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This one is really different.  Have you ever been to Egypt?  Me neither.  It’s quite possible I never will, though I’ve always been fascinated by the history of a country that has been around almost since the beginning.


On December 1st, a team of young Christian filmmakers will be traveling to Egypt as part of the Navigating History Project, just announced by Western Conservatory“Navigating History: Egypt” is a 6-episode adventure travel series designed to teach history, geography, current affairs, and worldview analysis from a Biblical perspective. The series will focus on the events and influences that shape nations, illustrating that ideas have consequences and that culture is never neutral.

Egypt, the oldest continuous culture in the world, has been influenced at various times in its history by the four dominant ideologies of the globe–ancient paganism, Greco-Roman humanism, the Christian Church, and the rule of Islam–making it an ideal place to show that culture is religion externalized. Along the way, the team will be providing book recommendations and pointers for further study. Unlike television shows where hosts are shot and edited by invisible camera teams, every aspect of production and travel will be visible to those watching from home, as every member of the team serves both on-camera and as production staff.

This series is targeted at an age group of approximately 13 and up, but children as young as 6-8 should find many aspects of the series engaging and educational.  This can be a true family experience!

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We have been invited to choose one reader to receive a free subscription to Navigating History (worth $49.95) !

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  1. I would be delighted to subscribe to navigating history. I am sure my whole family would enjoy it, thank you!
    Rachel Grace

  2. So neat, live broadcasts. My two teenage sons will love this. I am going to show them the site this afternoon.

  3. This looks like it would be a wonderful resource. Egypt and indeed the entire middle-east is the setting for SO MUCH history that is important and relevent to Christians. A resource that explores this part of the world, the wonders and ancient civilisations buried within are many in number, but ones teaching from a distinctly biblical worldview are both rare and invaluble. As a homeschooling mom of 7, I’d love to have this great program available for my children!

  4. Pringles Palo says:

    i believe it is great to to teach history, geography, and coupled with current affairs on a Christian perspective to the young minds of children using the latest technology and next best thing to face to face communication – video. through the journey in navigating history, it will walk right through the hearts and minds of its audience and very well appreciate everything around them – not just another picture or text to see when we have first learned them in school.
    kindly have me entered on this educational giveaway. thank you. pringlespalo(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Wow. That’s great you’re doing a giveaway. I personaly know David Noor and I’m very good friends with his sisters Nadia and Nawela. Such a sweet family! I love the sight too. A very interesting layout, it really peaks intrest. I pray daily that this trip will turn out wonderful. They are claiming His-Story, for His-Glory.

  6. I love the site; not only the design but also the content. Navigating History looks really interesting! I know that both myself and my siblings would really enjoy it!

  7. I visited the site and it looks great. I have purchased things from Western Conservatory before and they do great work! Isaac’s introduction was tantalizing. I’m looking forward to this. I hope I win.

  8. Rebecca C from Texas says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  9. Rebecca C from Texas says:

    I shared the giveaway on Twitter!

  10. Rebecca C from Texas says:

    I love the look, layout and easy navigation, but mostly I like the video I saw of these gentlemen. I think humor and knowledge go very well together. 🙂

  11. I found this site a few weeks ago. 🙂 After graduating this spring, my Mom gave me the task of teaching history to my high-school aged siblings. We’re doing Ancient history this year, so I thought that this would be a perfect addition to our studies… and free is always better!

    We (meaning my brothers and I) were all very impressed with the beautiful site design and interesting articles that have already been posted.

    ~Tayler M.

  12. Dear Kim,

    I was not aware of their site, quite honestly, or this product, nice. I would love to enter the give-away for the subscription, that would be such a blessing to win. A great resource for homeschooling. 🙂

  13. I linked on Face Book, too!

  14. I’ve been struggling about where to start with history and I think this would be a neat way to introduce it. This would be very fun for my husband and I. I have always loved Egypt!

  15. ok, now I’ve told all my little birdies on twitter.

  16. i’ve now recommended on fb which is great for you but it sure is reducing my chances to win : )

  17. What a great opportunity to enhance the older kids school time. Plus I get to enhance my learning at the same time ; )

  18. What a great giveaway! We would love to use this for our home-school history. I have been fascinated with Egypt ever since reading Cat of Bubastes by G A Henty. Thank you for entering me!

  19. it’s almost as fun to navigate the website as it will be to navigate Egypt if we win!!!

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