I want to be a loser: 7 weeks later

145, baby!Is anyone still with me?

It’s been 7 weeks since my last drink – no, wait.  That’s not right.  It’s been 7 weeks since my last ice cream, except for last night.  I had 2 scoops, with toasted pecans.  It was sooo worth it!


My weight seems to have plateaued, but I think I’m ok with that.  I wake up nearly every morning at about 11 or 12 lbs. below where I used to wake up, and just a few pounds heavier than where I woke up as a 17yo, so I’m happy for now.


I’m still working hard to eat only when hungry, or at least to keep my “gas tank” on 1/4 instead of 3/4.  Perry thinks I’m weird, but I think it makes everything taste better!  Doesn’t food taste better when you are hungry?  So if you’re always hungry when you eat, everything tastes better, right?  What’s to dispute?


I’m working hard on eating moderately, but I’m working even harder on exercising.  Perry and I have a running joke that we are each doing this for each other, and neither of us really wants to be doing it at all.  The truth is he wants both of us to do it, and I want only him to do it.  Just kidding.  I may hate exercise while I do it, but I love it when it’s done.  I love a little muscle soreness to remind me that I really accomplished something, and I love that I can already see real results – and so can the rest of the family.

I have new muscle definition in my legs, where I haven’t seen definition for many moons.  I feel more energetic – except right after a workout, at which point I feel like a zombie, but in a good way.  At least I keep telling myself that, in the hope that I’ll believe it someday.  Can zombies feel anything at all?  I don’t know.  I’ll let you know.


I do have a new theory about my body fat and muscles.  After measuring my lovely daughters with my body fat caliper, I was very surprised to find that the measurements on my flabby ole’ bod put my body fat level on a par with my fit young children, even when adjusted for age.

Here’s my theory.  Feel free to shoot it down if you think my head sounds fatter than the rest of my body.

When I was young, I worked hard and exercised hard and developed a lot of muscle.  I know this much is true.

When I got older and lazier, I thought the muscle wasted away and was replaced by fat.  It looked like that was happening.  I lost much of my tone, gained some weight, and gave up on all my old clothes.

Now I think that most of the muscle is still hiding in there, masquerading as fat.  It’s limp and quiet and lazy muscle.  It’s been doing a good job hiding all these years, but the caliper has revealed it.  Except the muscles responsible for situps.  I think they walked off the job and were never seen again.  They’re probably hiding somewhere in Gov. Arnold’s arms.  I wonder if they do situp-muscle transplants yet, and how would a person get on the waiting list?

But all the rest of my flab might just be lazy, untoned muscles.  Well, most of it.  There’s still some flabby fat consorting with the flabby muscles.

What does this mean?  If I’m right, it might mean I’m not crazy when I think I see new muscle definition after just 2 weeks and a total of 9 workouts (I missed 3 workouts).  Does that seem possible?

Well, I have plenty of time to think it over.  We’re only 2 weeks into 90 days of torture hour long daily workouts, though I do admit to enjoying some days, just a little.  The yoga on Thursday is fun, and the Kenpo on Saturday is exhilarating.  And the Arms & Shoulders workout on Wednesdays isn’t bad at all.  And I did much better on Chest & Back last Monday.

Now I really do sound crazy.

How is your weight loss/exercise going?


  1. Your theory on muscle is right. I learned years ago that muscles actually have memory. And since you were active in the past, your muscles are remembering the good ol’ days. lol

    I was an athlete growing up…and even after having nine children, it doesn’t take much for my muscles to revive themselves. I am a runner now…and it’s amazing how quickly my leg muscles reappear after hiding out a while during pregnancy. 🙂


  2. I stopped losing weight this week. Hmm, I thought, that’s odd. I just took a pregnancy test and…I’m pregnant! Guess I’m off the weight loss journey for about 9 months 😉

  3. Kim I have a question. Are you a crabby hungry person? I am. If you are, do you just power through?

    I have a fear of being hungry because I won’t be able to take care of the kids as well…especially around the dreaded dinner hour. If they are hungry and I am hungry, it is a bad combination for hubby to come home to.

    How do you deal with this?

    • If my blood sugar drops I get edgy, but I try not to wait that long. I just wait for genuine hunger (not munchies) and I eat just enough to take the edge off. Surprisingly, it only takes a few bites most of the time, especially if you eat slowly.

  4. Well, I think what you’ve done is great because I think you have the right heart towards food, and that’s what is going to make the weight loss last long-term. I, on the other hand, tend to lose weight with diet food and it’s just not a good idea.

    I am inspired by your loss…I hope it motivates me to keep trying. I’m sluggish this afternoon, so everything seems hard right now!

  5. Lisa in ND says:

    At the YMCA, where hubby and I work out, the trainer talked about muscle memory — in other words, if you’ve been in shape at some time in your life, muscle definition will come back more quickly (DH played sports in high school and is now 46 but still has a lot of muscle).

    I think you are doing great! You have a good attitude (re the ice cream); you have to live your life and enjoy a treat sometime. The trick is not to have those treats all the time. And, yeah, I personally need to work on that.

    Thanks for sharing your progress.

  6. It’s absolutely true that muscle definition can show up quickly… especially when you’re thin, there’s not a lot of fat to hide it.

  7. I have been doing Weightloss Wednesdays and have just posted my post on this topic. I would love to have you come by…and while you are at it, maybe you want to join the blog hop! http://www.amothersheritage.com/2011/08/24/weightloss-wednesday-moderation-in-all-things/

  8. Those plateaus sure can be annoying; can’t they? I always plateau for awhile, then suddenly drop 3-4 pounds, plateau, drop a few more pounds, etc.

    At 3 months postpartum, those last few pounds have brought me back to my pre-baby weight! Or, at least, my pre-first-baby weight. I still have 7 pounds to go to my pre-2nd-and-3rd-baby weight. 😀 Finally fit back into all of my old skirts! Yay!

    With 3, 2 and under, I don’t have time to exercise (beyond chasing a few toddlers around), but I have been doing a few crunches and stretches, just for toning. : )

  9. I was also really active in my teen years and I do think that some of that has primed by body for easier muscle gain now.

  10. I think I like your theory on muscle and fat…I’ve been able to lose belly fat by eating primal…mostly meat and vegis. That makes me happy.

  11. I also think you have some insight in what you’re saying about being fit early in life. That’s something I wasn’t and I definitely hit a wall when I get to the weight I was when we got married. That’s where I’m working now. Trying to lose down to where I was in high school (which was out of sheer dumb luck I think) and working out is certainly going to be key. Which means that I need to find some kind of workout plan that I can do with my boys during the day. I really want to start Couch 2 5K, but my husbands work schedule makes is hard for me to find time to run during daylight hours.

    I’m really looking forward to the weather cooling off a bit so we can start going to the zoo more often (this spring we were going 2-3 times a week)…I’ve noticed a huge difference in my fitness level since we gave up our multi-week zoo walks.

  12. Cindy in GA says:

    I think you’re right about the value of being fit in our earlier years and the way it seems to help a LOT as we get older. I started running at around age 13, worked out a good deal through my teens and a few years into my 20s, then started having kids and slowed down a lot. 🙂 I’ve always thought that the reason I’ve been able to stay reasonably fit and whip myself back into better shape quickly is that “holdover” factor – b/c I was fit before. It’s been harder for my sisters, who didn’t work out when they were younger. I’m 43 now and about the same weight I was when I got married 22 years ago.

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