Why does she have fish in her hair?

And why isn’t she famous?  This Fish In My Hair lady is fun-neee! She homeschools, and her blog is clean, and she makes twice-weekly trips to Stuffmart for milk, socks and underwear.  I’ve been reading her blog for all of an hour and I feel like I know her already.  She lives in Texas, so maybe I do know her.

I’m half-tempted to send her an underwear story, because I have a few good stories in that department and it seems to be her specialty.  She has a whole category dedicated to underwear.

A few of my favorites so far:

Have fun, and if you find something even funnier over there come back to share the link!

ht to my friend Mother Hen, who sends me all the best links and influences me to spend way too much time laughing at my computer.


  1. Haha! I just visited her site – she IS funny. And a good write. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH MY WORD! I’m still laughing! The underwear stories are hillarious! I think tho the one that got me the most was the table decorations! ROTFL well the others had me going but that one brought me to tears and nearly to the floor with my spurt of much needed laughter. Thanks for link!

  3. I SHOULD be doiing any number of things–getting dressed and grooming at the top of my list. What am I doing? Laughing at these websites!
    Thank you for the entertainment. The responsibility of WHEN I indulge is up to me so……….gotta run so I can get back to the toothpaste story!

  4. Another funny Texan I have recently discovered – The Catherine Chronicles – http://www.thecatherinechronicles.com/

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