Dolls for sale

I’m reposting this from last month because the sale fell through and Natalie has more.  She’s hoping to earn some money for a birthday present for Parker, who turns 1 tomorrow!

11yo Natalie has some dolls and accessories to sell.  She has several of these, and hopes to find good homes for them.  All are brand new in the box, never played with.

Please use the contact form at the bottom to let us know if you’d like a doll and/or wardrobe.

Fidelia doll – made by the Goetz doll company.  Exquisitely crafted, Fidelia can stand and sit alone. As durable as she is lovely, Fidelia is ready to be hugged and squeezed with love! Fidelia comes wearing an adorable yellow, feminine dress, complete with white socks and white shoes.

Retails for $75 plus shipping. Buy it for $45 with free shipping.

The Complete Beautiful Girlhood Doll Wardrobe (15 Outfits) – With the Complete Beautiful Girlhood Doll Wardrobe, you can dress your doll in the costume of your favorite heroine of the past and travel back in time to some of the greatest moments in history!

Includes the following:  Southern Lady Doll DressMaria’s Play DressMaria’s Party DressRegina’s Colonial Frontier Doll DressPriscilla Mullins Doll Dress, Cap, and ApronNan Harper Doll DressDolley Madison Doll DressSacagawea Doll DressPrincess Adelina Doll DressRed Princess Doll DressMedieval Princess Doll DressAbigail Adams Doll DressRegina’s Pink “Go to Meeting” DressElsie’s Day DressElsie’s Party Dress.

Retails for $199 plus shipping. Buy it for $125 with free shipping.


  1. I know this is somewhat off-topic, but more Parker please! I’d love to see some pictures or hear some stories about your littlest cutie.

  2. Melanie says:

    Happy Birthday, Parker! My, a year goes by so quickly! My little guy is nearly 7 months & it has flown by! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating; did he have cake? 🙂

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