Baby Anaya


I don’t usually publish sad stories from my email inbox, but this is no chain letter.  It was a personal email directly from a friend of the mother.  Baby Anaya and her mom need your help.  Please take a moment to read the story and consider donating milk or colostrum if you live in Canada, or help them via paypal if you’re in the US.  The funds will enable them to ship milk or colostrum from the US.

I’m writing in hopes that you can help my friend’s baby by writing a post about her on your blog. There is a CBC News story about her here:

Camara is extremely busy caring for her terminally ill baby, but she has asked me to contact you in hopes that you can help spread the word. She says it best: “I’m looking for colostrum and breast milk donations for my daughter Anaya. She is terminally ill with Krabbe Leukodystrophy. We were told to expect her to die at 13 months. She is now 18 months old thanks to breast milk! She does not tolerate formula. Please, please help me keep my baby alive. We can have milk shipped from any city in Canada, and we are trying to raise money to have it shipped from the US.”

You can read a bit more about baby Anaya and her heartbreaking story at Camara’s “about” page on her blog, here: She also has a Facebook page here: where mothers can learn about how to donate milk or money toward a deep freeze to store it.

Camara and her family are currently living in Nelson, BC. Her email address is maraglow(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. I am praying for them! I follow their blog now, and I wrote a song for Anaya and her mother. (from the mother’s perspective)

  2. I know this a huge long shot, but I have seen on TV that Michelle Duggar (of 19 kids and Counting) had made a freezer full of frozen breast milk. Her own baby can not use it. Maybe there is a way to get some of that as a donation.
    I will sure pray for this family.

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