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Have I ever mentioned our birthday wall?  It’s a long line of framed, matted photos: one for each member of the family, taken on or around the first birthday.  It starts with Perry III and proceeds in order all the way to Perry IV.

The statement above merits two corrections:

  1. Since it begins with Perry III, it doesn’t proceed precisely in order.  I’m older than he is.  Who knows how much older I am?  Now who is going to keep their mouth shut about it?
  2. Since it ends with Perry IV, it doesn’t include one for each member of the family.  Since Perry IV is only 6 weeks old in his 1st Birthday Photo, one could even argue that it doesn’t technically include him.  Does the phrase ovarian guilt seem appropriate here?  I think it does.

This week, I’m going to stop procrastinating.  Well, I’m going to stop procrastinating on that one particular project.  I’ll stop the other procrastination later.

I dug up all the best photos I could find that were taken around Perry and Bethany’s first birthdays, and am trying to decide which to use for each of them.  Parker will be easy since his birthday was just a month ago and we now have an awesome in-house photographer who specializes in close-ups of young children.

Why am I telling you all this?  Not just so you can feel superior because you took 1st Birthday Portraits of all your children.  I’m telling you because I want your input on which photos to use.  Just have a look and use the poll below each group to tell me which one you think best captures the child’s personality.  After all, if you read my blog you probably know as much about my children as I do.  At least you know the good stuff about them, which is what we want to remember.

Bethany #1

I love the happy, relaxed look of her smile here and the blurred background.  I can tweak the color if I use this so she doesn’t look green.  I could have tweaked the color before I showed you the pic so I wouldn’t have to explain, but I was procrastinating.  It’s my super-power.

Bethany #2

I love her eyes here.  Can you see the combination of brown and green?  Her eyes are still so mixed it’s hard to say what color they are.

Bethany #3

A little bit of an odd pic, but the faint crooked smile with thoughtful eyes is a common facial expression for her.

Bethany #4

I love Bethany in this one, but Kaitlyn might want to cry or die or kill somebody if we post it on The Birthday Wall.  The fact that Bethany is partially or entirely sans clothes is also very typical of the child.  Lord help us.

Bethany #5

Her pensive look.  Isn’t she sweet?

Bethany #6

The composition isn’t great on this one, but I love, love, love the expression on Bethany’s face in this one!

So which is your favorite?  Keep in mind, I can tweak the color, possibly soften the background and remove small elements here and there, but since I pulled them from web versions we won’t be able to crop them.

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And now for The Boy, who is no longer the boy, but one of the boys.

Perry #1

Busy background, but that’s my boy.  Busy, and smiling.

Perry #2

With his Grandma C.  It would be nice to have a pic of her on the Wall of Fame.

Perry #3

In his suit at Miss Peanut’s wedding, Perry’s cousin.  What a little man!

Perry #4

This one is busy too, but I think he’s highlighted enough that it would work well matted and framed.

Perry #5

Two of my favorite, most handsome guys in one pic.  It’s a double feature!  This is my favorite.  Am I right, or am I biased?  Maybe both.  What do you think?

Perry #6

I love that he’s smiling in this one, and I love the incongruity of a man in a suit lying in an infant seat.  But – tell me I’m weird – does it look like he’s being laid in a coffin?

Perry #7

His expression in this one makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Is that enough of a reason to choose it?

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Help me out, friends.  What do you think?


  1. P.S. I downloaded the #6 photo and played with cropping it and checking print size… but the whole pixel, megapixel, etc research made my head hurt and I gave up. I will be interested to hear if you did crop it and the quality results from that.

  2. I voted #6 for Bethany, but I would crop it on the left and bottom until her face is more centered. Even if you do not have the original you might be able to crop it a bit unless your photo file is very small. For Parker I chose #5 but I would crop it on the left & right until they were centered.

    When I first purchased I digital camera a friend advised me not to reuse the memory cards but to save them when they are full and buy a new one. That way all of the photos I have taken are safeguarded even if my computer crashes. And the cards take up very little storage space =D

  3. I’m just amazed at how distinct your babies looks are. All my children look exactly the same. 🙂 Also I really want to hear more Bput how you’re older than your husband because I’m older than mine. Why is this weird? 🙂

  4. Thanks, Ruth. 🙂 I was a reader about four years ago and just recently subscribed again…I missed a lot!

  5. Emily: She has 2 boys now. Parker was the last baby.

  6. Why the comment about Perry being “one of the boys” now instead of “The Boy”? Did I miss an announcement or were you just referring to him being a big boy now??

  7. I voted and think these pics are great. I have been working on my “hall” too and have it up and going after about 4 years of playing. You are not the only procrastinator!

  8. Speaking of photos…and procrastinating… 😉 When are you going to change your blog header picture!? You and your family are so cute, fun, and creative, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Eyes that are a combination of brown and green are called “hazel.”

    • Jackie,
      I know, but hers have distinct areas and big flecks rather than a blended color. We waited 3 years to see if they were changing from green to brown, but they seem to have stabilized for now with a chunky mixture of both.

  10. This may add another wrench in the plan, but some of the ones you love the faces of the kids in seem to be the ones with a super busy background. Could you crop the pictures closer to focus on the kiddo and still capture the expression you love?

    • Jamie,
      We lost our originals of the photos so they probably don’t have enough resolution to crop down and still be big enough to frame for the wall.
      I know some of my favorites have busy backgrounds; I’m trying to weigh the cuteness of the kid in question against the distraction of the background. That’s why I want the input of others.

  11. I voted and think your children are just precious. IMHO, I think you should have your photo wiz daughter take the kiddos out to the yard and do a mini photo shoot with them. That way you’ll have nice, outdoorsy type backgrounds and you don’t have to worry about digging thru old photos with messy backgrounds. I love the photo’s of Perry in the suit & #3 was my fave of the set you posted. I voted #4 for Bethany even though her sister will hate it, it is the best of Bethany. 🙂

    • Trinity,
      I agree about having Megan do a photo shoot, and we have tons of good photos of the little ones now. It’s just too bad that they had their first birthdays so long ago, before Meg came into her own as a photographer!

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