Beware the vampires

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We left the beach, tired but happy, and headed toward the parking lot.  We were thinking we would load our possessions, then go back to the visitor center to shower and change in shifts.  It was about 7:30, the sun was below the horizon, and darkness was moving in.  That’s when the terror began.

As we made our way between the sand dunes, they surrounded us. Swarms of giant mosquitos.  We panicked.  We swatted madly.  We screamed and ran.

Perry, Kaitlyn and Megan brought up the rear with the remainder of our gear.  As they flew past the few remaining beach visitors, Kaitlyn slid out of control and careened into the boardwalk rail.  “Trip her, Dad!”  Megan shrieked.  “Leave her as bait!”

When we arrived at the van, it was even worse.  We opened the doors to more thick swarms, screamed, tried to load our belongings, swinging wildly all the while.  We sprayed mosquito repellent blindly in every direction, all to no avail.

We closed the doors and windows to keep them out, but found to our horror that we were only locking ourselves in with them.  It was like being in a horror film.  We screamed again, opened the windows and started the engine, cranking up the a/c.  Without even stopping for a headcount, I hit the gas and swerved toward the park entrance, using my free hand to smash, swipe, swoosh and shoo the vicious creatures that engulfed me.

The panic in the van became more subdued as we drove, finally settling to a faint irregular thudding as the kids in the back picked off the remaining population one by one, smearing them into the windows with the palms of their hands.

Ten minutes down the road, we finally took a breath and calmed down.  I heard a few nervous giggles from the back, and suddenly we could laugh about it.  It was funny, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.  We have resolved: next year, we leave the beach before sundown.


  1. Oh my, the love of sisters, I tell ya. lol Too funny! Mosquitos are the spawn of satan themselves. *shudder*

  2. This post is just too funny! I can only imagine the scramble. Love your daughters “bait” comment – LOL
    Hope you have a lovely day

  3. So, who gets to windex all the car windows now?

  4. We’ve had the same experience here in Michigan (on our own private ocean, Lake Michigan) with BLACK FLIES! Those babies bite! We remember which years they were by pictures of kids in the water, only visible from the eyeballs up.

  5. Lisa in ND says:

    Diana is right about the MN mosquitoes. I can totally relate to your post, having lived in MN and eastern ND my entire life. YUCK!

    The good news? When freeze-up comes, usually in October (it’s already gotten down to 32 a few times where I am), they DIE. And we look forward to it.

    Just curious, cause I know you guys spend a lot of time outdoors, how is the skeeter situation around your house/acerage? Do you spray the area or just spray yourselves well, or do you have any other tips to keep them away when you are all enjoying your beautiful deck/yard?

    • Lisa,
      We have a lot of barn swallows nesting in our eaves, so they help to keep the mosquitoes under control most of the time. When they fail, Perry has become a big fan of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil. I’ve heard lavender is also good. Just a few drops, spread over all exposed skin, goes a long way toward keeping them off.

  6. Minnesota mosquitoes might be bigger than Texas mosquitoes, but ours band together like a posse to take what they want – and usually get it!!!
    I am completely impressed and amazed that you can successfully take your entire clan to the beach in one day. The thought of taking my little bunch ANYWHERE more than 20 minutes away is so daunting that I have to sit and rest until the thought passes. 🙂
    Share with us feeble minded how you feed your crew while on the beach? Sandwiches in the cooler? Snacks? What works? What is a BAD idea? Bottled water? 5 Gal. cooler of lemonade?

  7. That’s hilariously horrible! Mosquitoes love me so I can only imagine what a nightmare that was. The buzzing alone would be creepy!

  8. Faith Maldonado says:

    Guess you all just has a little taste of one of the ten plagues! I’m still trying to decide if mosquitoes go with the third (gnats) or the fourth (flies). 🙂 All three are horrid in my eyes!
    Ps. So who ended up cleaning the inside of the windows? 😉

  9. LOL!

    (I never used to write ‘LOL’ anywhere… But your posts force me to… dont’t know why…)

    “Leave her as a bait” – really good!

  10. ROFL so hard I almost pee’d and am still laughing.
    I lived near the Gulf and let me tell you…mosquitos are no laughing matter down there. You can spot them coming a 100yds away..they are huge, you can hear them setting their sites on you and trying to take cover is usually not an option, they can remove you from your vehicle. Sounds like you guys had a blast..wish I could have caught the vampire strike on camera so I watch it whenever I needed a good laugh! Hope the lumps have subsided. Also glad you didn’t leave Kaitlyn behind..although I understand!

  11. It DOES sound like a scene from a horror film! Glad y’all made it out safely!

  12. I’ve been there. My husband and I were sightseeing in Washington D.C. and enjoying a peaceful walk around some of the monuments at night. We strolled by a pond and I was just about to say how picturesque the whole thing was when they attacked. But luckily we didn’t have to worry about leaving any kids behind when we made our getaway 🙂

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! Megan!!!??!!??!! Tell me it’s not true that you, ( sweet girl that you are :), wanted to leave Kaitlyn!?!?!?! I would have never guessed 🙂

    I hope you had fun in spite of the horrid bugs!


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