Amphibious tanks for sale: 2/$45 shipped

Remember the Remote Control Amphibious Airsoft Tank?  Vision Forum no longer sells them, but our family has some to clear out.

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog in December, but there’s a whole stack of these blocking the aisle in our little library, and I would love to send them to new homes.

These tanks were the coolest toy in the 2010 Vision Forum catalog!  They sold for the bargain price of $50, though they have a sticker price of $79.  Here’s the deal: get 2 tanks, 2 controllers, and one charger for $30 plus $15 shipping.

These are huge fun!  They go forward and back, left and right; they have lights; they shoot airsoft pellets from a gun turret with just enough force to sting a bit but not to do damage.  They can also go in water as the name suggests, though I’ll warn you now that it does tend to cause problems if the tank turns over in the water.

They come in 3 different frequencies, so if you want more than 3 be aware that they will interfere with each other.  This can be fun too, if you manage to turn your opponent’s tank on him.  🙂

An enterprising mom could use one of these to carry a note to a child in another room.  That note could request a soda, because these tanks have 4 drink holders.  Nifty, huh?

Caveat: these tanks were returned for various reasons, but we have checked each one thoroughly, discarding and replacing bad controllers, battery packs, etc.  Boy, was it fun! Please check your tank on arrival as we will only offer a 7 day warranty.

We have several lots of these.  Just use the contact form at the bottom to let us know how many lots of 2 you want.
Click through to Vision Forum to check out many of this year’s cool toys which are now 20-50% off, including but not limited to the newest Jonathan Park album, Airsoft handgun with laser, and AK-47 Combat Rifle Rubberband Gun.  Want to justify all the money you’ll spend?  Check this out: Building a Winning Curriculum with Vision Forum Products.


  1. KittyKait,
    Your etsy shop is out of rings!! Would you like to make and sell any before Christmas? You can email and let me know. Please remind me of the price and I’ll decide how many I want if you are up for it.


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