Helping our Christian brethren

Recognizing that each family has different priorities, there are 3 fundraisers that we would like to tell you about today.  Each is for a cause that, we think, seeks to glorify God and further His kingdom.  Please consider giving to one or more and also passing the information via social media.  We make it easy for you with social media buttons at the bottom, but if you click through, all 3 have buttons to allow you to share directly from their sites. Passing word along via your social network will help each of these different efforts to meet their goal!

Honor WWII Veterans

Events for 2011

One of Vision Forum’s core principles is teaching people to obey the 5th commandment by honoring their parents.  That is the driving force behind their upcoming Normandy project, A Final Farewell to WWII’s Last Living Heroes.

As of right now they are 67% funded. If they do not raise the entire amount by May 7, they lose all of it.

Bring Kasey home

From our online friends, the Earlywine family:

Our son Kasey, that we are adopting from an orphanage in Eastern Europe is turning 5 on Wednesday, May the 4th. Also, Sunday, May the 8th is Mother’s Day! So, in honor of both we are doing an on-line event to raise money to pay for our plane tickets to go get our son and our in country expenses. Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $5000! Please consider helping us however you can and share this event with your family and friends!


Every dollar counts and gets us closer to bringing our son and one of his orphanage-mates home.
GO here to donate to our family sponsorship page:

Help Alabama families

Last but not least, the Lee, Crawford and Boyd families were devastated by the recent tornadoes which blew through the South Wednesday night. These are exemplary, faithful, Christian families who now even in their loss are responding with faith and confidence in the Lord. They need help. Currently, there are more than a hundred people physically assisting them on the ground. Now they need the funds to begin the process of rebuilding. In some cases, with only the clothes on their backs, they will be starting over and need cash for shoes, food, temporary housing, immediate medical bills and basic needs.

Tom Lee died heroically protecting his family as their home collapsed around them. In God’s Mercy his wife and thirteen children survived after many hours of being trapped under rubble. Daughters Tiffany and Emily are in the hospital and suffered potentially severe nerve damage. Their insurance does not cover these medical bills, their father is dead, and their home and possessions are gone.

The home of Aaron and Kelly Crawford (of and their nine children was completely destroyed by a tornado on Wednesday night taking all of there earthly possessions including all of their vehicles and all of Aaron’s construction tools which are his source of livelihood.

Gary and Jane Boyd and their nine children survived without injury but their home was severely damaged by trees falling on it. Their home was the rendezvous point for the Lee and Crawford families in the hours following the tornado since it was the only one left standing.

You can see videos of each family here. The Moore family is providing additional updates on relief efforts.  The donation buttons below send your money DIRECTLY to the local church, Christ Church Branch Cove, and your gift is tax deductible.



  1. Thanks so much!!

    I’m going to send what I can to each group you posted about… And REPOST!

    I’m considering sending both families some shelf stable foods to “replenish the stock” they received shortly after the disaster. I am sure times will still be difficult and yummy foods with a long shelf life will be appreciated!! I’m going to post about it, and offer others the chance to buy Thrive foods to send to the families too, And I’d be donating my profits from the sale of the foods to thier church to continue to help the families!

  2. Is there anyway to get a copy of the widget for the Alabama Families?

    • Tawny, there should be a little button right on the widget that gives you the code to embed the widget. That’s how I got it.

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