My failed attempt at blogging today

I’ve missed blogging lately, so today I set aside an hour of time to write a post. Since it’s hard for me to focus while life roars around me, I decided to hide away in my clean, quiet bedroom for that precious hour. I wanted to be able to think, to ponder, to formulate what’s on my mind and in my heart, so I could preserve my deepest thoughts and feelings here in my online journal. I wanted to create something deep and meaningful that my descendants could treasure in years to come, a way for them to know and understand me even after I’m gone.
Instead, I spent the first 35 minutes of my hour waiting for my netbook to boot, crash and reboot. Now I’m searching for instructions on how to restore it to factory settings. I also learned that it’s possible to attach a full size keyboard to my phone. This would enable me to smash my netbook into smithereens and repurpose it as potting soil, which sounds far more useful than its current state.
Maybe that’s too destructive. I could just pop all the keys off and use them to play scrabble, or use the hinge to replace the one on the kitchen cabinet that the squirrel broke last month. Maybe I could open it and set it on end as a bed riser?
If you have other ideas for my netbook, I’d love to hear them. How would you use it?


  1. Sounds like my blog post on how my netbook was not allowing me to type anything, cause I’d get halfway thru and it would just delete everything I spent a ten to twenty minutes typing, I think the post went something like, “my computer won’t let me type, guess it didn’t like my topic, try again later”

    So sorry it was giving you fits and glad you got it working again, I just switched to using my laptop and gave to netbook to my husband.

  2. Oh poor you! I hate laptops and netbooks, they’re horrible things. My husband and I run a business doing computer repairs, I wish we lived nearby (or, like, in your country) and I’d take a look.

    You can’t actually restore it to factory settings though… computers don’t really work like that, unless this is one of those ultra simplistic ‘netbooks’ that dosen’t even have windows on it. If the windows operating system is corrupted you’ll need to try and repair it using the repair feature of the installation disk, or reinstall it altogether. This is assuming you have an installation disk, and that the issue is windows at all.

    If you don’t know anyone tech savvy nearby and you’d actually like some help, feel free to email me (I think this comment system will let you do that, or just reply and I’ll email you) and I’ll see if I can help you at least identify the problem.

    On the other hand, netbooks do make very good coasters… 😀

    • abba12,
      It’s a Toshiba NB205. I had upgraded from Windows Starter to Windows 7, but I think I was asking too much. Restoring to factory settings was frighteningly easy; now I’m just hoping it will run like it did when it was new, last year.
      If it still has problems, I might take you up on the offer. At any rate, I’d like to get rid of the Toshiba bloatware that came on it. Can you walk me through that so I don’t delete something important?

  3. Use the keys to make framed word decor?? 😉

  4. Instead of a bed riser, you could get a couple of braces, some screws, and a power drill. Then screw the thing to the wall next to your bed and “voila!” Mes amis, we have an instant nightstand! C’est tres chic, madame. Il est magnifique. Tu a besoin d’une table de chevet comme cela pour tout le monde!

  5. Target practice.

  6. hmmmm sounds like my experience with the “tablet” for the last couple of weeks! so much for “saving time” with that thing. 🙂
    looking forward to your next deeply meaningful post, but really, this one wasn’t too bad either.

  7. Smashed into pieces and framed into shadow boxes could make darling decor for a boy’s room. Then your future generations could pass it down & they could know the real you. 🙂

  8. I want to know that too– Perry, you don’t make a very pretty girl!

    You could always send me your netbook, Kim. Before you break it, that is. I’ll send you a nice thank you card. 🙂

  9. GAH. MINE TOO. I can’t even stand to be in the same room as my netbook, I detest it so. Not to mention that I don’t like being reminded I spent hundreds of dollars on basically a pretty green doorstop. I have a plan to let the kids play math games on it, but haven’t worked up the strength yet.

  10. Why does your blog think I’m a girl?

  11. So young, and so bitter.

    It’s sad really.

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