Sugar cookies and other sweet things

I put off the sugar cookies for the first 2 weeks of December because I was afraid the mess would endanger my sanity, which would in turn leave my kids scarred, causing them to grow up and hate Christmas and/or sugar cookies.  I just wasn’t sure it was worth the risk.

But I’m a wild and crazy person and I hate to let myself be ruled by irrational fears or OCD, so we decided that today was the day.  I was on my own with all the big ones gone, but I didn’t let that stop me.  I whipped up a double batch of sugar cookie dough, poured a tall glass of milk, and called the little ones into the kitchen.

No, she doesn’t have smudges on her face from making cookies.  This poor child always looks like this.  I wash her face every 20 minutes all day long, but you’d never know it.  Good thing she’s so cute.

I never noticed in real life, but in photos my hands look just like my mom’s.  I hope my kids will look down at their own hands someday and have sweet memories of doing things with their mom.

Gold sugar sprinkles for the bells and stars, red for the candy canes, green for the wreaths.  We’ll add stripes, dots and other details with white icing later.  No, I’m not a control freak.  Why do you ask?

See?  Not a control freak.  I let her mix gold, red and green for her stars.  Well, the last three stars.  All the others were done correctly.

He takes his food seriously, and he thoroughly agrees that cookies ought to be decorated in their proper colors.  He’s on my side.

More sweet stuff:  this boy is so sweet we call him Sweet Pickle.  I know his ears stick out, but that doesn’t keep all the girls from falling for him.  I don’t just mean his sisters.  Everywhere I go, he flirts with the ladies and makes each one feel special.  “Did you see that,”  I hear them whisper.  “He’s so cute, and he smiled at me!”

Puppies are almost as sweet as kids making sugar cookies.  Want one?  A puppy, I mean, not a cookie – though we would be happy to include free cookies with the purchase of any puppy.  Purebred Golden Retrievers for $350 to $400, ready just in time for Christmas, and we’ll throw in lunch if you come pick up your Christmas pup in person.

While I’m selling you stuff, we still have tanks.  Really cool remote control tanks, 2/$45 including shipping.  They’re in my living room.  Please take them.

And a few sweet deals, if you’re still reading:

$5 flat shipping. Did you see that part?  Just making sure you’re paying attention.

Jubilee Doll: $45 (all dolls and dresses on sale 25-40% off)
save 40%

Princess Adelina (hardback): $7.20 (pop quiz: who remembers why this book is special to us?)
save 60%

All-American Pop Gun: $6.00 (I can never resist a sale on these!) save 50%


  1. wow jessica, you know what i do when i dont agree with a blog…i stop reading it. I think this family is amazing! dog mill included. 🙂

    bonus point: you guys printed it, right?

  2. The puppies are cute, but responsible breeders who care about the future of their pups would NEVER time their litters to match up with holidays. Christmas is a confusing and hectic time and puppies should not be Christmas presents and should never be auctioned off to the highest bidder on a blog. Here is some more information about how to be a responsible breeder: I disagree with many elements of your lifestyle but I never would have thought of you all as running a puppy mill; wow!

    • Jessica,
      I appreciate your concern, but I don’t think we fit the definition of a puppy mill just because this litter is ready at Christmas time.
      Also, I think our blog is the perfect place to find good homes for Golden Retriever pups. An ideal home for a Golden’s people-loving personality will have people home all the time – the more, the better. Who better than a homeschooling family, which makes up a large part of our readership? It’s no coincidence that most of our buyers are already Golden lovers and owners.

  3. I’ve been putting off sugar cookies… I think we’ll do them next week when we are not so busy w/ lessons. And, an offer for free lunch makes me really want to buy a pup!

  4. If we were closer to y’all … I’d TOTALLY snatch up one of those SUPER sweet puppies!! {we’re in Wyoming lol}

    I broke down and did sugar cookies with my girls today. I wanted this perfect thing … with pictures …. cuz it’d be Hannah’s (our youngest, she’s 2) first time doing sugar cookies. And it was my first time in like YEARS and YEARS actually using cookie cutters (I usually just get lazy and do drop cookies). BUT, didn’t work out. The batteries on the camera died … and, wouldn’t you know it, no other batteries were charged. And Hannah had absolutely NO INTEREST in cutting cookies. She just wanted to eat them when they were done.

    Oh well. Gabriella and I had fun doing it together. And we got *some* pictures. And the cookies are good. So can’t complain. Much. 😉

    I SO need to read through Princess Adelina with our girls. We got it quite awhile ago, but still haven’t made our way to it.

  5. you canNOT get away with sweet beguiling puppy faces in the same post with SUGAR COOKIE DAY!
    oh my goodness. sugar cookies. right up there with pumpkin carving. the kids have been sick the last ten days so i’ve had an “excuse” for putting off the inevitable cookie/gingerbread day. . . . (MOAN)
    i’m on your side. they need to be done correctly!
    thanks for making me laugh today. i needed it!

  6. I used to hate making any kind of cut-out cookie until I picked up one of these at a garage sale (mine has different shapes, but this is close.) Roll out the dough once, then roll this thing over it. No wasted dough, no rerolling. This may have been the best quarter I ever spent for kitchen stuff at a garage sale. LOL.

  7. Heather Wawa says:

    That was supposed to be a smiley face above.

  8. Heather Wawa says:

    I emailed you. :o)

  9. Sitting here in my wool socks, three shirts, and long underwear and fleece on, I was thinking the same thing as Tammy! So funny to see you guys making Christmas cookies in t-shirts 🙂

  10. Only in Texas do you see pictures of people making Christmas cookies dressed in short sleeves! We’re going to make cookies soon, but it’s below zero degrees here in Wisconsin; we’re in long underwear and sweaters. Merry Christmas, cute photos!

  11. The book that you had re-published. I will order one at some point because I want to read it. 🙂

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