I want to be a loser

I admitted recently that I have gained about 10 lbs. over the years.  I blame nursing for 5 of the pounds, so that’s Parker’s fault, but actually the total is closer to 15 lbs.  I think that means I still have to take credit for gaining  and holding 10 lbs. on my own.

And so…

I’m going to lose it.

See?  That was easy.  Now I just have to do it.  Who wants to hold me accountable and check up on me?  Who wants to join me?  If I post weekly on the subject, will you leave a comment updating your own progress?  If I don’t post, will you remind me?

My plan is nothing crazy.  It’s already crazy hot here and we don’t have a/c, so you won’t see me spending 45 minutes/day on aerobics or the treadmill.  I probably won’t even walk very often.

What I will do is some quick toning exercises several times/day (maybe I’ll set alarms on my phone for reminders!).  I’ll also make an effort to get up and do stuff as often as possible.  Instead of asking the kids to do things, I’ll be the one to run an item down to the van (up and down 12 steep stairs), or go turn on the hose for the little guys (up and down 12 steep stairs), or pick up the clothes that blew off the rack and into the yard (up and down…oh, you already know).

I know that’s not enough to make a big difference, but I don’t plan to make huge, sweeping changes to my diet either. I already eat a reasonably healthy diet with very little processed foods, fast food, or empty carbs.  I eat lots of produce and dairy and eggs, a bit of meat, and some sweets here and there.  I know I talk a lot about chocolate and ice cream, but a tiny pint of ice cream usually lasts me nearly a month.

So here’s the big thing:  I’m not going to eat unless I’m hungry, and when I’m almost full, I’ll stop. That’s huge for me.  I’m a casual muncher, a grazer, a social eater.  I nibble and browse and rarely eat a big meal but rarely stop eating altogether.  I spend more time mostly full than mostly empty.

If I get the munchies and I’m not truly hungry – no hunger pangs in ma’ belly – I’ll start with a glass of water.  If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll have a glass of milk.

That’s my plan.  What’s yours?


  1. My plan is to stop eating food off the the childrens plates when I’m doing dishes–unless it’s a fruit or vegetable. Embarrassing, I know.

    • Tracy, I do it at the table and was thinking of working on the same habit. “You’re not going to finish that? Pass it to me… ”
      I don’t want them to waste food, but it’s not frugal for me to eat food I don’t need, either.

  2. Courtney says:

    I love this! I love knowing that others are out there in the same place that I’m in!! I have a 12 month old (baby #3) and still have about 13 pounds to lose from being pregnant with him. And toning my stomach would be awesome too!

    I’m a snacker. I think I snack all day rather than eating 3 big meals. I think I need to watch my portions. I never really measure it out and I probably eat more than I think. So I guess just being aware of what goes in. I also have an exercise program that is 20 minutes a day, at least 3 days a week. Very doable! I just have to stick with it!

    We can do it girls!! 🙂

  3. I’ll join you! Our third is 6 weeks old, and I still have around 12 pounds to lose. Since I’m nursing, maybe I should be satisfied with just losing 7 pounds? : )

    My plan is to go almost completely off of sugar and cut down on the carbs a little. (I can’t make too many changes, since it’s hard enough for me to get enough to eat while taking care of 3, 2 and under!) We already eat a pretty healthy diet – very little prepackaged foods, lots of organic produce, etc.

    I’d also like to take a brisk walk down the driveway during the boys’ naps. This is actually a fairly decent short walk, since our driveway is 1/2-mile long! 😀

    Looking forward to joining you!!!

  4. Well in the SHORT time I had in between pregnancies I was writing down everything I ate, and when I got to the number of calories I wanted, I stopped. I lost about 9 lbs. Unfortunately I need to lose more like 90. I was fat BEFORE I even got married and with each baby have packed more on. I did not overeat during pregnancy, the weight did not come from that but from sitting on my rear breastfeeding. My babies could not gain enough weight no matter how long I sat there for. Everyone would tell me you have to eat more and I did and it solved the problem. But then I gained weight! Looked up how much I needed to maintain and did a diet based on that, didn’t work, baby started losing weight again. So it was either don’t diet or don’t breastfeed. I chose to put my baby first now I am fat as a cow. Please God give me more time between pregnancies so I can lose some darn weight!! I know it is mostly my fault but I will never be normal again until I am menopausal if I don’t have the time to lose more than 10 lbs then gain it all back! It is such a trial!! But praise God my husband still thinks I am beautiful and I am as healthy as anyone!!

  5. I will join you. I have 5 pounds I really want to say goodbye to. Your eating sounds exactly like mine.

  6. I’ve got about 10 lbs to lose as well. My youngest is about 3 days younger than yours, and I’m still nursing. I gained way, way, WAY too much weight during my last pregnancy, and I’m so happy to be down to the last 10 lbs. I want to get down to my “normal” weight before I get pregnant again, so the way I figure it I have around 6 months to shed the last 10lbs. Of course, those plans may be altered depending on what God has in store for us!

  7. Elizabeth M. says:

    I’d love to join you, but at 21 weeks preggo, I think I’ll be gaining all the weight you ladies lose! 🙂 I’d love to hear how things go for you, though, and I’ll be rooting for you!
    I have been doing a pregnancy yoga routine that I like (minus the goofy parts), and walking to do most of our errands in town (we live in a town of about 1000 and can walk just about anywhere we need to go). I’m hoping these keep me from adding on too many extra unneeded pounds. 🙂

  8. *Sigh* I just weighed myself this AM and was a tiny bit pleased that I am down a couple of pounds (too hot to overeat on a regular basis), but that is only a drop in the bucket for the amount of weight I need to lose. I am taking your blog post as a nudge to be accountable and persistent in my efforts.

    I will try to lose weight with you. My weakest areas is my grazing habit (salty & crunchy with the occasional sweet cravings) and being to sedentary (too much computer time!)… I like your plan: move a bit more, eat a bit less, drink water. And since I am prone to not eating until I feel shaky (low blood sugar) in the summer and then overeating to compensate because I hate that feeling – I will add eating healthy meals at the proper time to that plan.

  9. I’m in! I’ve been working out daily for two months but can’t seem to change much in my diet, which experts say is 80%-90% of the key to losing weight. I have about 20 pounds to go to get down to the weight I should be at. Just got a great deal on a box of size 6 jeans on ebay. Curerntly my 8’s are a bit snug. My mom’s bringing them to me when she visits (I live in China) so I want them to fit when she pulls them out of her suitcase.
    It’s hot here too with no a/c but get up early to workout while it’s cool.

  10. I’m right there with you, though I’m at the end of a pregnancy so I have to wait a few weeks to really do much of anything (or at least hope to lose any weight!). After my last baby I found that it was harder for me to lose the weight, and I was still holding on to 15 pounds when I found out I was pregnant again (baby was 14 months and we were just 3 weeks our from our last nursing session!).

    My plan is similar to yours, and I am working on it a bit now. Water when I start feeling hungry, I’ll try to go for fruits and veggies after that, though I seem to need quite a bit of protein (maybe I’ll go for nuts then?). I’m going to get started on T-tap as soon as I can too.

    I’ll be happy to join you, it will be more fun to do it together. Hmmm, for the next few weeks I’ll just try keeping the weight gain to a minimum, then I’ll really join you mid-August!

  11. I have just started on the road to trying to lose some weight that I have gained.I have gotten of track with my eating and exercise habbits.One of my best tricks I use is trying to wait to eat untill I feel real stomach hunger.I am thanking the Lord for this post today as I know I need a little encouragement on this weight loss journey,together we can do it.

  12. I’ve lost 100 lbs over the last couple of years, with more to lose. I’m trying to jumpstart a new losing streak by upping by daily walks with the dog. I walk 10, 000 steps a day (equal to about 5 miles) and want to at least do another 5000. With rhumatiod arthritis its a bit tiresome but I’ll give it a good go. Diet wise I gave up all soft drinks (was a mountain dewaholic!) and fast foods (being single that was always the easy way to go). Increased my veggies, cut down on meats and use almonds as a crunchy FEED ME NOW treat.
    Its not easy but (especially in my age range -50’s) doable.
    I also learned to give myself treats now and then and to have my favorite food-spinach pizza-at least once a month.
    Good luck!

  13. I really like your idea of drinking a glass of water when you feel a little bit hungry, then a glass of milk if that doesn’t do the trick. We all probably need more fluids and less food. I’m going to try that, too! Plus, the protein and calcium in the milk will be a boost, esp. since you’re nursing. Do you drink whole milk? We do, and raw at that. Milk fat really is good for us (God put it there). Thanks for the tip; we’ll compare notes!

  14. Me too, but I am going the torture route…just called a local gym today. Going in next week…oh gosh.

  15. I’ll try and encourage you too! I have about 6 pounds I have to lose – doesn’t sound a lot, but my summer clothes just will not fit comfortably. I used to be able to lose a few pounds no bother, but this time it just doesn’t seem to be so easy. ~It may be that I’ve hit mid-40s!
    Like you, I hardly have any processed foods etc and eat a basically healthy diet, but find it hard to cut down because I get so HUNGRY!
    Let’s see how it goes …. together 🙂

  16. No guarantees that i’ll remember to post, but I just emailed a few friends the other day with this same idea! So know that I will be reading (thanks google reader) and I will be encouraged. Maybe it will help me be extra accountable. And love the alarm idea. Will you share your toning exercises?

    Oh, and I need to loose about 18 lbs and do some serious tummy toning. Babies sure do change a body. Thanks!

  17. I will! I will! I’ll be there in spirit!
    I can’t say that I have weight to lose however I do have SATs that need toning BIG TIME. SATs of course, would be ‘stomac, arms, and thighs’.
    Do I HAVE to be out of breath when I trot down to the driveway to put my mail out before the mailman leaves?
    My mode of exercise and dieting is the same as yours although I don’t know what to do about the fact that we live in a ranch style home and there are no stairs so I won’t be able to carry the clothes from the dryer one piece at a time up the stairs for excercise. What’ll I do?

  18. I don’t own scales but I also know that this has come at the right time so, I will join you. I intend to do pretty much the same sort of things. Bit more gardening, bit more walking. Less nibbling in the pantry when the girls aren’t looking!
    I won’t be able to tell you how much I lose but I will be able to say if I fit my favourite (yes, I am in the UK) pj’s that I haven’t fitted since before I was pregnant with girl number 4 (who just turned a year).

  19. Kim, I’ll join you! My baby is 3months old, our 4th. I’ve got 15lbs from his pregnancy to loose and another 20 from poor diet choices over the past three years. I am doing arobics with a friend every other day and stopping the munchies! I’m reminding myself it is okay to be a little hungry! I do the same and have a glass of water when I want to nibble. Then I go and do something productive, not get a snack!

  20. Good for you! But I’m curious about that tiny pint of ice cream. How does that differ from an enormous pint? 😉

    • Jeana,
      The pint is tiny when you eat it a bite at a time; it’s enormous if you finish it all in one sitting.
      Oh, and it’s really tiny if you get caught and have to split it 12 ways!

  21. Kami Crawford says:

    I like your challenge. I can relate to it. I’ve never been heavy but after birthing 5 kids I’m no longer my 125lb self. I’m also no longer 20 so that’s reasonable, but I’m 145lbs. and pushing it so I feel like a healthier me should be closer to 135lbs. I’ve never been a consistent excerciser. But I want to challenge myself to run/walk twice a week and do tennis with the kids once a week. That should do something! And I like your bit about not eating when you’re not hungry. Very guilty of that! I want to be more aware of what and why I’m eating.

    And by the way I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I’ve been following it for a few months and I love it! Thanks for sharing about your life. It inspires me!

    I have 5 kids 10, 8, 6, 4, and 5 months. And the 6 year old is the only boy. We homeschool and are loving it.

    I’ll try to update you on my losing status as well.


    • Kami,
      I think you’re right; it looks like this is your first comment. Thanks for introducing yourself and for stopping by our blog. I’m glad you’re joining me in my challenge, so you’ll have good reason to comment again soon!

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