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Last week while Perry was at a hunting ranch with 6 of the children, I took the other 4 to the San Antonio Zoo.  It was a warm, breezy day and we had a wonderful time as the 5 of us ambled slowly around, taking in the sights and sounds.  The kids found the smells less than delightful, but I reminded them that it was a package deal – much like small children.

They were delighted at the prairie dogs, who were likewise delighted with us.  We found one little guy right at the glass, wagging his tail and watching passers-by.

We watched as 3 porcupines had a pushing match over lunch.  They were understandably courteous, but even so one wound up with a quill protruding from his cheek.  On our last visit, these guys were standing up against the fence letting us pet their soft noses.

Observe the fearsome jungle fowl, safely behind bars.  Judging from his secure enclosure, he must be more dangerous than the tomistoma, who was just inches out of reach with nothing but a waist-high fence between us.

The massive 12-foot tomistoma, a freshwater crocodile.  I would love to say I touched him, but his tail was just 3 inches out of reach.  Instead, I just lingered at the enclosure, amazed and horrified at his size and proximity.

This Nile Crocodile was nearly as close, but there was thick glass between us.  I don’t know why; he seemed friendly enough.  See how he smiled at us?

I went around to get a better picture from another angle, while Becca and Parker stayed behind.

It took me a minute to figure out what we’re looking at here.  Can you see it?

I was so tickled to see the proper end of the hippos this time!  I love hippos, but I love them best when we’re not watching their bottoms do what hippo bottoms do best.

I don’t know if every zoo is like this, but the San Antonio Zoo is full of metal sculptures of the animals.  We love to take pics of the kids on every one that we come across.

Becca doing what big sisters do best.  I’m so glad she decided to stay home with me and the little ones.

Have you ever held a bald eagle?  Have you ever seen one small enough to sit in the palm of your hand?

Ride ’em, cowboy!

Bethany: “Mom, can we take a picture in the fake broken-head turtle?”

On the baby elephant, just outside the elephant enclosure.  We stopped here for lunch and watched the elephants eat, too.

Becca insisted on taking my picture on the baby elephant.  “Was I making a weird face in that one?”

“Well,” she replied.  “I did say I wanted to take another one…”

On the komodo dragon.  I don’t know why, but I find them fascinating.  The real ones here are every bit as big as the sculpture, and almost exactly the same color.

Two children, two sloths.

And our traditional zoo day finish: everyone on the lions at the entrance/exit.  Bye, zoo animals!  See you soon!


  1. I too was boggled by your math and kept counting and recounting and wondering why the 4th child wasn’t in the picture. LOL

  2. I miss going the San Antonio Zoo. It is by far my favorite. I used to take my son often when he was younger, but as he got older the trips were less frequent. But even as a teenager we spent a day at the San Antonio Zoo every year at spring break. He said he was never too old for a day at the zoo with his mom 🙂 We moved 1500 miles away from San Antonio, so thanks for sharing your zoo pictures.

  3. You definitely prove the theory that having lots of kids makes you young! You look like a teen!

    And um, who was camera shy? I only counted 3 kids….

    • Kim,
      You caught my mistake! I only had 3 of the children. There were 4 of us total, not 4 children. That means that Perry had 7 of the kids with him. I’m not used to having so few – I spent most of the time trying to remember how many kids I was supposed to have!

  4. We love going to the zoo – the National Zoo in DC has all these great sculptures as well…

    Glad you had a great time…

  5. What a fun leisurely day! It is wonderful that you and your children were able to amble through and enjoy each other’s company, the animals, and the weather. Bravo!

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