I want to be a loser, 2 weeks later

I want to be a loser

I want to be a loser, 1 week later

It’s been 2 weeks since I decided to lose some stubborn baby weight, and guess what?  The scale says I’ve lost 9 lbs.  I’m stunned.  I would question the honesty of the scale but it’s saying very realistic things to everyone else in the family.

Furthermore, my shorts reveal the truth.  I have a pair of navy blue shorts that I have owned and worn for years.  I wore them to a friend’s house on the 4th of July and by the end of the first hour, had to unbutton them.  If I were home I would have changed.  Since I wasn’t home, I had plenty of time to think over why I had to spend the day with my shorts unbuttoned.  That was the day I decided to lose some weight.

I’m wearing those shorts now, and they fit the way they did when I bought them.  Ahhh.

I have a few thoughts:

  1. My weight tends to fluctuate about 3 lbs. day by day – at least it did before I cut back my eating 2 weeks ago – and I started at a high point.  That means the first 3 lbs. didn’t really count.  Not all of them.  I knew that already.
  2. The heat helps.  It’s a great appetite suppressant.
  3. I really have ramped up my activity level.  I’m not doing aerobics, but I’m doing a LOT of isometrics and some very purposeful puttering.  That should count for something, shouldn’t it?
  4. I feel good. I feel lighter on my feet already, and I walk with a spring in my step that I didn’t have 2 weeks ago.
  5. I bought a size 2 denim skirt at the thrift store last week, and it’s my new favorite.  That’s not to say I am a size 2.  I’ve never worn a size 2 before and I still don’t, and the skirt is obviously sized incorrectly.  Nevertheless, it’s my new favorite and probably wouldn’t have fit 2 weeks ago.  I like to say I lost 6 sizes in 2 weeks.  🙂

I have probably cut back too much.  I’m not going hungry – I’m eating when I get hungry just like I planned and I feel great – but when I think about the amount of food I eat over the course of most days, I know it’s probably not enough to stay healthy.  It’s fun to approach my goal this quickly, but I’m going to have to learn what it takes to maintain a healthy weight.  That means eating more without going back to my old eating habits.  That could be tricky.

But first, I want to continue with the weight loss.  I initially said my goal was 10 lbs, then 15.  Well, after nearly 10 lbs. I feel better but I certainly don’t feel done.  I still have plenty of padding, and since it went so quickly I would love to lose another 10, making a total of 20.  That may sound like a lot to some, but on my frame it isn’t.  I don’t think most people can even tell that I’ve lost weight at all, so another 10 would only make me appear marginally slimmer and get rid of a little more excess padding.  It would put me under my wedding weight but still with considerably less muscle, which means more fat and more inches.  I’m not expecting to ever see my pre-wedding waistline again, but I wouldn’t mind getting the hips down to their old size.

Since things are going so well, I’m not going to work on cutting back any more.  I just want to continue toning and increase my activity level a little more.  I totally forgot about the kettle bell all week and I love using it, so there’s my goal for the upcoming week: USE THE KETTLE BELL!

That’s my weight-loss update for the week, and I’m off to swing the bell.

How did you do this week?


  1. I found myself thinking many times about not eating until I was hungry. And it stopped me once or twice from mindless eating.

    I added a tall glass of water with the juice of half a lemon mid afternoon and found it truly refreshing and energizing.

    We also started juicing every other day or so for one snack.

    I lost another 3 lbs!

    • Tracey,
      Great job! I’ve lost some of my momentum this week, but am determined to get back to it. I don’t want to let mindless snacking creep back in as a habit and lose the progress I’ve made so far!

  2. Well done Kim,You are doing an awesome job.I am at a bit of a stand still as I have not been going to well with weight loss in the last two weeks.But today is a new day and I am hoping to do better next week.Keep up the good work.

    • I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but I do know that my husband said ” wow, your stomach is getting so flat!” A few days ago. I’ll take that as evidence my diet is working. I’m doing a modified akins type diet. No grain type carbs, but fruit and most veggies are ok. It’s the cave man diet, and I’ve been happy with it. No real cravings, and I never feel like I’m starving.

      • Lauren, isn’t feedback from the hubby so encouraging? Even when the scale isn’t moving, I feel motivated by compliments from Perry. If I’m doing something different it makes me want to do more, and if I’m not it sometimes provides the motivation to try.

  3. Kim you are doing so well. I’m struggling with the hunger thing. I get hungry and then I overeat at dinner after doing well the whole day. It just tastes so good!

    That said, I have gained one pound this week for a total loss of 3 pounds over two weeks. I’m not upset about it…but I would prefer 9! : )

    I raced the kids around the garden many times tonight and hilled up the potatoes with vigor. I love the idea of just trying to ‘move more.’

  4. I love that you’ve lost 9 lbs already! How cool is that? I totally agree with the funny sizes now. I don’t believe the tags anymore, but I will certainly take it! 🙂 LOL!

    I’m doing a feature on diet and fitness on Fridays each week, focusing primarily on the food aspect of fitness. I think we can’t out-exercise our mouths! I thought I would mention it because it seems to go right along with your post! 🙂 I’ve been reading you guys for 4 years now, and you are always making me laugh. I love it!


  5. Congrats, Kim! I’ve been watching your progress and wanting to join in because I just had a baby and have about 15 extra pounds I’d like to ditch. But realistically, I JUST had a baby about 2 weeks ago. And she screams all night. And I have no idea if I ate breakfast 3 times today or not at all. So there you go. I’ll probably be ready to join in when you’re all done.

  6. Heather L says:

    Coparing sizes across brands can be funny. Recently when I was loosing the rest of my baby weight but not quite done yet my size 6 jeans were way to baggy and the size 2s from last time around still could not be buttoned. We went jean shopping and ended up getting me a size 2 at one store and size zero at another store (that fit!) to hold me over until the old size 2 jeans could be worn again. 🙂

  7. Great job!

    I’ve mostly stuck to my goal of drinking more water and eating more fresh fruits and veggies (instead of sweets). I also read the t-tap book and started on that in VERY small amounts. I’ll add a bit to the t-tap work out in stages up until I have the baby (due in 4 weeks). I did gain 3 pounds this week, but that is to be expected.

  8. Thanks for the posts and the inspiration!!

    9 lbs is awesome!!! I think I need to do whatever you’re doing 🙂

    I’ll hopefully be joining you once my next kiddo decides to make her debut at the end of November…although I guess considering she’s due around Thanksgiving, when she comes could either really help or hurt my weight loss plans 😉

  9. Michelle U says:

    I have just discovered your blog and love it. I am feeling especially inspired by your ‘I want to be a loser’ posts.

    I have been feeling down a lot lately because of my weight. I am at my heaviest yet. My size 18 pants are tight.

    I have four wonderful children and plan on having more, but the idea of possibly adding more girth to my waist is a little intimidating right now.

    I would like to join you. However, since I do not have an accurate scale, I think my goal will be to get into some of the clothes hanging in the closet that I keep sighing over.

    My first goal will be the size 16 skirts!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Ha ha, I love thrift store sizes!

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