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This giveaway ends 8/19/11
visual latinI took 2 years of textbook Latin in high school and found that it really cemented my understanding of English grammar.  It also gave me the ability to break down new words and figure out their meaning, even in the many foreign languages which find their roots in Latin.

We have used Rummy Roots off and on over the years to help the children build some knowledge of Greek and Latin root words, and when they come across a new word we often analyze it in terms of its root components.

Because of this, I was excited to receive our copy of Visual Latin from our old friend Dwane, who spent many years teaching Latin in classical Christian schools.  I only planned to have my 4 oldest do a few lessons over the course of a few days for the sake of review, then we would shelf it until we were ready to add something new to our day.  Imagine my surprise when they completed several lessons at once, and 11yo Natalie begged to participate!  They even watched them over again for the sake of those who missed out the first time, and what they had learned became a dinner table topic.

Here are a few comments from the children:

Mr. Thomas is very personable and does a good job of interacting with you on the screen without being patronizing or condescending.  It’s not like watching Blue’s Clues!  You really feel like he’s there with you.  ~Deanna (18)

He does a good job of explaining how the verbs and grammar are different from English without confusing you.   ~Kaitlyn (16)

Mr. Thomas is interesting and funny without being so funny that you’re not learning anything.  ~Megan (13)

He’s full of fun facts and trivia about history, linguistics, and culture.  ~Deanna (18)

He had a very funny sense of humor.  I usually don’t like lessons on DVD but his were very interesting!  I really understood what he was teaching me. ~Natalie (11yo)

He’s so dreamy!  [giggle]  No, really: I used to have a crush on Mr. Thomas when I was little.  ~2 anonymous daughters

Interested? Visual Latin lessons are available both on CD and as downloads.  You can download 4 introductory lessons for free, plus the first 2 regular lessons as well.  Don’t let the term “introductory”  scare you; while there are no hardcore language lessons in the first 4, this is where you’ll learn what you need in preparation for the lessons to come, along with many of the fun facts and tidbits that impressed Deanna.  The 2 regular get right down to business, giving you a good taste of what expect.

There is also a whole page of useful and educational free downloads, ranging from economics to songs for worship.


Visual Latin has agreed to give one happy winner either Latin 1 (the first 25 lessons) on DVD or as downloads.  This is a lot of material, and I promise your kids will love it!

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We will take entries until Friday, August 19, then choose a random winner!


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