Giveaway: Spiral Slicer

When Marci asked me to host a giveaway for a Spiral Slicer from her general store back in December, I quickly agreed – right after asking my girls if they would agree to do the review.

Then they all got very, very busy.  Silly me.  This happens when your husband works in retail and has a job where children are welcome. I did a review and giveaway myself with the help of a couple of the younger girls, but I still wanted the big ones to try it out once life slowed down a bit.

Life is slower now.  I won’t say it’s slow.  That just doesn’t happen, but the pace is more relaxed than it has been for the past 3 months, so I fixed the girls with a steely look and told them, “It is time.  You must use the Spiral Slicer to make curly fries, and you must take pictures.”

They didn’t even try to escape.  They knew it was hopeless.  Or maybe they weren’t so bothered by the thought of making curly fries.  As my husband would say, “Ya think?!”

Before I knew it, there was a party in my kitchen.  Four happy teens were slicing, singing, snapping photos, and wondering how to chip the coconut oil out of the bucket.

The verdict:

Curly fries: failure. Next time, we’ll try a real recipe instead of assuming we know what to do.  Cajun seasoning was perfect, but our fries took a long, long time to cook, and came out chewy instead of crisp.  Apparently there’s more to curly fry success than just slicing, seasoning and frying your potatoes.

We learned a few things, and I’m sure the next ones will be much better.  Even so, these disappeared as fast as they came out of the oil, which wasn’t very fast but still means they weren’t a complete failure.

Spiral Slicer: success! Far easier to use than our beloved apple peeler/corer/slicer.  They had a huge pile of spiral-cut potatoes in nothing flat, and no one had to consult a manual or ask Mom how to use it.  They also whipped out a nice little pile of paper-thin sliced potatoes to make chips, which turned out delicious.

This little contraption would be great for making veggie soup with a million curly bites of carrots and potatoes.  I’ll bet it would make slicing vegetables for stir-fry absolutely painless.   It would probably make coleslaw 90% faster.  If I had read the manual, I would know for sure and could give you a much longer list.  I guess that’s the downside of a zero learning curve: no one looks at the manual.

Spiral Slicer

The Giveaway

Amazing Graze General Store would like to give one Life in a Shoe reader a free Spiral Slicer valued at $35.99!

For your first entry, leave a comment telling what you would make if you had a spiral slicer or any other kitchen item on the Amazing Graze website.  You must do this to enter.

For up to 8 additional entries, do any or all of the following:

  1. Post about this giveaway on your blog, facebook, or twitter.  Leave a separate comment here for each place you share.
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  5. Give us your best tip for making homemade french fries.  We have some ideas, but I want to hear where you think we went wrong.

We’ll take entries for one week then choose a random winner.


  1. 2nd chance?
    My dearest husband is actually the one to make fries at our house. I LOVE his fries. He makes them just perfectly. The potatoes should be soaked in water for a bit first. Then allows them to absorb water and not grease and makes for a crisp but not greasy fry. BUT after you drain and rinse them, make sure to bring the potatoes back to room temperature, else the 350 degree heat will reduce too much too quickly and you will get uneven cooking.

    Once out of the grease, toss in paper towels and remove the paper towels or they will just soak up the grease they sit in. Salt or season immediately so that the seasoning sticks to the still wet fry.

    Make extra for Mother who eats WAY WAY too many fries when Daddy makes them.


  2. Is it too late? We are right at a week.
    I would certainly make french fries, sweet potato fries and baked apples. We eat baked apples about once a week for breakfast. This would certainly make for more fun at breakfast….WAIT! We don’t need too much fun at breakfast, then we don’t get the day moving forward in a timely manner. Maybe Saturday morning curly apples? 🙂

  3. I love the recipe cards to share recipes with friends! 🙂

  4. Laura Pintor says:

    I would make an apple pie with the ‘too tart’ apples in my fridge.

  5. If I had the spiral slicer, I would make curly fries that my kids love and find away to freeze them for easy lunch fixins’. I looked at frozen french fries at the grocery store just yesterday, and couldn’t make myself spend any money on all that vegetable oil. Yecch.

    The drawback to making my own is the cutting of the potatoes. If I win this, problem solved. If I don;t, well, I may just have to buy one.

  6. I am an email subscriber.

  7. We enjoy sliced apples for eating, pies, etc. The slicer would be a fun way to do it!

  8. My best tip for homemade fries- use a fry daddy. They are very simple to use and easy clean up. Crispy every time!

  9. Facebooked my favorite link. That child’s apron would be cute on the boys.

  10. facebooked it. I can’t wait to fry up some taters 😀

  11. We’d make curly fries! Way cool!

  12. Oh, yeah! I would use the spiral slicer for curly apples, in pie (smaller, thinner pieces mean no crunchy apples). And, I LOVE the idea of using them for veggies in soup! YUM!!! I want this one pret-ty bad.

  13. Shared on facebook!

  14. I’m already subscribed to the blog!

  15. I would love to use this to make sweet potato fries, or regular potato curly fries. Just about anything tastes better when it’s curlyl! I love the idea of using it to cut carrots for soup too. I’m really really liking this product!

  16. Soak the potato curls in cold water for a couple of minutes, rinse, then dry on a towel. Make sure all the water is off them before frying or they will splatter. Then put in pan or fryer in small batches so they are not overcrowded.
    I always had mushy hash browns until I started doing them this way. Now they are crispy. Yum

  17. Our family has been trying to eat more raw food and I am spending lots of time slicing and dicing veggies and fruits up for salads and this looks like it would really speed up my chopping. We also love dried banana chips. I am wondering if I could make nice even slices of a banana with this.

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