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this giveaway ends 8/12/2011

The delightful Botkin family is preparing another webinar for young families seeking guidance in a confusing world that has strayed far from the Biblical standard:

Marrying Well: Practical Wisdom for Courtship from the Botkin families

Mondays at 8pm CST, beginning August 15th

How do young people find each other and discern the Lord’s will for marriage, and how do parents shepherd their children through the process? While the Bible doesn’t offer a formula for getting to the altar, it has much to say about the character, vision, and love that make a marriage beautiful and powerful, from the very first day.

Join Geoffrey Botkin and his wife Victoria, David Botkin and his wife Nadia, and Benjamin Botkin and his wife Audri for a five-part webinar series on courtship and preparation for marriage. Ben, Audri, David, & Nadia will share their stories, family photos, and lessons they’ve learned while seeking to answer the question, “Should I marry this person?”

Participating families will have the opportunity to submit live questions about Gospel-centered families and Gospel-centered marriages.

Topics include:

  • Preparation for marriage starts early
  • What the Bible says about courtship
  • What about betrothal?
  • Why strong brother-sister relationships are essential, in families and between families
  • Dominion, discipleship, and life mission: Marry for the same reason you live your whole life
  • Love like Jesus: Selflessly
  • Risk management in relationships
  • The deadly danger of worry
  • What to think about emotions
  • How do I know this is the right one?
  • How to determine God’s will
  • The place of faith
  • Maintaining peace and harmony between families
  • When to skip courtship altogether
  • Engagement periods
  • Wisely reforming American wedding ceremonies

This webinar is just $29/family for all 5 sessions – that’s less than $6/session!  To learn more and register, visit


Western Conservatory has offered to give one family free registration to the Marrying Well webinar.  Don’t let that keep you from registering, though.  They have promised to refund your purchase price if you buy now and learn next week that you won!

To enter the giveaway, do any or all of the following.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

  1. Leave a comment telling which topic you think would be most interesting or useful.
  2. Leave a comment with a question of your own on any of the topics above.  (Remember, webinar participants will have the opportunity to submit live questions.)
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For 3 bonus entries, blog about this giveaway. Remember to leave 3 comments so you’ll be entered 3 times.

We will take entries until Friday, August 12, then choose a random winner!


  1. Mike Larson says:

    I liked Western Conservatory on FB!

  2. I liked Life in a Shoe on FB too!

  3. I liked Western Conservatory on facebook!

  4. The question I have is as a young woman that lives far away from her parents, how to encourage involvement in the courting process…maybe this would be under the “when to skip courtship topic?”

  5. The topic I am most interested in is “What the Bible says about Courtship.”

  6. The Burton Family says:

    What are some good and healthy ways that a family can let their young people get to know other godly like minded young people within the church and without?

  7. The Burton Family says:

    all of the topics look wonderful- but I think the one I would most look forward to is- Why strong brother-sister relationships are essential, in families and between families.

  8. We liked “Life in a Shoe” on Facebook!

  9. We liked “Western Conservatory” on Facebook!

  10. We are very excited about learning “Why strong brother-sister relationships are essential, in families and between families”!

  11. If I could ask one question, it would be how to overcome the difficulties that a couple will eventually face. How do you talk about a problem? How do you solve it?

  12. Hi! I´m interested on the question of “how do I know he is the right one”. I´m twenty-something and a bit lost!

  13. How do you give your daughters and sons opportunities to be around other Godly young people on a regular basis aside from the local church?

  14. The one about brothers and sisters being best friends and how that plays into a courtship has gotten me curious!

  15. What a great giveaway! I think the “why strong brother-sister relationships are essential, in families and between families” topic sounds interesting.

  16. Madeline says:

    I liked Life in a shoe on Facebook.

  17. Madeline says:

    I liked Life in a shoe on Facebook.

  18. We’d love this! Since my daughter has already been through one courtship that went awry, I’d say “risk management” would be my choice, although it was hard to choose!

  19. Sharilyn says:

    I am curious if Christian fathers should be taking a more active role in finding a spouse for their daughers. It seems like so many are waiting for the guy/guy’s family to make the first move. Many godly OLDER young ladies waiting and are more then ready and available.

  20. Sharilyn says:

    I liked Life in a Shoe blog on FB.

  21. Sharilyn says:

    I liked Western Conservatory on FB.

  22. Sharilyn says:

    I’m interested in slimming down all the American wedding ceremony protocol.

  23. I NEED this webinar. I LOVE the Botkin family and I have three older daughters who desire to follow the Lord’s leading, but we all need more teaching on it as a family. This would be perfect for us! I have two other daughters that are younger and two sons that I’m sure could benefit as well.
    Thank you!
    Congrat’s on losing 10 pounds btw. I know it’s hard.

  24. And I liked you on FB. 🙂

  25. Liked WC on FB….

  26. Probably the brother/sister relationships would be most helpful & relevant to our stage right now, but I’m interested in all of the topics covered! We’ve enjoyed the webinars by WC in the past and I’m sure this one won’t disappoint either!

  27. ok, so that was a duplicate…it just didn’t show up!

  28. Blogged it, entry #2 hmmm some detection of duplicate entries, even though it isn’t

  29. Blogged it, entry #2

  30. #4 I already like LIAS on FB. :o) One of these days I’ll win something!

  31. #3 I liked WC on FB. :o)

  32. #2 I don’t understand why churches seem to have a different definition of what courtship means. I’d like to hear their thoughts on that.

  33. Love the new look, and as always enjoy In a Shoe! We would like you on FB, but we don’t have a FB…which often leaves us out of the loop. But for a few personal reasons we chose not to have a FB account. So, having said all that, please don’t stop blogging for those of us who don’t have/want a FB 🙂
    We have also become highly aware that we are missing out on some great giveaways without a FB 🙁 But life will go on….just keep blogging for those of us who are not on FB!

    Have a super weekend!

  34. OK, I just liked you on Facebook!

  35. I’m interested in seeing how worry affects courtships. I remember worrying a lot, at times, before getting married, because I knew that I was making a lifetime commitment. Should be an interesting webinar!

  36. The topics that I would love to hear most about are:
    *Preparation for marriage starts early
    *What the Bible says about courtship

  37. I “follow” life in a shoe via GFC! Thank you!

  38. Risk management in Relationships will be fantastic for anyone I think.

  39. How can i pick just one?!?! They all sound so good!

  40. Tayler M. says:

    “Wisely reforming American wedding ceremonies” looks very interesting (actually they all look interesting, but you said I had to pick one, so there you have it 🙂

    I’d love to hear these messages!

  41. I am most interested in “preparation for marriage starts earlly”, as our children are in the preparing stage.

  42. A question I would ask is this:
    In what practical ways did your families make an effort to provide opportunities for the children to meet other young people thereby opening up the door for a young man to find a wife?

  43. We love the Botkins! Our family has learned so much from them and I know this webinar will be a fantastic learning resource. The topic of reforming American weddings I am most excited to hear. David and Nadia’s wedding put a whole new spin on how we view wedding ceremonies. I am anxious to listen to the teaching on this topic.

  44. And my question would be how do you get from acting like brothers and sisters in Christ to courtship

  45. I think the most interesting topic for me would be: “Wisely reforming American wedding ceremonies”

  46. I would be interested in what they have to say in “what to think about emotions”. Also, the part about worry sounds good, too!

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