Free online pre-reading games

This one’s a little weird, but my little ones are loving it and maybe yours will too:

When I say weird, I mean the 13yo thinks the cute lil monster-characters are creepy, but everyone younger than her thinks they are adorable, and 7yo Rachael is hooked on the fact that she can make her own avatar.

In spite of the term reading games, Kabongo games don’t actually teach reading.  Instead, they focus on the skills necessary for learning to read later: following fun instructions, sorting and categorizing objects by size, performing sequential operations, noticing details, etc.

The kids really enjoy the quirky colorful characters and settings, and I love that there are no dating ads for them to accidentally click like on so many other free game sites.

If you try it, let us know what you think!

We’ll receive a small compensation if you or your kids play Kabongo.




  1. I let my son try it out today. I usually don’t do computer games with him (like soda… the longer to introduce it, the better!), but free and no ads is definitely appealing! đŸ™‚ Thanks for the link, my 4 year old thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. I was pointed to this site before (by you?) and I let my daughter who is 4 play for awhile. The odd little monsters weirded me out and I wasn’t sure of it’s value. She caught me trying it out (as I usually try to do before letting her loose somewhere), and so I handed over the keyboard and mouse and let her have fun. She does occasionally ask for it and I may just relent and let her try it again…

  3. No dating ads? I’m in! Thanks for this great link!

  4. I signed us up. So far my 4 year old LOVES it.

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