Video: Interview with 7yo Rachael

Inspired by Smockity’s weekly webisodes, I spent a few minutes this week interviewing some of my children on video for you.  Don’t expect much – we’re hardly seasoned professionals, and this was my first attempt.  But Rachael’s cuteness makes up for a multitude of flaws on my own part, so we hope you’ll enjoy her 3 minutes of fame.

Next up: Deanna


  1. I’m finally catching up on your blog (which I love by the way – & the new header looks fantastic) & had to say how cute this interview was – in fact my daughter Ellie who is the same age as your Rachel is watching it too & say’s “hi” all the way from Australia. Have a wonderful weekend

  2. A great idea, if done yearly, oh, the growing that you would see.
    Rachael, you did a wonderful interview in front of the camera and all
    of us strangers.

  3. My girls loved watching this! (Hi, Rachael!)

  4. I LOVE when you asked her what is going on in her life and she said she is learning to read. How precious!

  5. Alanna N. says:

    That was sweet!!! Would love to see a pic of her all dressed up as a flower girl!!!

  6. Rachel is so cute and you did great mom! Gave me ideas for my kids and videotaped interviews. Nice to capture some of their thoughts now. Blessing to you and your family!

  7. What a beautiful child! Thanks for posting!

  8. That was fun! She is ADORABLE!

  9. Kat Menard says:

    how cute she is! And isn’t it fun how even in a family, there are such differences! How wonderful to get a redhead in the mix! God bless! Kat

  10. Sweet!

    This is is going to be fun to watch you interview your children!

  11. Enjoyed it a lot!! What a little lady you have!!

  12. She is such a cutie pie! This is fun, keep ’em coming.

  13. There’s a whole lot of cuteness going on there, that’s for sure. Rachael’s a sweetie!

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