Vision Forum vs. College Plus, 2010

Remember last year’s football game between the guys from Vision Forum and College Plus? They did it again!  It was a great game with plenty of exciting action and fewer injuries than last year.  This year the broken nose was owned by the College Plus team instead of my own husband.

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Vision Forum started off the game with 2 touchdowns, one missed kick, and a safety.  14-0!  They were psyched!

Several players had the shirts ripped right off their backs.

Then College Plus made 2 touchdowns of their own and the game was tied.  Uh-oh.  Vision Forum had 4 guys in their late 30’s/40’s.  Could these old guys hold their own with a team full of 20-somethings?

Old guy #1 was a mountain of a man.  I’m pretty sure they were scared when they saw him coming.

Old guy #2 was team captain.  He saw plenty of action on the field.

Old guy #3 gave the speedy youngsters a run for their money.

Old guy #4 was mine.  He stayed in for almost every play, and whipped up the crowd during his few minutes on the sidelines.

My hunney played both offense and defense and most of the time found himself lined up with not one, but two heavily muscled young men well over 6 feet tall.  In spite of this, he held the line consistently and broke through quite a bit.  He even sacked the quarterback once!

Of course he wasn’t the only star on the field.  Andrew  made 2 touchdowns.

And Luke may have been College Plus’s MVP.

Both teams played hard and gave it their all.  The game began and ended with prayer, and fans freely fraternized with the enemy – er, I mean mingled and visited.  We all had friends on both sides.

The kids had fun getting their t-shirts signed by team members and spectators,

getting dirty,

and just watching the game.

They even had the players sign the game balls.

But did I forget to mention something important?

Vision Forum Won!

Final score: 30-22


  1. How fun! Congrats to VF!

  2. yay! sounds exciting 🙂

  3. I so wish I could have been down there for that. Oh well…

    Looks like it was a great game, and congrats to VF on their first win out of 3 years. 😉

  4. Andrew! I know him! He’s a really great guy! He’s so fun! Looks like he’s really into it too. YAY VISION FORUM!

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