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We asked you recently to vote for Leanna, a sweet young homeschool graduate of whom we know who is trying to win a scholarship of up to $2,000.  Today is the last day to vote, and you can still vote twice today! Please consider voting for Leanna’s essay in answer to the question, “Did you ever think that the greatest thing any man could ever be in the economy of God was to be a servant?”

When the word “servant” is mentioned, what common picture is conjectured? I close my eyes and there—there is the poor little servant girl with her ragged shift and bare feet. A froth of messy curls spring out from underneath the kerchief over her hair. With weary shoulders knotted from toil, she performs once again her menial tasks. Her hands are course, red, and sore. Sorrow and care has paved her face with hard lines. Such is the dismal picture that many paint upon the contemplation of what it means to be a servant. How can it be, then, that the position of a servant in God’s kingdom is to be most desired?

Read the rest, and vote for Leanna.


  1. Malia Thain says:

    Does Leanna or anyone else out there know of other scholarships like this one that would be especially helpful to homeschool graduates. I would love to pass on the information to my son. Thank you.

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