Sale on Jonathan Park

Jonathan park on sale

One of our very favorite homeschool items from Vision Forum is on sale this week, and I thought you should know.  That’s partly because it’s a great sale on some great stuff, and partly because as I told you in an earlier post this morning, my bottom is plastered to a chair today and it’s not moving. Of course the computer is within reach (I chose my chair wisely).

The Deal: Save 40% when you purchase any three or more individual Jonathan Park albums. Or, save 50% when you purchase the 7-album Jonathan Park Complete Adventure Collection or the 4-album Jonathan Park Creation Guide Series.  Here are all the individual Jonathan Park albums.

So while I sit here working on other posts for later this week, you can pop over and get some cheap thrills – er, I mean a great price on some real adventures.  Same thing, wildly different connotation, huh?

Oh, and enter my giveaway on Facebook for a $35 Vision Forum gift certificate!



  1. Thanks! I just ordered the 7 volume set, my kids and husband are going to be thrilled! I think my husband likes JP even more than the kids! lol!

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