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I had hoped and planned to share a new video every Monday, but alas! My plans were foiled by 3 long days in town and some busy days at home.
Instead, I have some old-tyme fun to share here.

Perry IV’s Army Crawl – The first time my uncle saw him do this, he chuckled uncomfortably, paused, and finally asked, “Hey, uh…is there something wrong with him?”

Bethany’s Hilarious Crawl – Of all my crazy crawlers, she is the undisputed winner. Years later, I still can’t watch the video without laughing.

Perry IV’s First Haircut – This was as much fun to edit as it was in real life, maybe more. The soundtrack was a special touch by Perry III, and I think it makes the video!  Parker’s first haircut is long overdue, so look for a video of him soon.

Prince Kisses Frog – We couldn’t believe he really did it.  Now we know more about boys, of course.

Next week, I hope to get back to posting interviews with the kids, followed by interviews with other persons of interest.

Which of today’s videos was your favorite?  Would you rather see more informal family videos like these, or interviews, or a combination?


  1. P.s. can video Monday please be Film Friday? or even Movies Monday?

  2. Shiela’s ideas are good! I do like the interviews though 🙂

  3. Sheila in MO says:

    Lois, my sentiments exactly. The interviews have been a little “boring” and probably not a good illustration of all those unique and interesting personalities in your house. You can’t help being an intriguing family- you don’t even have to TRY. Probably the most interesting video would be of the family going about their business as usual, like a “day in the life of…” type of thing. Kids taking turns filming and everyone just having fun with it. It’s especially good to see the silliness and laughter that goes on between siblings, like the clip of Perry Boy being conned into kissing a frog. That was hilarious! And just like older siblings to be so tickled by it. The person who loves to cook or bake could do a spontaneous cooking show while in the kitchen preparing a meal or treat for the fam. Or the person who has the gift of gab taking us on a tour of your home, the one who is intellectual talk on a subject like theology or their perspective on how they would raise their children differently than those with a typical worldview. It would be interesting to have a group of them sitting together talking about life in a large family. What are their favorite things about it? What has this humble yet rich environment taught them? How do they feel about being homeschooled? And do they want to go to college? As parents living your Christian faith I certainly sense in your writing strength of character. What do your children admire most in your character. When they are older what will be their fondest memories of home? Just think of all the truly meaningful things that could be captured on video! The possibilities are endless… and so much fun to view when time has flown.

  4. They were all hilarious and adorable, but I think my favorite was the haircut because I’m a fan of silent movies anyway (and that music was perfect!) and the way all the hands came in to feel his newly shorn head…priceless!

  5. Lois Groat says:

    I can’t pick a favorite. I loved them all. I actually like these more than the interviews, because no one looks like they are being tortured or being put before a firing squad. I liked the interviews for getting to know more about you, but ya’ll seem like you do not love making them. These videos are a way for us to get a peek at you in a more natural way. The interviews do not seem like the real you. They seem like you on your best behavior. I think I like you all better when you are NOT on your best behavior. 🙂

    Does that make sense?

    • Thanks, Lois. That’s very close to how we feel about them.
      I like having interviews of the kids for future reference, but they’re like formal portraits. Not nearly as fun or personable as a candid snapshot.

  6. My daughter “crawled” like Perry, but she alternated legs. I was just watching the videos last night. So cute and funny.

  7. My niece used to crawl just like Perry! We used to say that she kinda looked like a monkey just dragging her leg behind her.

  8. Oh these were awesome!!! I have never seen a craweler like Bethany. I’ve seen kids crawl like Perry but that girl truly had a unique way of getting around!!

    And I have also never seen a child be so completely unconcerned about a haircut!!!

    These were all really cute!!

  9. My Rachel crawled just like Perry IV before she started crawling on her hands and knees.

    I can’t believe his first haircut was a buzz! All that work to grow hair and it’s gone in minutes! hee hee

    Fun family stuff!

  10. Your kids are so CUTE!!! I love the way Bethany crawled! I think little girl babies who wear dresses a lot have to learn interesting ways to crawl without getting tangled up in their skirts. 😉 The frog kissing prince is so funny! I guess it was my favorite, but they are all cute! Thanks for sharing.

  11. The frog-kissing-prince is hillarious!!! I love it 🙂 And my little kiddos laughed all the way through the hair cutting video. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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