10 Reasons you have a headache and how chocolate can help

Edited to remove something stupid and insensitive.  What was I thinking?

The following post has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my loving husband has quit buying me chocolate ice cream because he is doing his best to be supportive of my weight-loss endeavors.  I don’t know why you would even think that.  Anyway, he knows that chocolate ice cream is low on the glycemic index and therefore very helpful in keeping my hypoglycemia under control.

10 Reasons You Have a Headache

  1. You’re dehydrated.  Drink plenty of water Starbucks style frap. Add cocoa powder to make it easier to take in the quantity of fluids you so badly need.
  2. You have low blood pressure, like I often do.  It will go up if you find a scorpion in your bed. You’ll need some chocolate afterwards.
  3. You have low blood chocolate.  The verdict is out on whether chocolate is a cause or a cure when it comes to headaches but I choose to believe that it helps mine, and we all know the power of suggestion.
  4. Your kids are too loud.  Maybe they’re bored.  Maybe you should give them some work.  Hey, where did they go?!  Quick, get the ice cream and a spoon…
  5. You are suffering from caffeine withdrawal.  Chocolate has caffeine.  It may take a lot, but you want to get rid of your headache, don’t you?
  6. Too much caffeine.  See?  You should have had chocolate instead of coffee.  Less caffeine.
  7. It’s hormonal.  That’s the price of being a woman, but there is an upside: everyone expects you to eat more chocolate.
  8. You’re short on sleep.  Duh.  You’re a mom.  Chocolate has just the right amount of sugar and caffeine to get you through a long day, plus it has proven anti-depressant properties.
  9. You’re stressed or prone to high blood pressure.  Did you know chocolate is well-established as a stress reducer?
  10. You have low blood sugar.  Dark chocolate is relatively low on the glycemic scale and gives a moderate, sustained rise.

Did you know that chocolate comes from the cocoa bean?  Beans are vegetables.  When you add milk, you have one serving each of vegetable and dairy.  It’s a lot like eating broccoli and cheese sauce.

Chocolate quotes:

I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process…. It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?

Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar before each meal. It’ll take the edge off your appetite, and you’ll eat less.  I’ve actually done this with a tablespoon of chocolate chips.  It works!

If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet? Don’t they actually counteract each other?

Anything is good and useful if it’s made of chocolate.

more chocolate quotes here

Have you ever tried chocolate with cayenne added?  The gentle spicy kick is a perfect accent.  It’s also good with orange, toffee, coffee, peanut butter, bacon, almonds, sea salt, raisins, and raspberries.

OK, I’ve never actually tried chocolate with bacon, but I feel confident in recommending it.  Why not?

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  1. Since this is an old post (I haven’t been reading my favorite blogs for a while, and so in looking around, wouldn’t you know-there’s only one food group-at lifeinashoe-chocolate!), so it should be safe to inundate you with more ways to get that so-great-for-you food into your system now, right?


    Her articles with recipes are deliciously worth reading! 😀 (and will give you more to add to your list of reasons why you need to consume chocolate!)
    Especially these: Chewy Chocolate Bars, Enzyme Chocolate, Chocolate Drops


    And sign up for their emails!! The last one has a Spicy Chocolate recipe! (I was trying to find it on their site, they normally post the articles there later, I thought…) 😀

  2. This was cute, thanks for the laugh. But also, did you know that chocolate contains tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin? One of the feel good, sleep good hormones!?

    Says so right here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tryptophan

  3. Sheila in MO says:

    I hate to complain, but the new header is so small I can barely see their faces. I like how you used to make the headers so large. I did like the idea of having short video clips with your children. Neat idea! I’m especially interested to hear what the older girls have to say, since I’ve been following your blog almost from the very beginning and they are all growing up so fast. I have a teenage girl myself (and the youngest is 2) so I find it interesting to hear perspective from other kids in that age category. They suddenly turn in these complex individuals and can be more challenging to discipline and parent. Well, that may not be true for everyone. Some children I’m sure are easier to raise than others. Anyway- just a side note- I have always admired your entire family immensely. Knowing my appreciation for the way you live your life and how I respect your mothering, one of my children once told me (for my birthday) he would like to send me to where you live so I could meet you and your family for real. I thought that was very thoughtful of him and it is true that would be quite a gift especially since we live in Missouri. But still it was such a nice thought. Sorry about the rambling. Sheila out.

    • Sheila, I’m with you on the header. I’m glad to hear that others like to see my children as much as I do. I plan to bring back a big header as soon as we have a suitable photo!

  4. I got a bacon chocolate bar a couple christmases ago… it was interesting, but I would not buy it for myself. The bacon had too much of a smokey flavor too, so maybe less smokeyness would be better? I don’t know lol

  5. I love dark chocolate with chilies in it…it is my new found favorite. Although it is not easy to find.

  6. i.love.chocolate. the end.

  7. Love this post! I am in month 4 of my 5th pregnancy and am suffering with killer headaches. Let me tell ya, chocolate eases my pain!! Like you said, the power of suggestion. Great picture of the kids, too. Kim D.

  8. I love it! (Both chocolate, and the post.) I love dark chocolate and peppermint tea. It’s a great combination.

  9. mnnn chocolate. I think I really started loving it when I hit 24 or so but my addiction is to brownies. Oh my goodness. I fell in love with the no pudge fat free brownies, and they are the perfect amount of chocolate and brownie fuginess with no fat (not no calories, just no fat…I can’t work miracles here). You can buy it on amazon if you can’t find it in your store–pink box pig on it…promise it is awesome.

  10. Alanna N. says:

    Any way that I can blow up the header picture to look at it???

    • Alanna,
      Right now there’s no way but I’ll take a look and see if I can find the code and tweak it. I’m a little nerdy that way, but not Super Nerd. No promises!

  11. Alanna N. says:

    Love the new header picture!!!! It’s perfect!
    I agree with the chocolate thing…logical isn’t it?

  12. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.

  13. It’s your subtly, that I find so endearing, really.

    • I know, babe. Thanks for NOT buying me chocolate ice cream. At least, my future self thanks you. My present self is really dying for some.

  14. Hahahaha. I actually laughed out loud at that… ok, at number 8. Does that make me a bad person? 95% of my headaches are related to cause #1… and I have made your frap multiple times for just that reason. The water in the ice + the caffeine in the coffee + the awesomeness of the chocolate = a much better day.
    But I’m much more of a caramel person… which reminds me, there’s a pint of Starbucks caramel ice cream in the freezer… and I’m all alone. Muahaha.

    • Melissa,
      Glad you saw the humor in #8. I very nearly took that out – in fact I thought I did – because I didn’t want to offend someone who actually does have a brain tumor. But I really would love to send some chocolate to that hypothetical person!

  15. I know it’s weird, but I actually HAVE had chocolate with bacon. Or rather, bacon dipped in chocolate almond bark (melting chocolate). A lady at my church made some for our Christmas party one year and we had no idea what we were eating! 🙂

  16. thanks for the laugh, and the wonderful advice. chocolate is just soooo yum! it sure is a cure-all!

  17. Chocolate covered bacon is wonderful!

  18. Kat Menard says:

    I was laughing so hard and then i realized you sent this out at like 3am. Then i laughed even harder, and i thought-hey i was there just last night. How productive you are while suffering! my favorite chocolate quote is “diet- whenever i say that dirty word i have to wash my mouth out with chocolate.”

  19. P.S. – love the new header picture!

  20. Love this post, and the chuckle it gave me this morning.

    I’ve actually tried chocolate with bacon. It isn’t bad. It’s not something I’d go out and buy anytime soon, but it wasn’t terrible. Chocolate with jalapeno is pretty good too. :O)

  21. This is pretty much the cure all for headaches I’ve been looking for!

    Minus the chocolate with orange, that’s just wrong in my world, horribly wrong.

    • Tracey, I never thought much of the idea of combining chocolate with orange but when I finally tasted it I found it strangely appealing – no pun intended. It’s much better than it sounded, and actually near the top of my list of chocolate combos. Right up there with coffee, peanut butter, nuts of any kind, toffee, caramel…

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