Oh, that Boy. He’s gonna get it.

I made a new rule a few weeks ago: if anyone leaves the door open when they go outside, it gets locked behind them.  I instituted the rule during a cold spell, when the kids were often making a quick run to take out the trash and planning to run right back in.  Coats are often left behind on these trips, and because they’re in such a hurry they also don’t make sure the door closes all the way behind them.

Understandably, they want back in fast. They don’t like finding the door locked.  They don’t like being forced to knock and wait – oh the humiliation – until somebody hears and unlocks the door.  Also, when you live in the country and doors rarely get locked, there’s something infuriating about finding the door locked.  Because of this, the rule was surprisingly effective.  It was so effective that we forgot about within a couple of days simply because nobody was leaving the door open any more.

This morning was cold.  I went outside in short sleeves and socks to see Perry off to work and everything was sparkling with frost.  I was cold because I had stood out there for several minutes helping him load odds and ends into his car, but then I had to run out once more to take his forgotten keys.

Can you see where this is going?  Congratulations, because I didn’t see it.

As I ran into the house for the keys and out again, I left the door slightly ajar.  When I turned back to the house, the door was shut and locked.  Locked.

I knocked – oh the humiliation – and after a long 10 seconds, The Boy opened the door, smiling innocently as if he were pleased to see me.  I scolded him, “You don’t lock the door when I’m outside!”

He looked a little surprised and truly puzzled.  “But Mom, you left the door open.  You said we’re supposed to lock the door when somebody goes out and leaves it open.”

One of these days, Boy.  One of these days.


  1. I guess it goes to show that even adults have to reminded of the rules once in a while. lol. I love this story.

  2. Janice Hill says:

    It happens to all of us. We instill great lessons and values only to be reminded of our own faults or mistakes.

    Great story!

  3. And yet…and yet….you probably won’t leave the door open….

  4. That is hilarious! Sounds so much like something my oldest two would do to me, but I must admit I’m glad it was you instead =P

  5. He’s a chip off the old block! ; )

  6. I don’t know about the rest of you all, but that is FUNNY!! My husband would choose to be the one to lock the door if I broke my own rule, even if by accident!

  7. Children learn by example. If you don’t want them leaving the door open, you don’t do it either. He deserves praise for doing what you said – lock the door if anyone leaves it open.

  8. Isn’t it annoying when our parenting turns out to be effective? 😉

  9. LOL!
    Love it, love it, love it!!

  10. That’s really funny! (a whole lot funnier from this side of the computer in my nice warm house!) 😀

  11. Kim I was just kidding I hope you know that.

  12. Those little ones are *really* good at doing those sorts of things aren’t they??

  13. “…funny, ONCE.” Ha ha ha ha…

  14. HA! He’s a funny little guy!

  15. Jeri Riddick says:

    I hope you didn’t really scold him. 🙁 You have to admit though, it was seriously funny.

    • I didn’t scold him much. Once I figured out what had happened and why, I used my serious voice to tell him with a barely suppressed grin, “You don’t lock your parents out.” He answered, “Yes ma’am” with a grin that matched my own. He’s a sharp kid. He understood that he goofed, but he also knew that it was funny – ONCE.

  16. How funny. I bet that made his day to be able to do that to you.

  17. I hate it when those types of things happen. The glee the children get to enforce the rule on Dad or Mom. 🙂

  18. i think you owe him an apology he did what you said after all. LOL

  19. Oh, that’s funny! 🙂

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