And so it begins…

Sitewide Sale

Through November 20, use coupon ALLONSALE to take an extra 20% off everything at Vision Forum, including already-discounted products.

Enjoy great pricing on family-building bookstoysmoviesaudio albums, and more!

Plus, pay only $5 shipping regardless of order size.

IMPORTANT INSIDER INFORMATION: You can now choose media mail if your order contains only books, audio, and/or video.  For small orders, this could be less than $3!

One more tip: Just to sweeten all the deals a little more, you automatically get a $10 gift certificate when you spend $150.  Look for it in your cart.

Wondering where to start?  My secret sources in the warehouse tell me that Large Family Logistics and Jasmine Baucham’s Joyfully at Home are flying off the shelves!


  1. Have you or your daughters read Joyfully Home? It sounds really good, I’m just wondering if anyone has a review on it.

  2. Thanks so much! I did notice the choices. 🙂 I definitely plan on buying the Mother’s Tea Time collection.

  3. I just ordered my copy of Large Family Logistics, AND posted about it in my blog. LOL! We have similar minds. Teehee. I’d reallyreallyreally like “tea with michelle duggar” on my next splurge…

  4. Hi!

    I was just wondering how I would be able to request media mail to save on shipping. Any thoughts? (The one reason why I’ve been having a difficult time buying from Vision Forum is because the shipping prices are too high, with their products already being fairly high– it adds up quickly for this frugal woman!!) 😉

  5. Hunney don’t forget to tell them how they can sign up to be Vision Forum affiliates 🙂

  6. No kidding!!! I just bought Jasmine’s book from Vision Forum. I’m really looking forward to reading it!!!

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