4 Moms giveaway: Large Family Logistics!!!

This giveaway closed on 7/13/2011. Large Family Logistics book for moms of many

We’re really excited about this, and we think you will be too.  Did you see the 3 exclamation points at the end of this post title?  Think about it: how often have you seen me do that?  I am not an excitable person (unless there’s a scorpion in my bed).  But this, this is exciting!

Each of the 4 Moms is going to give away a free copy of Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman, highly organized mom of 10 kids.  Enter at all 4 of our blogs to pump up your chances of winning – you’re allowed!

And why do you think we’re giving away copies of Large Family Logistics?

Because we’re going to spend the month of August blogging through the book and we want you to join us.  We’re going to do 4 consecutive weeks of linkies!  The more, the merrier, so get ready and tell all your blogging friends to get ready too!

About the book:

Moms have many tasks to tackle and obstacles to overcome: the laundry monster, household clutter and cleaning needs, caring for babies and little ones, menu planning and mealtime routines, town outings, homeschooling, bill paying—and even more!

Like many wives and mothers, author Kim Brenneman didn’t start out with all of the answers. She struggled to figure out: What do I do next? What’s the best way to actually do the many things that need to be done? And how do I get everything accomplished in a 24-hour day and keep my sanity?

In Large Family Logistics, Kim outlines practical solutions she has learned to effectively manage a busy household. This how-to manual is filled with step-by-step procedures, easy-to- understand organizational advice, and a myriad of tips and hints for managing a bustling home with greater efficiency in a way that honors God and builds up family relationships.

Sensible and straightforward, Kim tackles the nitty- gritty, day-to-day challenges moms face and also offers sound counsel on how to plan and accomplish long-term domestic goals. An invaluable home management resource that will equip busy moms to get beyond survival mode and thrive!


Large Family Logistics Giveaway

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what area of your home could use the most help.

Additional entries: (Please leave an additional comment for each entry.)

  • Share about this giveaway on Facebook.
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We’ll announce the 4 winners next Thursday.

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  1. Hmmm…tough to choose just one!! I would have to say the LAUNDRY area! I am seriously swimming in laundry…..


  2. Rebecca R. says:

    I could use help with everything…time management and decluttering are a couple things.

  3. I have 5 kids and never seem to have control of the whole menu planning, grocery shopping thing. Definitely need help in that area.

  4. (4th Entry)
    It’s been a long and frustrating day, like many others. I don’t have anything under schedule. I try, I just don’t know how to manage it. But the very one thing I’ve been trying really hard with is to get the kids in bed by 9pm. It didn’t happen tonight until 9:30. It’s not too far off, but when you strive so hard to be a good home manager and nothing pans out right it’s becomes very frustrating.
    There are no words to describe how much I’d love to have this book. Then, to follow your discussions in August about it. I know I’d glean some very new and helpful information and FINALLY get this home under control!

  5. I need to learn how to organize my time well and get things done so that we have a nice clean home to live in… I never learned how to keep a home, so I am learning as I go.

  6. 3rd entry:

    I would love this book.I’m not sure how to schedule all 6 of my boys to have all their school in and get it done at a decent hour. For instance, We just saw my hubby off to work at 11:30 and had to go grocery shopping in the middle of the week. So, in turn, school has barely been started for the day at NOON!!! So, this will now take us into the evening. I just can’t stand being this unorganized anymore. I’ve sat down many times trying to organize a schedule but always get stumped.:(

  7. (2nd entry)
    Tears. They come quite often lately. I feel that no matter how hard I try to accomplish school, cleaning, cooking and nurturing children that many things go undone . I can’t remember the last time I went to bed feeling it’s been a GREAT day and we’ve accomplished so much! How do I get to that point? How do I manage these 6 energetic boys and a home too without feeling like a failure? I need some insight desperately.

  8. Our biggest problem areas? Clothes, clothes, and more clothes! Laundry!!!!!!! Ex. table full of clothes right now, kids were asked to put their clothes away, but none of them belong to them. ???? So, I’ll put them away so the drawers aren’t messed up again. Rooms were all clean yesterday, but not today! I’ve read SO many organizational books but none of them have worked. My husband says no more books. 🙁 We really want to open our home to two foster children. Even with our large family we have a little more room in the house and a lot of room in our heats, but seriously we have to get this clutter and organizational chaos under control first. Our first meeting with the foster agency is the end of July so we’re running out of time to get organized and I SO don’t want to ‘just put it somewhere’ thinking we’ll really organize it later. So our areas of need is everywhere. Even though we have a lot of stuff (a.k.a. junk) we have way more love in our home, thanks to God.

  9. I would love to read this book!
    I need help in the area of deep cleaning when I struggle w/ daily chores! 🙂

  10. Living room needs help–we can’t do any living there!

  11. Sonya Lorimer says:
  12. Sonya Lorimer says:

    posted on facebook!

  13. Sonya Lorimer says:

    I don’t have a problem cleaning and organizing, what I struggle with is implementing a doable routine to KEEP it clean and organized!!!

  14. As a mommy of one, I am trying to get the swing of this logistics thing down pat from the beginning. I’m a thinking if I figure it out now, it should be easier down the road. I wish for my thought patterns to change so that I would automatically put my shoes away, or the junk mail would swiftly find the recyclables without even touching the table for a second.

    I dream of a clutter free house, but then I open my eyes to reality and remember that I may have grown up like this, but I can single handidly teach both myself and my daughter how to turn a house around. It has been challenging, yet such a blessing to begin this adventure of a lifetime. (I pray that it won’t take me that long to figure this out!!!) (note the three exclamation points to show how excited I am too about this giveaway!)

    Ohh-I want my basement cleaned out so that my dd can actually play while I ?? run on the treadmill?? see I am dreaming big!

  15. Cindi in NC says:

    I would love help in keeping the living room more accessible to people. When we have people over, we spend a day putting up stuff that should already be in their spaces…

  16. My basement is driving me crazy. There is too much stuff. So much stuff that I can’t clean.

  17. April Hunt says:

    My room, and the master bath-they always get the LAST cleaning and are overlooked. If we have friends over they don’t go in there so it’s not “seen” by many..haha.

  18. That would be laundry!

  19. Is this contest closed? I need this book… see? I don’t even have time to comment in a timely fashon.. ha! I need help organizing my homeschooling area. seriously.

    Sara 🙂

  20. Hi. I would love to win the book because I need help in the area of dejunking!!! And then keeping things organized.

  21. I definitely need help with my closets, does a maid come with the book?

  22. Oh boy…the CLOSETS! Looks like an incredible read with great resources.

  23. I’ve also liked your blog on Facebook and shared the link for my friends to get a chance to win as well. Thank you!

  24. Hello…I have six boys and I homeschool the first 5. This is a challenge in itself. My greatest challenge is to get it all done in one day>…..school first, laundry (oh, the mounds of laundry), meals, dishes, bedrooms, and most importantly the one that never gets accomplished because I’m too busy…**quality time with each of my children. I just went to a homeschool conference and one of the speakers stressed how important it is to spend “face time (at least 15min/day) with each child. HOW?? I know it’s so important but I already struggle with all most daily chores let alone fun time with the kids.
    From what I hear, this book is amazing. I know I could get some really helpful ideas from it. I’d be so blessed to win this book!!!

  25. My laundry room needs the most help.

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