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I just finished my post for tomorrow’s 4 Moms event, and want to give you a quick heads-up on some deals from Vision Forum today before I back away from the computer and vow not to touch it for the rest of the day.

First, if you’re on the email list for Vision Forum, you probably already received your promo code to get 40% off any single item published by Vision Forum.  If you’re not on the email list, you might be jealous now.  Maybe you should join now so you’ll be ready the next time.

Well, I’ll share my code for 40% off any single item: CD2J8H33D34H (small print: Ends on midnight (CDT) on March 22, 2011, is valid only online, and may only be used to purchase any single product produced by Vision Forum (no other products may be included with your order). This offer may not be applied to past orders.)

Will you  share your code in the comments if you don’t plan to use it?

Second, even if you’re on the mailing list you might not know about this sale: FOR 48 HOURS ONLY, save 50% off retail on all Vision Forum Films and DVD Boxed Sets when you purchase three or more DVDs/DVD Boxed sets!

Third, just because this deal amuses me: Vision Forum’s Deal of the Day is 50% off the book that teaches you to Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half.  Is it just me or is that discount supremely appropriate?


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  2. I used Anonymice’s code. Thanks Anonymice 🙂

  3. Anonymice says:


    I’m not using it so enjoy. 🙂

  4. I used the previous coupon code…thanks!! 🙂

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    It said my comment was too short, so I’ll say…….

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