Giveaway: Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

This giveaway has ended.

I love, love, love Flexi Clips!  I saw them all over the web last fall and was delighted when I received an invitation from Jennifer to host a giveaway.

We have 3 Flexi Clips of our own now, and I didn’t shed a single tear when my last big plastic jaw clip broke.

I wore those plastic jaws nearly every day for the last several years, but I never truly loved them.  They were the best I could find, but they still didn’t hold well unless my hair was damp.  They stuck out behind my head.  They broke regularly under daily use.  And they looked a little utilitarian.  I really wanted something pretty for my hair, but couldn’t find something that would hold enough hair to keep it all up and off my neck on long, hot summer days.

After watching the sizing and styling videos, I ordered my clips in Small and Medium, even though I have fairly long thick hair.  They turned out to be perfect, and with very little practice I was able to put up my hair in a variety of styles that take less than 30 seconds to create but stay put all day long!  Of course they’re so fun and easy I want to take my hair down just to fiddle with the clips and switch to a new style, but I can hardly fault them for that…

I love the versatility: Extra Small is perfect for my younger girls with fine hair, and my Medium still works for my older daughters who have thick, luxuriant tresses twice as thick as mine.  Smaller sizes work well for thick hair when you don’t want to pull it all up.

They are comfortable, too.  No pinching, pulling or pressure spots like I got from The Claw.  My hair feels nearly weightless since it tends to fit much more smoothly my head, if that makes sense.  No big heavy bun waving around behind me, bumping into things.  Maybe you’ve never had that happen?  Bun, I said.  Bun. Forget I said it.

I was afraid at first that I would have to jealously guard these to keep the children from losing the pin, but guess what?  These must have been designed by a mom.  The pin is attached to the clip.  No separate pieces to lose!  I am in love.

All that and beautiful too.  What’s not to love?  I want more Flexi Clips!  Don’t you?

The Giveaway

We get to choose two very happy winners to receive gift certificates for up to $15 free (free shipping and no sales tax for winners!).  For your first entry, visit the Lilla Rose site and click on Go Shopping at the upper right.  Waste hours gazing at the amazing array of choices.  Then come back here to leave a comment telling which clip you would choose, and why.  You must do this to enter.

For additional entries, do any or all of the following and leave a separate comment for each.  Each legitimate comment will count as one entry.

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  9. Subscribe to Life in a Shoe and leave a comment to let me know.  If you’re already a subscriber, just leave a comment saying so.

We’ll take entries for one week.  Then I’ll forget and/or procrastinate until a helpful reader emails to ask if I chose the winners yet.  To show my gratitude I’ll give that helpful reader an extra entry, then choose 2 winners.  Isn’t my honesty refreshing?



  1. Lindsey Thomas says:

    I am a subscriber already!

  2. Lindsey Thomas says:

    I would choose the Hawaiin Flower…simple and very pretty.

  3. I had trouble accessing the whole lilla rose website, but the butterfly one looks beautiful!

  4. I’m a subscriber! Lol, preggers? If so, congrats! (bun… Bun, bunny bun…)

  5. I really like the Purple stone cluster, but they all are really lovely.

  6. I love the silver scroll work heart!

  7. I subscribed to read you.

  8. I liked them on FB 🙂

  9. These are so pretty!!!!
    I would love to try these they are beautiful!!!!
    The one that I would choose is:1-1256 Antiqued Simple Band

  10. I would choose 2-0752 Silver mutli-colored cluster because it would add just the right amount of beauty to my hair. Simple and elegant with the hight hint of color.

    Liked them on facebook and subscribed to read you

  11. I have long thick hair so whatever you think would would I trust you! I am always looking for something that will keep this mess out of my face and actually look nice. The pictures above look just like what’s needed! Count me in!!!

  12. Ah! This is hard to decide- I really liked the one in the picture you posted but I didn’t see it. I also like the Etched Lily clip. Thanks for hosting this & informing us all- we are constantly needing to buy new clips b/c they break. 🙁

  13. I am a subscriber now. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  14. I am a subscriber now-have loved you for awhile. Thanks!!!

  15. Love the enchanting copper rose or waterfall of dangles. They remind me of something I would have worn when I was younger, very girlie and something kind of elizabethian. My hair is getting long enough I would like to do something classy to put it up instead of plastic. Thanks for the chance.!!

  16. i am a subscriber

  17. love the mighty celtic knot so cute

  18. liked flexi clips on facebook

  19. following you on google homepage

  20. Liked Jennifer on FB

  21. following on twitter – @anjanetteopal

  22. shared on Facebook

  23. I’ve had my eye on these for a long time – so pretty! I’d love to try the xs scrollwork heart.

  24. shared my favorite product on FB! 🙂

  25. I shared a link to my favorite clip on facebook!

  26. I subscribed to “Life in a Shoe”

  27. I follow Lilla Rose on facebook.

  28. I shared on facebook.

  29. I like the extra-small Lily clip because I have a daughter named “Lily”!!

  30. Linked on my blog

  31. I liked on Facebook.

  32. Wow, those are very pretty! I would like the med. Hawiian flower.

  33. Well…I have four daughters so we need all sizes around here. 🙂 And we like about 90% of what we saw on the site.

    My 6yo likes the Mini-Scroll Heart. She has fine hair and NOTHING stays in her hair. She was excited to watch teh video with me and see that it would work in her hair.

    I like the small dangle drop. We are all looking at things that would kind of go with everything…feminine and not too showy for all us gals.

    The 4yo likes the extra-small multi-cluster because she likes all things colorful. ;0)

    The 9yo likes the medium dangle drop in sapphire because she likes blue everything. 🙂

    The 17 month old likes them all and will taste them all and then try to wear them all at once because all her sisters are putting them on their heads.

  34. I just ordered two Flexi-8’s last week! I love them!

    I would order the medium Lovely Circle Stone set. The two I ordered were smalls and my hair is too thick to do the french twist with the small.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    These are so beautiful! I love the danglie ones or the hawaiian flower flexi clips. Now I have to go back and look at the hair sticks. So So pretty!

  36. I like the Princess Tiara, small.

  37. I like the 6-0355 extra small Lily clip. I carried Lilies at my wedding and would love to try this clip on my very fine hair.

  38. Genna Joy says:

    I like the Silver Etched Lily 🙂

  39. I would choose the small intricately designed dangle. But like others, I am partial to the celtic designs. These are beautiful! What a hard choice!

  40. Subscribed to Life In a Shoe blog

  41. Liked Lilla Rose’s fan page!

  42. posted your giveaway on FB!

  43. Oh wow! This is just the post (and giveaway) I needed to see! We are moving from the Willamette Valley, Oregon to Missouri in about a month, just in time for the hot weather, and I wondered what I’d do with my long hair. Especially since I’ve never lived out of Oregon before! I think I would choose the Hawaiian Flower (2-0165) So simple, and beautiful 🙂 Of course, I might just have to order several of these if I don’t win… 🙂

  44. Gabrielle says:

    I already subscribe via email. Love your humor!

  45. Gabrielle says:

    Love these clips! Definitely will need to purchase a few of these~ a little at a time. I love the roman style cross and silver scrollwork heart.

  46. Melissa Fox says:

    I like a lot of them. I would have to chose between one of the fairies or the pluneria. If I won, I would probably look harder at each one with my warobe to narrow it down.

  47. Am already subscribed on my google reader…….

  48. Shared it on facebook!

  49. Liked it on facebook!

  50. Love these! One of my sisters got a small one at a craft fair and I have been *envious* ever since 🙂 I would get the Simple Band with Daisy Beads flexi-clip in probably medium or large. Simple, but pretty. Of all the giveaways I enter online…. this is one I want to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

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