My new fridge

Our new baby has come home.  After visiting several stores to look at both new and used refrigerators, perusing the internet for reviews, and asking you all for input, we made a choice.

We had already decided to buy used rather than new; the main reason we looked at new ones was so we would know what was missing in the older models and make sure we didn’t pay top dollar for an “obsolete” used appliance.  To put it simply, I was afraid I’d be impressed features that were old news years ago.

After hearing the various opinions on my recent refrigerator post, we decided to shop for a freezer on the bottom, and possibly French doors if the price was right.  I knew I wanted something in the vicinity of 25 cubic feet.  I  knew I wanted white, and did not want an ice or water dispenser in the door.

On Saturday morning I checked reviews on 13 brands and models with French doors, taking extensive notes about the pros and cons of each.  I wanted one that kept a good steady temperature, especially in the doors.  I wanted glass shelves.  I wanted one that did a good job keeping produce fresh.  At my repairman’s advice, I had already decided to avoid GE at any cost.  I drew a line through the GE’s and put a star next to the LG, the only one that gave stellar performance when they heated up the surroundings to simulate a steamy southern climate.

I tucked my notes in my purse and we headed out to yet another used appliance shop on Saturday.  As we drove we talked about what we hoped to find and Perry asked me what I was expecting to spend.  I named a price range that I was sure would get us a nice used freezer-on-bottom model, and maybe one with French doors.  It was lower than most I had seen advertised, but I was willing to wait, watch and shop for a while, and I had resolved to negotiate aggressively.

It was more than we would have spent on a top-freezer model, but I was hoping the extra cost would save us money in the long run: more visible fridge areas would help us to find and use our leftovers before they went bad; more stable temps would keep food good longer; and freezer on bottom is generally more energy efficient.

We got lost on the way, not realizing that the advertised location was a general vicinity rather than an actual location.  We finally got directions and found the shop more than a mile from the intersection specified.  As we had suspected, it was a small warehouse tucked away behind a cluster of buildings on the edge of town.  We parked out back and made our way through neat lines of appliances toward the entrance in the back of the building, wondering if we should be nervous.

Inside, my eyes went immediately to the French doors against the far wall.  There were 2 white ones without dispensers on the front.  One was an LG – a big one – and the other was a slightly smaller Maytag.  I looked them over, trying to appear casual, checking out both models, but I don’t think I was very convincing.  After a minute Perry laughed at me: “You want the LG, don’t you?”  Then he turned to the salesman.  “How much for the LG?”

It was an ’09, gloriously oversized, beautifully lit, with digital controls just inside the door.  We could barely hear it running, except for the nagging beep when I kept the door open too long.  There were a few small dings and minor scratches on the sides and handles, and the smallest of the 3 (count ’em: three) produce drawers was missing.

I was too smitten to try to negotiate but incredibly the total price came to $10 under my self-imposed budget.  That included a Monday delivery to Vision Forum, where Perry could use the van to bring the fridge home since they wouldn’t deliver as far as our house.

And so last night my new fridge came home.  I’m thinking of calling her Ellie, short for LG.  Or maybe something more French.  Suggestions?  I’ve never named an appliance before, but I’m already attached to this one.  I would have named my slide-in glass top range if I had thought of it.  More than one of us planted a big kiss on that glass top when it arrived here.

Here she is, in all her glory.  She’s all loaded up with tons of space to spare and purring happily.

Opening one door at a time makes for a more efficient appliance.  Only half of the cold air spills out into the room while we stand there staring into the beautifully lit interior, admiring our leftovers.  Fortunately the angry beep of the door alarm jolts us back to reality.

Look: 2 jugs of milk in the door, and they’re both opened.  Do you hate that as much as I do?  The new jug is on a shelf.  From now on, the open jug goes in the door and that’s the one we use first, got it?

Also, did you note our insane number of condiments loading down the doors?  Miraculously, they all fit but does anyone really need 6 different kinds of mustard?  Anyone but us, I mean.  Obviously we need them.

Are you judging me?  The wine came from church, and the beer has been there since summer.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, we’re Presbyterian.

The little shelf in the freezer compartment stays in unless you slide it out.  That’s where I’m keeping baking supplies (nuts, yeast, etc.) and ice.  We didn’t have room for ice in our last 3 fridges, but now we have 8 trays in 2 neat stacks taking up just a small part of that top shelf.

The little shelf is nice, but the primary freezer storage is a big basket with a sliding divider.  According to reviews, it holds two 24 lb. turkeys, though I found a better use for it: 7 lbs. of grated cheese, 8 lbs. of homemade sausage, 8 lbs. of frozen veggies, 1 lb. of bratwurst, 2 lbs. of smoked sausage, 6 lbs. of tomato paste for pizza sauce, 10 lbs. of chicken legs/thighs, 1 lb. of ground chuck, and a partridge in a pear tree.  With all that, it still looks mostly empty and there is zero chance of an avalanche of food smashing my feet.

There’s also a long narrow basket at the top of the freezer door, right in front.  You can’t see it, but it’s currently holding 2 long loaves of pumpernickel and my personal ice cream stash.

One small problem I foresee: it’s going to be hard to make a space for our gallon sized jars of pickles from Costco.  I’m pretty sure I can live with that problem.


  1. What perfect timing! Our fridge/freezer just died completely unexpectedly, and since it came with our house 4 years ago – already well-used – we have no idea how old it is. I had read this post of yours a while back (always love your posts!) and you totally sold me on the french door deal. I found a 1-yr-old never-used Samsung on Craigslist for 1/2 MSRP and CAN’T WAIT to bring it home this weekend! I normally would totally stress about something like this, but God is good – and I thank you for allowing Him to use you to make my life less stressful, as He’s very much given me peace, even in the midst of having to suddenly shell out $$ for a new appliance, just months before Baby #1 arrives!

  2. Just French-ize it…

    Ellet 😀

  3. Now she’s just gorgeous! Such a sweetheart! I look forward to seeing photos of Ellie as she gets older.

  4. Kim,

    Your frig seems kind of empty compared to mine and I have way less children!

    Is there that much room in those frigs or was it time to shop?

    Do you have an extra freezer? I don’t know how you do it. Maybe I have too much food!

    • Kris,
      It’s time to shop, and it was also right after the weekend so we’re low on leftovers (nothing ever comes home from the church meal, and we don’t eat a big meal Sunday evening). I can’t wait to fill the fridge with a week’s worth of produce all at once instead of buying it 2 or 3 days’ worth at a time!
      We don’t have an extra freezer. I have to shop weekly, and we also keep a lot of dry goods: flour, sugar, beans, rice, oats, pasta, etc. Those don’t take up precious fridge space. It may not be ideal, but it works for us

  5. I have the exact same fridge & I LOVE it! (my husband has never understood how I can be so in love with a fridge LOL) Unfortunately we had to move a few months ago for a job trasnfer & it is ONE INCH too wide to fit in our new house so its out in the garage for now. Waaaaaaahhhhh!!

    Ok, I think I’ve collected myself enough to continue… I think you should name her Ellie, its cute 🙂

  6. Nice! For now, we’re stuck with what came with our rental home.

    And we also have more mustard than (almost) anyone needs… yellow mustard (2, I don’t know why), spicy brown, 2 different brands of honey mustard (and neither as good as what Sonic has), dijon, chinese… I think that’s it!

  7. She’s a beauty! Enjoy! If I were to get a new fridge, I’d want one with the freezer on the bottom too. And, yes, side-by-side doors! 🙂

  8. Congrats! So exciting! I must say I have never seen such an extensive blog about a fridge before….complete with photos! That made me smile. (Also interesting to hear that you make that same joke that we do about being Presbyterian!)

  9. Your new baby looks gorgeous. We buy the gallon size jars of pickles from COSTCO too. I save smaller jars to put the pickles in so that they can fit in my refrigerator.

  10. Je suis jalouse.

  11. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    I would not have known you had alcohol and beer there if you had not confessed 🙂

  12. You bought the exact fridge style I would have recommended, if I’d ever gotten around to leaving a comment when you were asking for opinions. We love ours…

  13. Call her “Elle Ge” (pronouncing the Ge like the last syllable in garage — zhe or however to spell that pronunciation!) – that would sound fancy French, don’t ya think?

  14. After looking at the second picture you’ve posted with both doors open I am suddenly struck with an adorable picture in my mind.
    A child crawling excitedly toward this new “big white thing” that every one is talking about. Sits down right in front of it. Looks up, and to his surprise see this handle placed at the perfect height for grabbing. He pulls himself to a standing position. Looks up, and then (dramatic music builds up) sees the glorious sight of FOOD!!! And it’s not just any ordinary food. It’s the real thing. Not any of that fake imitation mushy stuff that everyone is making him eat out of a jar. He sees it all. The milk, salad dressings, last nights left-overs, and of course the famous mustard. But then a terrible thing happens. The moment is ruined by a loud beeping noise! He hears a voice shout out, “Shut the door!”. It lasted only a few moments, then it was all over. The door was shut. He plopped back down to the ground. He must now wait for another careless person to open the doors.
    The end. 🙂

    (ps. yes, I do have a big imagination. :))

  15. This is the fridge that I have, be careful, things will freeze in the back of the produce drawers! We keep it at 39 degrees, that has helped. Also, if you happen to figure out how to disable to beeping, please post it!

  16. Regarding those condiments…the ketchup goes in the pantry silly. 🙂 that’s why in restaurants it’s out on the tables. Room temperature versus pouring ice cold on my hot food. I’m just sayin….

    This will open up some side drawer space.

    I’m sold on this one for our next house. Wow that’s huge.

  17. Very nice. I’m impressed. I love scratch and dent stores. That’s where we got our glass top stove a few years back. The funny thing is that most scratches and dents really aren’t an issue. It isn’t as if it effects the use of the appliance in question. Our stove was significantly marked down for a teeny tiny scratch on its side (which would be covered anyways by cabinets on both sides in my kitchen so I don’t know why that would be an issue anyways).

  18. So nice to have a nice, new, clean fridge! I warned you about those beeps….handy to have condescending appliances poised to alert you to human error, isn’t it?

  19. Congratulations! I remember the same feeling from when we brought our new “baby” home! We have a friend in the appliance business so he called us when one like I wanted was on sale. He’s a good friend. We like giving him commission, too!

    I got really tickled about he comment about judging, too. My brother and mother are Presbyterians and my other brother and I are Baptists. For a while one of our favorite family jokes was “How can you tell the difference between a Presbyterian and a Baptist in a liquor store?” The answer is: “A Presbyterian will speak to you.” Of course, I tell them that it’s because a Baptist actually recognizes that little feeling called conviction! (I say it with a big smile, if you’re wondering!)

    Glad you got just what you wanted!

  20. “We’re Presbyterian” Ha, we are too and we make that joke all the time!

  21. Congrats! It’s beautiful. I’m glad I’m not the only one who researches things like this!

  22. Not related to the fridge, but it is winter. And now I am curious. Since you don’t use the air conditioning in the summer, do you use the heater in the winter?

    • Jennifer,
      We do use heat in the winter. I try to be frugal, but my family insists that there’s something fundamentally different about temps in the 30’s or 40’s. I guess frugal living only goes so far before your loved ones start thinking you’re crazy and veto your money-saving ideas. 😉

  23. I’m coveting your “personal Ice cream stash”. The fridge is nice too. 😀

  24. OOoooo!!! She’s beautiful!! Like yours, my husband can read me like a book when it comes to appliances and other household purchases. =D He even knows what I want before I do sometimes.

  25. She’s a beaut!

  26. How wonderful! I need to start praying and saving for something similar as come this summer I’m afraid my frig will be on its last pegs (not a typo … the little plastic pegs holding my produce drawers are about to break off). I haunt the Lowes’ appliance mark-down aisle since our mom-n-pop appliance store went out of business.

    Any suggestions for finding other used appliance discount stores short of what’s listed in the Yellow Pages?

    • Elise,
      We found several used appliance shops on Craigslist. Small dealers often list individual items in the hope of getting customers into their store. It worked for us!

  27. I LOVE it!!! It will be great for your family. When I got to your judgment comments, I laughed out loud and it made my husband ask what I was laughing at. 🙂

    I am tickled you got it!!

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