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Welcome back to the weekly 4 Moms post, in which 4 moms with a collective total of 35 children share our knowledge, experience and and helpful tips in maintaining health, order and sanity.

This week we’re pretending that we had a topic planned, because not one single reader pointed out the fact that our upcoming schedule was missing March 10.

Actually, it was a test.  Yes, a test.  You were supposed to notice.  The 4 Moms are very disappointed, children.  Let’s pay closer attention in the future, shall we? So we’ll just chat a bit about what’s on everyone’s respective plates in one form or another: spring cleaning.

{I interrupt this post to notify you that our main computer with the card reader and photo editing software went on strike this morning.  All photos in this post were taken in a last-minute panic at dusk on my phone.  Read on with a sympathetic eye.}

Earlier this week I mentioned our new cubby system that has replaced dressers and drawers in the bedrooms.  It looks neat and beautiful, and we love it! We also love the trickle-down effect: our poor old dressers that were no longer suitable for use in the house are a grand improvement in our storage shed down the hill.


The outside looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Just an old country shed.  But what horrors lurked behind those doors!


Imagine the inside like one of those really scary closets.  The kind where you take a deep breath, open-the-door-toss-something-in-and-slam-it-shut, trying to avoid death by avalanche.  That’s why there is only one Before Pictures for this project.  We just couldn’t justify the risk of extensive photography before the shed contents were stabilized.

fra-gee-lee.  Must be Italian.

See what I mean?  So earlier this week, we hauled out nearly everything that wasn’t suspended from a hanging rack and we created 3 huge piles: Goodwill, Burnable Trash, and Shed.  We also created two very small piles: To The House, and Unburnable Trash.

I drew this with one thumb on my phone.  Does your phone do photo editing this sophisticated?  Anyway, I think you can guess which pile is Burnable Trash.  I didn’t have to draw the Unburnable Trash because it’s already in the photo.  See the red container against the side of the shed?


Yes, Headless Ken is mooning us.  He has very poor manners and a tendency to lie about in the nude.  We’re glad he’s leaving us.  Good riddance.

My old friend, the scroll saw.  We had good times together.  I don’t know if it still works, but I still have a place for it in my heart and in my shed.


Once we had some space in which to work, we (meaning 2 of my strong teen daughters) dragged the dressers down the hill and filled the drawers with all of our fragile treasures.



The next day while I was basking in the glow of a job well done, 2 of my younger helpers sneaked down the hill to add some special touches.



Now it will always be Christmas in our shed.  I guess I’m OK with that.

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    1. Amy Walton says:

      headless ken… may he rest in pieces. You had me laughing out loud there about his bad manners. :p

    2. You had me cracking up all through this post! I love your sense of humor and your down to earth advice on this blog.

    3. Your paragraph about poor Ken was so funny, it is a good thing I had already swallowed my sip of coffee. Excellent pile diagraming, my phone does not have such a fancy editing option, how I miss out on things like that. 🙂 Such a great feeling getting those out of the way places organized and the decorations add a wonderful festiveness you can enjoy on every trip out there.

    4. Kim, it’s been a while since I’ve left a comment, but this post prompts me to say that i love your blog. and also that you are my hero. lol. love your writing & that you are so real. I’m laughing that I didn’t even see Ken in that container until you pointed out his bad manners. that really is a pretty photo of the sunset over the chickens 🙂 your new phone takes pretty good pics!

    5. Starting my morning with a laugh at Ken’s bad manners, always Christmas in the shed, and sunset over chickens!
      BTW anyone who can make me laugh before noon deserves a year’s supply of chocolate or a few thousand dollars or at the very least a pat on the back. I’m not just NOT a morning person? I’m like a… a morning HATING totally ANTI-morning night owl who would rather stay up all night, sleep all day, and sunshine makes me as sleepy as rocking makes a baby.

    6. LOVE your account of the dates mix up.

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