4 Moms: teaching little ones to read

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Welcome back to the weekly 4 Moms post, in which 4 moms with a collective total of 35 children share our knowledge, experience and and helpful tips in maintaining health, order and sanity.

This week we’re talking about teaching little ones to read.  Actually, I’m making excuses and the other 3 moms are talking about teaching little ones to read.

  • Connie at Smockity Frocks
  • Headmistress at The Common Room
  • Kimberly at Raising Olive
  • Remember the Spice Girls, where each member of the group had her spicy name?  Well, in the 4 Moms I’m Excuse Mom.  Wanna hear my excuse?  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m procrastinating on my latest Water Woes post.   If I was a super hero, I’d have not one, but two super-powers: Excuses and Procrastination.  If you know me in real life, you can quit laughing now.  It’s not that funny.

    Since I’m not crafting a new post about teaching little ones to read, I’m going to set you up with some links to my previous posts on the subject:

    And now I’m going to bed, because it’s 1:45 AM.  On the bright side, at 1:45 AM last night, I was still outside with a blanket tent, a blow dryer, a geyser, and a wind chill factor of 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Tonight is a definite improvement.

    Upcoming topics for 4 Moms 35 Kids:

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    • February 17 – Spending individual time with your children: isn’t the very topic enough to make you feel guilty?
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    1. Ack! My three year old is asking to
      learn how to read! Hope the 100 steps book works at this age

    2. I really like Barbara Curtis’ book “Mommy Teach Me to Read”

      It’s a great book from a Christian perspective that is very phonics based. My son started reading at 3 using the very simple methods in this book.

    3. haha I am a combo of the previous two commenters….I loved the leap frog videos and the response from my kids with them, and 100 easy lessons has been awesome!

    4. 100 Easy Lessons for Reading has been the best discovery for our family. So far, five of ours have been taught to read through this book. It’s simple, it’s absolutely perfect for the homeschool setting and the silly stories w/ pictures are the perfect motivation for my crew.

      For my kids, learning to read has been a pleasant thing so far – I think it helps that I continue to read aloud to them so they have this growing love for books and this desire to be able to read on their own. I think too many parents neglect read-alouds once their children can read a bit and it’s a shame!!

      Yes, we have 7 kids and yes, I still do read-alouds for all of them nearly every single day – even w/ my oldest kids we read through chapter books together. It’s time consuming but in a big family, it’s worth the effort to have that one-on-one time!

    5. I love Leap Frog videos, too! They teach so much and are super cute. 🙂

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