Giveaway: Homestead Drying Racks

We dried our laundry exclusively on racks for nearly 2 years.  When our washer died a few weeks ago, we bought a used pair from friends so we have an electric dryer again, but much to my children’s chagrin we seldom use it.

It costs a lot to use an electric dryer for a big family, so I have rules and a jar.

  1. Want to use the dryer just because you don’t feel like hanging a load of laundry on the rack?  Get approval and put 50 cents in the jar.
  2. Ask first with a good reason – a sweater prone to lint, or a cotton article of clothing that has stretched – and it might be free.
  3. Use the dryer without permission?  The fee doubles to $1.

When you use your drying rack as much as we do, it’s important to have one that fits your needs and stands up to daily use.  A good design can be the difference between a money-saving piece of equipment and just another guilt-inducing piece of clutter.

I think the Homestead Drying Racks fit that description.  These beautiful handcrafted hardwood drying racks, created by a homesteading family of 7, are made to last a lifetime.

Shipping and insurance is included in the price of all their products.  I love having shipping included on big items like this: you don’t have to wonder and calculate how shipping will affect the total cost, because you know exactly what your cost will be.

The Giveaway

Homestead Drying Racks would like to give one Life in a Shoe reader a free Pioneer Drying Rack valued at $85!

For your first entry, leave a comment telling why you need one of these racks.  You must do this to enter.

For up to 7 additional entries, do any or all of the following:

  1. Post about this giveaway on your blog, facebook, or twitter.  Leave a separate comment here for each place you share.
  2. Share a link to Homestead Drying Racks on facebook and/or twitter.  Again, leave a separate comment for each.
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  4. Share your favorite Life in a Shoe post on facebook.  Which one is it?

We’ll take entries for one week then choose a random winner.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    My mom loves to dry clothes outside in the summer, but my dad doesn’t like the look of a clothes line. When I found these he approved, and I was going to get one as a gift for my mom but they’re too exspesive for my budget right now. I would love to win one for her!

  2. jennie Taber says:

    Shared on facebook

  3. jennie Taber says:

    Oh I would so love to win this! We dry all our clothes and rainy cold days the are haning all over the house! What a blessing this would be! Thanks fo the give away!

  4. We don’t have a dryer and a rack like that would be great to keep on top of getting the clothes dry.

  5. Here is another family owned and made with US parts laundry drying rack. I bought one of these a couple years ago and have been very happy with it. I find it is very flexible and really easy to load and unload.

  6. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m subscribed to Life in a Shoe.

  7. Andrea Watts says:

    I shared a link to the Homestead drying racks giveaway on Twitter

  8. Andrea Watts says:

    I shared a link to Homestead Drying Racks on facebook

  9. Andrea Watts says:

    I shared this giveaway on twitter.

  10. Andrea Watts says:

    I posted about this giveaway on facebook,

  11. Andrea Watts says:

    I need this because my electric bill is too expensive. I want to save energy

  12. FourMileFarm says:

    I have a cheap wooden rack that I bought at W*lM*rt many years ago – at least 10 years! And it has been wired back together, and even taped back together. Yes, it was duct tape. :o)
    It is leaning precariously, and I’d love to have a new one! I use it all the time. I only dry a couple loads per year in the dryer.

  13. I’d be honored to receive the Pioneer Drying Rack. We’re living green and don’t use the dryer except in an emergency.

  14. Favorite post so far…egg yolk shampoo….I will try it (just not when I am heading out for the day!). I’m not that brave:)

  15. I subscribed to life in a shoe!

  16. I posted a link and comment for Homestead drying racks on fb.

  17. Oh to have a drying rack that didn’t fall to pieces when we bumped it…we use it mostly for our cloth diapers, but with a larger (and sturdier) one, we could use it for even more!

  18. I posted about Homestead Drying Racks on Facebook.

  19. I subscribed. Please pick me. I use my flimsy, too small drying rack everyday. I never knew these existed.

  20. I posted about the giveaway on Facebook.

  21. Our dryer died a couple of months ago and I have been drying our clothes on a small drying rack. I like the savings of not using a dryer, so I am looking for a bigger and sturdier rack. This one looks absolutely perfect for our family!!

  22. Amy Walton says:

    I also linked the homestead drying rack website to my facebook profile.

  23. Amy Walton says:

    Our family needs one of these drying racks because we’re forever fighting for the use of our dryer. Too many loads need to be done and we seem to have all these clothes with “special instructions” that make drying everything quite a chore.

    We have nice weather here in Florida and would benifit greatly from a clothes rack that I could set up outside and put in the garage when the weather is bad. I haven’t used an outdoor clothes line here because I have no trees that are near enough together to tie the line to. I like the idea of having a freestanding clothes rack rather than a perminant clothes line with poles pushed into the ground. I’m planning on a raised bed garden this spring in about the only location that a perminant clothes line would work in our yard anyways.

    I’m always looking for cheaper more economic ways of living for my family and would appreciate anything and everything that would help me live a cheaper and simpler lifestyle.

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