free $50 Vision Forum gift certificates

free Vision Forum gift certificatesI love this sale!  Nearly every year, Vision Forum runs a brief special where they automatically give you a free $50 gift certificate for every $95 you spend!  There are no coupons or promo codes necessary – the gift certificate just shows up in your cart at checkout.  There’s no limit on this sale, and no need to split up your orders into neat little $95 packages.  If you order $190, you’ll receive $100 in gift certificates.  If you order $285, you’ll get $150 free.
The sale ends at midnight, October 1.

This is also the perfect time to check out the new and improved Vision Forum website.  It’s undergone a complete overhaul, and it’s crisp, clean and beautiful!  It has separate categories for bestsellers, recently added items, clearance, and featured products.  Now you can also sort and filter categories by price, type, age, discount, date added, and more.  Check it out and tell me how beautiful it is!

One last thing: if you’re not already a Vision Forum affiliate, now is the time to join.  This is the best time of the year for affiliate sales, and you can even earn commissions on your own purchases if you place your order through one of your own affiliate links.  There are other perks, too.  Affiliates often get advance notice of sales and free review products, and the opportunity to host giveaways on their blogs – the perfect way to introduce readers to Vision Forum.

If you think I’m telling you about the affiliate program because I’m a really nice person, think again.  If you sign up through one of my links, I’ll get a small commission on anything that earns you a commission.  Not out of your pocket, mind you.  You get your 8-12%, plus I get 2%.  We both win.  You’ve gotta love that.

Now go buy something.  We went grocery shopping today, and boy could I use some commissions.  😉


  1. You can have my 2% 😀 Since I love ya so & you’re one of the first blogs I ever read, it only seems right.

    I’ve thought of becoming an affiliate before, but laziness always got the better of me at the time.

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