Film Festival!!!

This is one of our favorite weekends of the year – the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival!  Will you be there?  We’ve been counting down for months, looking forward to seeing people we only see once/year, watching film trailers online, and poring over the schedule.

The first part of this week was one long fashion show as the girls tried to decide what they were wearing, especially after receiving 5 boxes of hand-me-downs from some very sweet friends – you should have heard the squeals of joy (It fits!) and anguish (It doesn’t fit!) and more joy (It looks perfect on you!).

And while I’m on the topic of fashion, I’ll just come out and say it: I…um…

I thought carefully and decided to…


Well, the festival is at two separate venues a mile apart.  We’re going to be walking a lot.

Here it is: I’m wearing sneakers with a skirt.  It’s not a denim skirt, and I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.  My four fashionable teens assure me that I do not look like the stereotypical homeschool mom (is it bad that I want so badly to avoid that?) and I think I believe them – until I look down and see besneaker’d toes peeking out from beneath my hem.

So there you have it.  If we meet, go ahead and glance down at my feet.  I’ll pretend not to notice, but I’ll be checking out your footwear at the same time.


  1. Stephanie says:

    The shoe delima always gets me. I feel funny wearing sneakers with skirts, but don’t have much else to wear with them, especially during the winter. I used to have a comfortable pair of boots, but after 11 years they wore out … imagine that. Since I don’t wears skirts all the time I wasn’t sure what to think of my feeling odd wearing them (personally, it is a sock/ankle thing). Thanks for some of the suggestions. I actually wouldn’t mind a post about this with photos of different options. Or is that too odd of a topic?

  2. Ditto on the Clarks, but I like their Unstructured line even better than privos. Pricey but so cute and sooooo comfy and great for walking!

  3. I wore cute Sketchers with my denim skirt to the grocery store just a few minutes ago. It’s too cool today for Birkenstocks, but I didn’t feel like wearing boots. I don’t really like boots and only wear them when it’s cold.

    I’d love to go to the film festival some year, but we’re leaving next weekend for a month-long trip to Disney World, and yes, I’ll be wearing more Sketchers with skirts. It’s not my favorite look, but it can be okay. At least you’ll be surrounded by ladies in dresses and skirts. I’ll stick out like a sore thumb in Disney World. I’m planning on dressing my kids in matching shirts and hoping that people get so busy counting them all that they don’t even notice my clothes.

  4. I actually am wanting to buy some sneakers to wear with my skirts…I am tired of wearing clogs…so…what is wrong with sneakers and skirts together? I’ve always thought it looked REALLY cute!!!

  5. Two words: Dansko clogs. They are expensive, but you’ll probably never have to replace them and they can be repaired by most shoe repair places if something starts to go on them. You can also get good deals on ebay on them. I got mine for $37 on ebay and wear them all the time. I wore them walking all over Ireland this summer (while wearing a baby) and all over Moscow two years ago (wearing a 15 month old). They are the only shoes I’ve ever bought that felt broken in the moment I put my feet into them. And they look nice with skirts, which is what I primarily wear.

    Then you can avoid the whole sneaks and skirt look.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Have you ever seen Privo by Clarks footwear? They are on amazon zappos etc and very very expensive. However they are so cute and perfect for denim and casual skirts and they don’t look a thing like running shoes but they are comfy. Anyway watch Amazon they randomly put sales on one color at a time or go to ebay I got a pair of catalog returns for twenty five dollars including shipping. Best money I have spent in a long time. Just a thought!:)

  7. I’m with you with your phobia of sneakers with skirts but sometimes practicality has to win out. So when I see women wearing sneakers with skirts I just figure they had a practical reason. No one can really think it’s fashion forward right?

  8. We have some friends who usually go. We LOVE the film festival videos and own several. You have a wonderful time, without worrying about aching feet 🙂

  9. hahahahahaha I know exactly what you mean! about the sneakers/skirt thing, and well……looking……stereotypical. Happens to the best of us. Either way, at the end of the day you will be happy you sacrificed fashion for comfy shoes. 🙂

  10. More power to you! I’m not brave enough to wear sneakers with skirts (even though I’m “mostly skirts, most of the time”)… It stems from a specific stereotype from my childhood.

    However, I have found some really cute Skechers that I LOVE and they’re a bit sneaker-ish in feel, but don’t look quite like an average sneaker. They are SO comfortable it’s ridiculous, I wear them nearly every day. Here they are if you’re interested I have the black ones, but really like the silver/white ones, too.

    No, I’m not being paid to tell you this – just totally LOVE my shoes!! 🙂

  11. Two years ago my husband had to work in DC for the summer and when I visited him, I obviously wanted to look cute – but I also knew we would be walking all around town so I too did the skirts with sneakers thing. It wasn’t fashionable but I did at least go with a cute sneaker not a running shoe. Sometimes practicality has to rule over fashion so I say wear sneakers and be proud of it!

    I’ll be perfectly honest and the whole skirts with shoes thing scares me all the time. I really want to start wearing more casual skirts and can find cute skirts and shirts to go with them but am completely stuck with what shoes to wear. What type of shoes do you normally wear with all your skirts?

    • MacKenzie,
      I wear either sandals or boots, depending on the weather and season. My girls love to wear Converse, but they also wear sandals, flats, or boots sometimes.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Ummm is wearing sneakers with skirts bad?
    oops – i do it all the time! my excuse ? I have 3 children, 2yo and under , and while they are very obedient, they still like to run and play !

  13. If you guys hear an odd sound coming from the northwest, it’s me sobbing my eyes out, okay? I desperately wish I could be there…. but it looks like I am not going to be! Have fun!!

  14. My 11yo will be there, in fact I think Chance may try to pawn her off on you while he works the book table 🙂 Wish we could all go, maybe next year…

    • Michele,
      Perry mentioned your daughter before he left for work. The kidsd and I are going to see if we can steal her away from Chance when we there later this morning!

  15. Gabrielle says:

    My sister and I will be there! As for shoes…um…i don’t know yet, but I’ll probably end up wearing a pair of $3 sandal/flip-flop type of shoes. I seem to where them everywhere I go, so I don’t think this will be an exception! See ya there!

  16. Enjoy your weekend in sneakers, Kim. At the Baby Conference, my eldest daughter wore regular shoes and we walked all over the place…. she ended up getting the worst infected heel blister ever. After our plane ride home… she spent the week sitting with her foot in epsome salts and warm water! We sure do wish we were there…..
    In Christ,

  17. You’ve gotta love hand-me-downs—-I’m always thankful to get them and just as grateful to give them away. 🙂
    As for the shoes—not all of us look. I never notice what people have on their feet. My oldest daughter used to get so exasperated with me—when we’d be out, she always noticed people’s shoes–then she’d ask me, “did you see those green sandals?” or “did you notice that man’s boots?”–my answer was always the same–“No”. You could be running around barefooted and I probably wouldn’t take notice. 😀
    Have fun at the festival!

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