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4 Moms 35 Kids Today we’re going to talk about some of the ways the dad of the house is involved in homeschooling.

First, I have to confess that I prefer the term home education over homeschooling. I use the latter term more often out of habit and because it’s more widely used and accepted, but I think the former term is a better reflection of how we do things.  We don’t try to recreate the institutional schooling experience; rather, we create a lifestyle of learning so that our children are being educated throughout the day and throughout their lives.

I’ve talked in the past about how that happens in day-to-day life, but here are some of the ways that Perry is involved in it:

  • He often listens with the children to audio messages on history, worldview and philosophy, science, theology, logic and apologetics, and other topics.  He follows up by initiating discussion.  These play largely into the education of our children.
  • The discussions often take on a life of their own and expand far beyond the topic at hand.  He makes dates and dead people  meaningful and memorable, rather than just lists to be memorized.  He has a great talent for tying together people and events into a broader view of history which our children retain far better than I ever did, even though I was homeschooled.
  • We discuss reading lists together and he assigns reading, especially for the older girls.  He requests that they write summaries of the books that he has assigned.  They understand that complying with these requests is not optional, in spite of the fact that they are often phrased as questions.
  • He helps set goals, plan lessons and curriculum, and  answers the questions that stump me (or helps us find the answers).
  • He provides accountability for me and the children, important to keep all of us moving in the right direction.
  • He provides me with impetus, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, a sense of humor, and chocolate.  I find each of these highly helpful.

To sum it up, Dad might not sit at the table poring over a teacher’s manual, but he is highly involved in the education of our children.  Those are just a few of the ways it happens in our household.   How do the other 3 Dads stay involved with the education of the other 25 children?  Find out!

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    1. A question for you for in a few weeks. Do you or any of the other mums do anything different for the sabbath and if so, how do you manage to have a day of rest amongst all the work a larger family requires?

    2. This is a great topic! I’ve been enjoying what the four moms are sharing on it.

      Chocolate. So very important, isn’t it!?

    3. Will the children’s education end at a specific time and at home? I mean, will they be going on to college or technical schools?
      It is always great to see fathers involved in all aspects of their childrens lives.

    4. I can’t even begin to imagine home educating without the involvement of my husband.

    5. Thanks for sharing ! My husband is not very confident about academics, and he always wants to be involved, but is unsure, and I then also feel unsure about how to encourage him to be involved, without feeling like I am the one in charge of the family; it is great that he trust my judgement and believes in my ability to make good decisions, but it is also difficult because I feel like it can become too easy to become the head of the family in his place in that way. If I can present these ideas as something that has worked for other families, he would probably really appreciate the tips, and I would appreciate like I’m not the one deciding how to raise the family.
      Thank you !

    6. Right on!
      Can’t think of any better way to say it.

    7. I love “home education” better then “homeschooling” for the same reason as you!

    8. I hadn’t considered the difference between the terms “home education” and “home schooling”, but totally agree with you on that point. I too appreciate the fact that my husband provides encouragement…and chocolate! I guess they’ve figured out how to keep us going 🙂

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