4 Moms make bread (linky!)

Welcome back to the weekly 4 Moms post, in which 4 moms with a collective total of 35 children share our knowledge, experience and and helpful tips in maintaining health, order and sanity.

This week we’re making bread.  This is particularly exciting in our house because our oven was not working for the past 2 weeks.  Having a working oven is very exciting that I didn’t even have to make the bread myself.  I just said the word and found myself surrounded by volunteers.

I did, however, have to replace the bake element.  When I say we had a working oven, I mean we had all the parts for a working oven. I thought I had all the parts for a working oven last week, but the first element didn’t fit.  I wish it had, because the first time I tried to replace the element I remembered to turn off the power to the range.

Don’t you love how I always give you a reason to laugh?  Yes, this time I forgot to turn off the power.  We were all excited about the prospect of baking, and the children gathered eagerly around me to watch.  I whipped out the two racks from inside the oven and passed them to the nearest pair of hands.  “Hold these!”  I called for a broom head and dustpan, and quickly cleaned the ashes from the bottom of the oven.  Why not, while it was completely empty?

I set the new element in place and reached for the  wire clip in the back.  Then I let out a loud shriek immediately followed by maniacal laughter, and stood up rubbing my hand, arm, and inner thigh which had been resting against the oven door.

Why is it so funny when people get buzzed?  Perry has half a dozen hilarious stories about electrical shocks.  Mine isn’t even funny and it still makes me laugh every time I think about it.

Once we were past that little adventure, we were in business.  The oven fired up flawlessly and we got right to work.

We started by mixing up a batch of whole wheat bread dough.  I rarely buy bread, but if we’re not diligent to make our own we wind up using a steady supply of store-bought tortillas instead.

As soon as the 3 loaves were out of the oven, it was time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  One loaf was gone long before the other 2 had cooled.

This was Tuesday, and Tuesday is potluck day at the Coghlan house.  We decided to celebrate by making braided challah bread as well.

Part of the reason I love braided bread is because it’s so forgiving.  Even if you don’t get your strands exactly in thirds, or if your braiding technique is a little uneven, the bread still turns out pretty.

Since it was potluck night, we decided to double the recipe and make 4 braids: 2 to share, 2 to gobble greedily.  After doing the first two myself, I let Becca and Natalie each braid one.

A little uneven, but still pretty:

See?  Beautiful, and delicious!

It’s a good thing we had 2 loaves hidden, because the first 2 loaves were long gone by the time I went through the dinner line.  Would you believe we had 55 people here in our little house?  Actually, we had 55 people everywhere. They were in the house, on the deck, in the yard…

That’s the story of bread in our house.  I’m guessing Smockity will want to remind you about her wonderful, delicious, fabulously easy refrigerator dough which we make more than our own recipes now.  I don’t know what Kimberly or the Headmistress have up their sleeves, so you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

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    1. I made your bread today and followed all the instructions…even the forgetting part 😉 and I forgot so well that my dough rose and rose and rose and rose until it spilled over the top of the bowl, across the counter, down the cupboards, and dripped on the floor! My kids had a good laugh at my expense and then called it igneous bread thanks to our study of geology this week! And out of three loaves, only one made it to the afternoon. Yummy!

    2. You are inspiring me to give this a try!!!

    3. Oh that bread is beautiful! I’m ready to give that a try.

    4. Thank you, Brieana, for the link suggestion. I looked at your sandwich bread and bookmarked it.
      Thank you, Kim, for being a conduit often for others. Have you looked at Like Mother, Like Daughter at Leila’s post on Mothering a 13-year old Boy? Kim, it’s the best advise I’ve ever read on the subject. It comes when, lo and behold, I do have a 13-year old boy who I have a good relationship with but…..And I found that because of your good friend at Meanwhile Back at the Ranch.
      See, Kim, see how you help us?

    5. Oops! Sorry! I put two linkies in there. Feel free to delete the first one that just has my name; I wanted to get the “bread machine recommendations” part in there!

      Thanks so much for the post! I’m looking forward to trying the recipes and seeing what the other moms have to say! : )

    6. You made bread?

      Why didn’t i get any?


    7. Jamie, making bread is so easy once you get the hang of it! I hate to plug my own blog, but I linked up a bread recipe with a tip that lets me make bread in about 5 minutes. Check it out if you want, or follow the one here because KimC is SO much more amazing than me. 🙂

      I love the braid! And I have a question.. I see you have tile countertops. We just moved into a house with tile countertops; do you knead your bread right on the tile or do you put something down first?

    8. The Challah bread looks like fun to make! It looks yummy too.

    9. That bread looks delicious! So glad you survived the shocking beginning. On a totally irrelevant level, I love the green and white polka dots.
      The braided bread is beautiful. I like the golden tops.
      We don’t bake a lot of bread although we make our own pizza dough every Friday. Some things are important–like pizza. Making our own bread is still something I’d like to incorporate more often….

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