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Welcome back to the weekly 4 Moms post, in which 4 moms with a collective total of 35 children share our knowledge, experience and and helpful tips in maintaining health, order and sanity.

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  • If I seem a bit giddy, disjointed or just plain insane today, chalk it up to any or all of the following factors:

    1. I’ve taken a month off of blogging and am having a bit of trouble getting my brain back into blogging mode.
    2. My lovely children talk nonstop.  To me.  I love them, but holding a train of thought is about as easy as holding a real train.
    3. I was up nearly all night with 3 sick children and a baby who is ruining my reputation by refusing to sleep through the night.
    4. My washer exploded this afternoon, flooding the laundry room.  Remember the part about vomiting children?

    I’m not complaining.  I’ve had worse days.  Not many, but a few.  There was the Great Poop Flood of ’99, for example.  Hey, check it out: we’re #1 on Google for the search term Poop Flood.  Call it a silver lining around that black, black cloud.

    At any rate, days like these remind us why we need God.  It’s easy to forget when everything goes right, but  His Word is an encouragement when things go wrong, a light to our feet (Psalm 119:105), and a reminder that everything is part of His will and plan for us (Romans 8:28) – plans for our own good (Jeremiah 29:11), even when it doesn’t quite look that way.

    I’ve blogged in the past about how we teach Bible and some of our favorite resources, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t go into depth today.  The methods change over time and some of those past posts look nothing like what we do now, but they served us well during other seasons.

    Bible Time for Little Ones

    George Sarris Bible CDs

    It’s All Bible Time

    Family Worship

    Daily Proverbs

    and more on Proverbs

    Right now, everyone old enough to read is making their way through the New Testament at a rate of 10 chapters/day.  Those too young to read are listening to me as I read a portion of each day’s selection aloud.  Our plan is to begin and end in month of January.  Of course you miss a lot of small details when you read at this rate, but you might be surprised at how much of the bigger picture you catch.  It’s a very different way to read the Bible.

    I would love to make this a yearly tradition, but we’ll wait and see how that idea is received next January.

    This is something we did years ago, when we had 2 rather new readers who were still a little slow.  They found the idea of 10 chapters/day daunting, but they buckled down and did it, and by the end of the month my reluctant readers were fluent bibliophiles who had done what I didn’t do until my 30’s: read the entire NT.  After that, they willingly set themselves to the OT.

    I have similar hopes for Natalie and Becca this year.  Both are intimidated by what we have undertaken, but I know they can do it.  It will be a challenge for all of us, and all of us will know God a little better at the end of January.

    In fact, does anyone want to join us?  If you start today, you can be done with the entire New Testament in less than 30 days.  You might even beat us, because we’re not off to the best start.  We’re learning a lot this week about bending our plans to God’s will for us on a daily level.

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    1. ::Update::
      I finished reading the Bible from cover to cover at the end of April, and on May 1st I began again. 🙂 Nearly a third through; again! So much fun! Thank you!

      • Congratulations and great job! Was this your first time completely through? I wish I had started much earlier in my life!

    2. Starting on January 10th, I began in Genesis, reading 10 chapters a day. I am a third through the Bible now! Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

      • Wow, Marilee! Good job! Thanks for sharing this, too. I love to hear how God has used our blog to influence others, and you’re making me feel like I should keep up the 10 chapter/day schedule through the OT too. I tried, but I think I need the accountability that I had when the rest of the family was doing it with me.

    3. Hi Kim & Perry, it’s Mrs W, your bloggy friend from Australia, I just wanted to post a little prayer request if I may. I’m not sure if this has made the news in the US but one of our northern states, Queensland, and the northern coast of my state, New South Wales, are being severely affected by floods at the moment with 10 people deceased and 90 missing. The area of Queensland which has been declared a natural disaster zone is twice the size of Texas, USA. While my family and I are not directly affected our countrymen are and as our two countries have a long history of mutual co-operation I wanted to ask for your prayers on this matter. I know our friends in America will be thinking of us here ‘down under’. Thanks in advance! Mrs W

    4. Reading 10 chapters a day – is about similar to what I did to accomplish reading the NT in a month.

      What I did was number all the books from 1 – 27.

      On day 1 I read Matthew, day 2 – Mark, day 3 Luke etc…

      So in 27 days I had all 27 books all done and dusted, and I enjoyed it very much.

      I did hope to continue it as a rotational thing, but not sure what happened with that. Some of those days take a couple of hours to read.

    5. Thanks for the tips!

      Sometime, would you please address caffeine? In the last 5 years, I have consumed a lot of caffeine. I have been addicted, weaned off it, addicted again, drank it moderately…and in my last two pregnancies, I drank coffee every day.

      Any ideas on this appreciated. It is a major struggle for me.

    6. I also think this is a great idea.I’ve felt convicted over never finishing the whole Bible while I go through other books.Thanks for sharing.

    7. I know you wrote a lovely blog post, and I read the whole thing. But my brain couldn’t get past

      “My lovely children talk nonstop. To me.”

      Mine too! Is it terminal? Is it destructive to large families? Do I have to wait until I’m in a nursing home to have an uninterrupted conversation?

    8. Bless your heart. I hope there’s a special blessing waiting your you at the end of the day.

      Love to see mothers teach their little ones how exciting God’s Word is.

    9. Excellent post – so glad you are back! Listen, I wanted to share with you a new tool that was introduced to our family over the holidays. Children’s Bible is an app designed for children 3-13 & shares Bible stories through comics. It is available for most smart phones & computers. We have found this is a great way to get our children in the habit of reading the Bible, & it’s on their level. They have really enjoyed it & we are thrilled at their excitement with the Word. Just something we have found that works & wanted to pass along – check it out at childrenbible.org – Thanks for all you share!

    10. Carolyn B says:

      Thank you, so very much! I really enjoy your blog.

    11. My 10-year-old son is reading through the Bible this year, coloring one square for each chapter he reads. I just love the picture at the top of your blog, by the way. Totally precious! And I just had a bout of stomach flu around here, too, with four of us barfing at once. It’s hard to blog when you haven’t had sleep!

    12. Carolyn B says:

      I had a question actually. We are reading the bible with our family and last night in Genesis we reached the story of Soddom and Gommorah. We ( My darling H and I ) felt flustered and embarassed and skipped to Psalms! How do you handle more explicit portions of the Bible with readers under 12? We had not even thought about this, and I am unsure of how to proceed. * shrugs shoulders*

      • Carolyn,
        Our policy is generally that if they’re not old enough to hear the story, it will go over their heads. If they are old enough, they will ask questions which are answered frankly but without volunteering unnecessary details (i.e. those girls acted immodestly with their dad after he drank too much alcohol).
        But that’s how we handle the entire topic of sexuality in our family, and maybe you plan to handle it differently. At any rate, you have found that it’s useful to have a policy in place before the issue arises. 🙂

    13. I don’t know if I have ever commented, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts so much (as well as the 4 moms’ posts!). Thank you!

    14. This is fantastic! Picked up my bible this morning and got it accomplished. I have procrastinated..bible in a year, what a commitment, one I knew I couldn’t honor; and lately I have been reading about bible in 90 days, and I have been contemplating, but God heard my cries for something more doable even before I had spoken them. Along came your post…30 days for NT and there it was. 4 weeks about an hour a day, I can do this. I’ll put down my blog following and board surfing for 30 days, just for one measily hour a day and get it done.
      Thank you!!

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