comes.  That’s the door that I close for the sake of my own sanity and the safety of my children.  That’s the room where I imagine horrible, unspeakable science experiments growing under the carpet of clothing on the floor.

But it’s no worse than my fridge and anyway I need your advice, so we’ll open the door, close our eyes, and plunge onward into the fray.

Yes, the rumors are true.  Nine of our children share one moderately sized room.  We have a 3rd bedroom in our house, but they begged us to let them turn it into a dedicated library and we agreed, glad to have clutter-catching bookcases gone from every other room of the house.

Here is their room when it’s – get this: Company Clean.

OK, I exaggerated a bit.  It’s not always as dirty as I let myself believe.  It gets cleaned almost daily.  It just looks like it’s never been cleaned 10 minutes after they finish.

Really, it’s a pretty simple set up.  Just 2 dressers, each with 4 drawers and 3 shelves; a few baskets and door hangers to hold the multitude of shoes; 2 mirrors; 2 sets of bunks, and the upholstered bench that recently moved out of the living room.

The big fan provides extra ventilation to the beds on one side of the room at night.  There’s an identical fan that spends daytime in the kitchen and ventilates the other set of bunks at night.

Since they each have just one drawer, most of their clothes hang in the closets: 4 children hang their clothes in the closet in this bedroom, 3 in the library closet, and the 3 youngest have their clothes in the closet that Perry and I share.

Like the other bedrooms in our house, the floor is unfinished.  It’s near the top of our list of things to do.

But the beds – have you heard about our beds?  We love the beds!  Here’s a better shot:

…and another…

These are heavy duty pallet racks from Costco.  Each shelf is rated for 2,000 lbs. (that’s 8k lbs per unit) and they are the same dimension as navy bunks.  For mattresses, we cut 3″ memory foam into strips the width of the beds (a king makes 3 strips), then doubled them and sewed slipcovers out of sheets.  Finally, we cut queen-sized comforters in half to make perfectly sized comforters in fun, coordinating colors.

We’re very happy with the beds.

The dressers: not so much.  We need to replace them.  There’s a reason you only saw them from a distance.  It was nice of you not to show your shock at how run down they are, but we know they need to go.  We’re just not sure we want to replace them with more dressers.  Drawers just don’t hold up under heavy use, and they also don’t seem to make the best use of wall space.

We’re tossing around some alternative ideas, and would love your input.

Here’s our favorite idea so far.  The unit below is from IKEA, but we could also build it ourselves.

The kids could use boxes or bins like this in some of the openings to hold underclothes or odds and ends, and keep books in the others.

What do you think?  Will it work, and will it look nice?  Do you have a better idea?

Or do you want to skip ahead to the linky?  I don’t blame you.  Join the fun!  Your post this week can be about any or all of the bedrooms in your house.  Just remember to link to a single post (not your homepage) and link back to at least one of the 4 Moms.

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  1. Jamila Kurtz says:

    Love the beds! I am looking for them online and can’t seem to find them. Any ideas where to look?

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