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I’m in the Fort Worth area this week and am sittin’ in the real live Smockity Frocks Living Room blogging on my little netbook.

Don’t be jealous.  Just pop over to her blog and watch the little webisode we did last night.  Smockity tells me webisodes are the New Thing In Blogging, and you know how trendy we mommy bloggers are so I pretended to know what she was talking about and we hopped right on board.

What do you think?  Would you like to see videos like this from Life in a Shoe too?  I could interview my own children and husband for starters.  That would keep us busy a good long while.  Then we could hurry up and have more children so we could interview them. Just kidding.  I wanted to see if you were paying attention.

But really: should I give it a try?  Do you click through to watch videos on blogs?  Would you watch one on our blog?


  1. I enjoyed it very much and would watch your webisodes.

  2. uh, yes! And I think you’re pregnant. After all, it’s time isn’t it? Your “baby” is now 1,probably nurses less…yep, I think you are. ;o) But this time we aren’t buying puppies and bringing you chocolate! teeheehee

  3. i would love to see the webisodes!!! i enjoyed the one with smockity and would like to have seen the row of kids lol

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Interviewing your kids would be wonderful! 🙂

  5. I saw the video on SmockityFrocks and enjoyed it. I would watch the interviews, but may not watch all of them as I have a rather limited connection.
    I must say after watching the video, though. I had no idea you were such a beautiful woman. It was fun “meeting” you both as “real people” in this format.

  6. Kim,

    I *loved* the webisode! I definitely would like to see more. 😉

    It was actually very helpful for me. I am somewhat just beginning my own blog and need all the tips I can get.

    Be blessed!


  7. Personally I do not like a blog that has many videos along the side bar. It takes a long time for my computer to load the page and sometimes it freezes up my computer. With that said I DO like how-to videos!

  8. Sometimes, but not all the time. It’s nice to quietly read when the children are sleeping. It’s easier to multi task when reading. An occassional video is nice.

  9. Okay, so I won’t take time for just an audio, mainly because I have trouble hearing it with all the littles coming past making their noises. But video? YES! Maybe it’s because there’s a moving picture coordinating with the sound, but my children will watch and be (somewhat) quiet while you are entertaining and enlightening us. So two thumbs up to the webisode idea!

  10. Wow! Loved the webisode. Please do another soon. Great to see more of your fun personality. Your blog is such a blessing. It is a daily treat I really enjoy.

  11. Heatherr says:

    How awesome you are in FW this week. You guys should have a meetup. I missed the one Smockity had a while back. That would be FABULOUS!

  12. By the way, you are very gracious and poised.

  13. I would watch a webisode hosted by you. It would be fun. I remember watching Smockity in her closet once deciding what to wear to a conference. It was really funny. So…fire away and entertain me! : )

  14. Hi, I love reading, but I don’t watch videos. They take too much time for me. But I always can skip them and wait for text. Thanks!

  15. AB-SO-LUTE-LY!!! I have loved watching all of Smockity’s videos and would love watching yours, too! You all have no idea what a blessing you have been in my life!

  16. I would’ve loved to have seen the “row of kids!” Please do more–it’s so fun to see your faces and hear your voices.

  17. Heather Wawa says:

    Yes, I’d be tickled to watch if you did a webisode thingy once in a while.

  18. I enjoyed that! Yes, you were up too late for me–I’m an hour ahead of you and the computer was long off by then!

    I had heard Connie on the ‘net before, and I had seen photos of you, Kim, but I always envisioned you having a deeper voice :). You have such a sweet, gracious, soft voice–(okay, go ahead and laugh my comment!!)

    I would watch videos on your blog!

    Thanks for sharing that–

  19. So fun, Kim. And now I am thinking about my own domain!

    I would love to see you interview your kids!


  20. I really enjoyed watching the webisode. I thought it was pretty cute and fun. And many thanks for your blog! I’ve been reading off and on for awhile and have learned a bunch. You answered one of my questions awhile back and I was really blessed by it, but kept forgetting to write a comment saying thanks until it seemed way too late to actually do it on the post, so many many thanks!! 🙂

  21. Just popped in to say how much I enjoyed your webisode! You’re probably not going to like this much, but I’d formed a completely different idea of you from reading your blog for the past 5 years or so. You always seem so serious and knowledgeable when you write, and I’ve just seen a fun, youthful side of you that I didn’t expect (I bet everyone who knows you IRL is now laughing their heads off!). I also think you’re probably younger than me, which was another surprise! I feel like viewing your webisode was like meeting a teacher out of school and getting to see a whole different side of them. It’s very interesting and I’m intrigued to see more!

  22. Yes!!!! I would love to see some videos of you and your family. Enjoyed your webisode with Smockity!!

  23. rats, shouldn’t have an ‘e’. Subtly. Knew it would be wrong if I didn’t check first.

  24. So that wasn’t your way of subtley announcing another pregnancy?!

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