Ballantyne adventures for half price

Vision Forum runs a lot of sales, and I don’t tell you about every single one, but I do want to mention this one because we love these books.

Save 50% on Any 3 or More Ballantyne Christian Adventure Classics (ends midnight, April 20)

Ballantyne’s books are filled with shipwrecks, polar bears, Viking expeditions, pirate attacks, Eskimo encounters, the deep jungles of Africa and South America, gold mines, dangerous savages, and many other heart-pounding, page-turning adventures. But though his tales featured earthly adventures and conquests, they were also self-consciously and vigorously Christian.

Not sure where to start?  I’ve got you covered.  I asked a few of the girls for recommendations.The Coral Island

The Coral Island – A classic.  Lord of the Flies was written in response to this from an evolutionary view, arguing that children left to themselves would not conduct themselves in such a civilized way.

The Gorilla Hunters – The sequel to Coral Island, but also very good as a standalone.

The Lonely Island – Dark, but good.  A favorite of both Lydia and Megan.The Gorilla Hunters

Martin Rattler – Lydia’s second favorite.

The Dog Crusoe and His Master – Deanna’s favorite.

Blue Lights – Megan’s very favorite.

Red Rooney – Megan’s favorite, second only to Blue lights

Fighting the Flames – Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned story about firefighters?

Do you enjoy Ballantynes in your house?  What are some favorite titles?




  1. All Ballantyne books are free for ereaders such as the Kindle.

    All Henty books are free too.


  2. Martin Rattler is my favorite. Although Fighting the Flames was really good as well.

    I know it’s historically accurate and all, but the cannibalism in the South Seas books was a little graphic for me. It made me so sad!

  3. What age are these for? My son is 8. He can loves the Hardy Boys and is a good reader. But I don’t want to push him too hard…

    • I would say about 5th grade reading level and up. The vocabulary is very rich but the stories move quickly which tends to keep children interested even when it’s challenging.

  4. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    Researching this, I was surprised to discover our library had NONE of them!

  5. We read Martin Rattler and loved it. But Pirate City was too painfully graphic to read as a family read aloud. I’ve been a little afraid to try them since then.

  6. Gabrielle says:

    My favorite Ballantyne book????? Even though I’ve only read about ten (and there are about 100!) I can’t pick. It’s like asking me to list only one of my favorite Henty’s (and I have read all but 3 of those!); I wouldn’t know where to begin. 🙂 It does irritate me (in a good way, though!) that all my favorite authors have to write about 100 books. I can’t ever read them all! At least, it would be only once, and I like to read my favorites over again. And if I have too many favorites….well, they wouldn’t exactly be ‘favorites’ any longer!

  7. Funny, Lord of the Flies was required reading in public school in 9th grade. I don’t remember any mention of it’s impetus. And I thought it was awful, even then. Looking forward to these!

  8. Alanna N. says:

    Blue Lights was the very first one I read, and I loved it!!! I highly recommend Coral Island, Gorilla Hunters, and Lonely Island too. Those were some of my favourites.

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