Tuesday Poetry: Something of my own.

Posted by: Deanna

Great. Late again. But hey, I’m getting closer right?

Today I’m showing y’all poem that I wrote about my notebook. Sometimes it almost seems as if my notebook is a person, and a friend more than anything else. It’s like I read about teddy bears once; they don’t talk much, but they’re great listeners. My notebooks are like people that know everything I think, and keep every secret I tell them, unconditionally. So sometimes I feel bad for not writing, because it feels like I’m neglecting someone real that has stood by me with great loyalty.

My Notebook

Sometimes dear friend
you may feel abandoned.
you may think that I’ve forgotten
your unwavering loyalty.

I wish it were not so.
you hold my secrets
you know me as no one else ever will.
but some times there aren’t any secrets to confide.

I may for a while record poem after poem
and then for interminable stretches
write nothing at all.

I cannot force the muse.
I only write when my heart is overflowing.
so dear friend and companion,
do not feel neglected when I cease to write for a while.

Because you know that at the first sign of trouble,
I will come running back to the solace of your pages.
With a whole new host of feelings to inscribe.


  1. Did you know that you just described exactly how I feel sometimes, Deanna? You put my feelings into words. Wonderful. I have so many notebooks, that I like to keep up to date and write in “once in a while”, but it seems like I’m always leaving one of them out. But I’m still saying
    “I need another notebook.” Go figure. I can’t understand myself!

  2. I think thats great that you write poetry and keep a journal. I Have tons of notebooks filled with poetry that I wrote when I was a teenager! those poems got me through those emotional and finding myself years! hold on to those, thats a God giving gift. God bless!

  3. Deanna,

    I write poetry on occassion at my blog, but usually, it consists of rhyming couplets. However, I enjoyed the free-flowing style of your poem without the rhyming. I’ll need to try this style of poetry writing myself sometime. 🙂


    -Lady Rose

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