I’m not going to complain.  Really, I’m not.  I just want to mention that while working on a weekly 4 Moms post, there may be mitigating factors in the life of a mom of 10.

They might include:

  • 2 big girls who are gone for the day.
  • A 2yo in the very midst of potty training, who has learned to pee in the potty but not to empty her bladder while doing so.  A 2yo can hold an amazing amount of urine, especially when it’s divided into 2 tsp. portions.
  • 2 children who desperately want to start learning to play violin.  Today.  I am the resident violin teacher.
  • A nursing baby who is also teething and has just begun to crawl.
  • Another child who is teaching herself to play the piano, and has the attention span to spend all day on it.  Today.
  • One crazy boy.
  • Some other kids that I should probably be checking on.  I wonder what they’re up to?

Of course I can tell the musical children to take a break and help out, but my ovarian guilt forbids it.  I don’t want to discourage them, and they are making great progress.  So instead I try to create a 4 Moms post under all the distractions one might imagine.

I can complain, get angry, get frustrated, or just shake my head in wonder at the number of distractions that can occur.  Really, it’s amazing.  It’s so incredible it’s comical.  So I choose to laugh.

C’est la vie.


  1. You go girl! We appreciate your perseverance!

  2. You made me smile today 🙂

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