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Have you  noticed our new sponsor in the sidebar, Living the Answer?  When David contacted me about advertising, I jumped on the opportunity to review his online classes.  Of our four oldest children, two are natural writers and two are more challenged.  They all do well, but Kaitlyn and Lydia lacked confidence.  I thought they would benefit most from some formal training in essay writing.

Today is their 4th weekly lesson in the online Essay Writing class, and they love it!  It’s not easy, but they say that Mr. Vogel is a fun and engaging teacher.  The 75 minute online lesson each week includes audio, slides, live interactive chat (via voice or typing), and some quick in-class assignments.  Class size is limited to 12 so that the instructor can give personal attention to each student.  The weekly writing projects he assigns are challenging, but doable – even for writers who lack confidence.  Mr. Vogel is wonderful at providing personalized feedback and constructive criticism for each assignment, making his comments both helpful and encouraging.  That’s not always an easy balance to strike, but he does it beautifully.

Our girls are rapidly gaining both confidence and proficiency.  In just a few weeks, I’ve been very impressed at the change in their writing.  I’ve always known they were intelligent and had good things to say, and thanks to their dad they are great verbal communicators.   Now they are gaining the tools to communicate effectively in writing.  This is important to us, and I’m thrilled that God has provided a way to build those skills.

Would I have sought out and paid for an online class?  Never.  Would I now?  Quite possibly.

Have your children ever done an online class?  If not, would you consider using an online class?



  1. We’ve done a few online classes and have LOVED them–one was Mrs. Morecraft’s webinar-based English class from Vision Forum. Our son is in the CollegePlus program ( and does “virtually” all of his learning online now. We still do plenty of learning out of books. Online learning doesn’t replace that–but it aids in other ways, such as being able to set your own schedule and keep you from becoming too myopic in your learning perspective.

  2. I don’t see why not. I did a couple correspondence classes during my homeschooling years (before everything went online) and I’ve done online classes for college. I will say that how well it works depends on the individual’s learning style and the presentation style for the online class.

  3. I try to limit needing the computer for school simply because there is one computer and 10 of us, but I think I will look into this class. My oldest daughter and I have been talking about extra essay writing practice for her. This may be just the thing. Thanks!

  4. I’ve taken several online courses and they’ve worked out great – but Living the Answer looks interesting too…I might look into it!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I actually work in the tech department for an online-only high school aimed at home schoolers, and I’m curious — what software do they use? I read about “voice/text chat” & I’m interested to learn what people are using elsewhere on the web. 🙂

  6. Jamie,
    Funny you should mention Grandpa Jake. I’ll be blogging about that soon, and hope to host a giveaway in the near future!

  7. We’ve used on-line classes for French and would consider this for other modern languages. I find marking creative writing challenging and would consider something like this at the appropriate time.

  8. I’ve been taken with Grandpa Jakes Campfire Cooker. I hadn’t noticed that advertisement before and that would be a great item! That would be a neat giveaway. I mean, if anyone was wondering….
    My children have never done an online class. However, they haven’t needed to. If they needed something that we chose not to manage at home, looking for a class online is certainly a possibility not to be overlooked.

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