What would you ask?

I have a question for you.

If you could ask the children of a mega-family anything you wanted, what would your question be?

Just one question, mind you, answered from the individual perspective of each child.

Indulge me and assume that unlike my own children, these children range from established adults with families and worldviews of their own, down to preteens and young adults still under their parents’ roof.

What would you want to know?


  1. Hey Kim,
    I was actually wondering how much income it takes to run a very large family. I’m not trying to be nosy, but we have four, and my grocery budget seems to be growing, and we are behind on some medical bills, and our checking/savings are dwindling. And we DON’T live extravegant lives–We shop bulk when we can, we shop at Goodwill/Thrift store, and I cook almost entirely from scratch(I have a wheat intolerance that drives up our grocery budget), and use cloth diapers…I don’t know how to stretch anything else. We only have a mortgage, and rarely use our credit card, and drive only one van(that is paid off).
    Currently, we net about $1600-$2000 a month, depending on whether or not my hubby gets a lot of overtime.
    What can a family live off of that has several children??
    (and they are 6,4, 2, and 12 weeks).
    Love you input!

  2. Do you feel like you were pushed into being secondary parents instead of having a full childhood of your own?

  3. Cindee – about the oldest children doing all the work – I try to follow the advice one wise mother gave me. She said, “I always ask the youngest child available to do the job. It takes extra training, but is worth it in the end.” Also, I think if YOU are feeling bad, your children will pick that up and take the excuse to complain – which child wouldn’t like an excuse to complain!
    We take the attitude that GOD gave us this family and He has a purpose for it. We are a team that works together for God’s glory. Every team player has a role. I didn’t ‘choose’ my family size – God called us to it and God calls WHOLE FAMILIES, not individuals. We are all obeying Him in our calling together.

  4. Do you hear rude comments from strangers/acquaintances about the size of your family, and if so, what would you like to say to them in response/how does it affect you?

  5. Sheila, that is something I can identify with too, I was an only child until my mom got remarried and now I have one sister.

    I always wanted a big brother and a little brother. I am 25 and I still have to force away feelings of jealousy when I see others with their brothers!

  6. Ashley, the eldest of 8, and her answers were interesting. She spoke exactly what I was thinking. We have a small family and our cold cereal habits are just like theirs. Time shared with parents is spent the same way. Everything was just the same.
    So, really, does size matter?
    I thought her question was exactly what I would have wanted to ask! But then it really has nothing to do with how many children! How does anyone deal with the heat and creepy crawlers?

    Kim, respectfully asked, I would love to know what each of your children’s feelings were on the subject of the heat and bugs!
    Not to incite rebellion because I myself am a believer in not complaining and stiff upper lips. You blogged about the bugs and how you handle the heat. But I would ask don’t you all feel hot sometimes or get tired of those frog-eating-creatures showing up in your boxers and brassiers?!?!?

  7. My question(s): Do you ever feel like you will scream if you don’t get some time alone? How or where do you take time for yourself?

  8. What is your birthorder position (out of total number), and what is the birth order position of your closest-in-friendship sibling.

  9. How do you handle critisism from family members who may not agree or strangers who makes their opinion known, when they think that having all these children is somehow wrong? Seriously… I just had my fifth and people think I’m crazy or they feel sorry for me.

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