Tuesday Poetry: More of mine

Posted by: Deanna

I wrote this poem after I dreamed it. It was really vivid and stuck with me for a lot longer than dreams usually do. I don’t know how weirded out some of y’all will be by the tragic parts of this, but you should remember one thing as you read it. If you don’t like this poem, you can just scroll down the page or go to another website. I didn’t have that option. Dreams don’t work that way. In my dreams, even when I squeeze my eyes shut, or cover them with my hands, I still see what’s happening.

Happy reading!

The Man Who Was

The man who was, I speak of he
who loved a girl, and loved the sea

Oh, what of it, if his skin was gray?
what if his eyes were strange as they say?

Someone cared, and someone hated,
because he loved, was not degraded.

Smiling Lass with heart so sweet,
loved him back with love complete.

Her hair was red, her eyes were gray.
Yes, his flesh was hard as they say.

But her love for him was true,
she loved her man and the sea so blue.

But someone brooded, and someone sent
a curse to them, in form it went,

great grey hunter, soulless shark,
sent to dampen their happy spark.

The sea was dark, the sky was low,
Lass said she would bathing go.

Oh, such sorrow, that fate decreed,
someone rots in hell for that deed.

For Lass went in and came not out,
a thick red mist and bloodstained snout.

The killer fled, his deed discharged,
The man, he wept. He cried so hard.

Cannot accept though knows it true,
his love will stay with the ocean blue.

The man who was, I speak of he,
who loved a girl, who loved the sea,

The sea betrayed him, his love so true.
Friend, she can’t come back to you.

Can you hear his lonely cries?
Now he’ll mourn her till he dies.

Deanna Coghlan


  1. Well done! Though sad, a beautiful poem. It can be so hard to put a story to poetic style, but you did it well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have a true gift. While the poem was sad (so sorry you had to dream it 🙁 ) it was beautiful. Keep it up!
    By His grace,

  3. You are very talented! I love the way your poem also held a story – although what a sad one!
    Well done!

  4. Thanks! I’m glad you guys enjoyed it!

  5. You are so very talented! I love this poem too! Great job.

  6. I love poems that tell stories!!! This one is one of my favourite!!! I love it, Deanna.

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