Giveaway: The Christian Philosophy of Food (book)

This week’s giveaway is a little paperback with an ambitious title: The Christian Philosophy of Food.  Maybe you’re surprised at the claim that there is a Christian philosophy of food?

What is so important about food? Is it really worth this much attention? On a basic level we can see that though we make our food, our food also makes us. You cannot escape food. It is one of the basic needs to survive; there are few others that are more integrated into our lives. What else have you done three times a day for your entire life? What we choose to eat affects our life tremendously, and our life affects what food we choose. It is vitally important to think about our food.

The author is a homeschool graduate, son of a PhD food scientist, and draws much of the book from dinnertime discussions.  He presents an interesting blend of perspectives.

Food is studied by nutritionists and chefs alike. Generally speaking, the scientific nutritionist looks at food as being composed of both healthful nutrients and harmful toxins or bacteria, mostly disregarding the art of food. Then the chefs look at the taste and presentation of food with little regard for health consequences. You either end up with food that is nutritious but tasteless or very tasty food that is a “heartattack on a plate.” Thus, food is a complex subject because it is a source of both nutrition and beauty. Both are important to Christians. As Christians, our whole persons are valuable, both the soul and the body, and thus health is important and not to be set aside as something that only “health nuts” think about.

The author makes a lot of theological statements on points that many people will consider debatable, and while he does footnote many of his scientific references there are many more points for which I would love to see more support.  But this book never claims to be comprehensive.  Think of it as a starting point, not an exhaustive work.

“Peter Bringe presents a careful, balanced, biblical approach to this important area of life that touches every one of us, every day. It is time for Christians to reexamine their eating habits, and realign their lives according to the principles and priorities offered in God’s Word.”
~Kevin Swanson,
Pastor, Reformation Church;
Director, Generations with Vision.


While I don’t agree with some of his statements, I do think this book does exactly what it’s intended to do: get us thinking about how our diets can and should glorify God, just like every other aspect of life.

The Giveaway

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  1. Our family has made big changes since two of our five kids were found to be lactose intolerant (which really explained so much of their problems). We are on the journey to simple living which for us means downsizing our home and our bodies. We would love to read this book.

  2. Katherine Green says:

    This sounds fascinating! I’m just starting on a journey into what it means for my body to be a tabernacle, it’s daunting! I came across some info on raw foods and all sorts and I have realised just how tired and poorly functioning my body is with all the rubbish I put into it, and both my children suffer from uncountable allergies/intolerances. May God lead me in the right direction!!! Good work on the site by the way. Oh, and soapnut liquid mixed with rhassoul clay work fab in hard water areas 🙂

  3. I know my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit yet I still struggle with eating junk foods. I really do want to get better and be healthier!

  4. Please enter me!

    Philosophy on Food: Becoming more self sufficient and eating healthy!!

  5. We are just realizing the importance of glorifying God in ALL things….how we missed that this included our food choices for the last 5 years, I’m not sure. I definitely think this book would be very helpful as we try to discern what that looks like. We would love to be able to farm (and plan to eventually), but we move around too much right now (military family) to really make that feasible. We are excited about being able to not be completely dependent on supermarkets and mass produced food, as well as knowing where our food comes from…whether we produce it or not.

  6. My philosophy is that food is a necessary evil…except ice cream! Ice cream is a gift from heaven!

    Seriously though, I believe food is given for our enjoyment and nourishment. Even though I personally don’t enjoy eating because of jaw arthritis, I try to provide healthy meals for my husband and three young daughters because if we are healthy physically, it helps us be healthy spiritually and mentally as well.

  7. I recently watched the movie, “Forks Over Knifes” and am really trying to change my eating habits, but it’s pretty hard. We have lot’s of food allergies in the family, so creative cooking is a must for us. The Internet makes it pretty easy to find recipes and food substitution ideas.

  8. Franchesca says:

    I liked the book on fb!!!

    P.S. I think it’s neat that the new comments get emailed to me. I am finding what others’ thoughts are about food fascinating!

  9. I like The Christian Philosophy of Food on FB. (My Fb name is Iamsaving Haha.)

  10. I used to never really “think” about food. The last few years I have really begun to carefully consider what I feed my family. I love reading about good and bad foods because it’s hard for me to “defend” my views on food so the more I read about it, the more ammo I have! 😉

  11. Interesting you should be thinking about this. My philosophy of food is changing at the moment. My daughter is fed via tube into her stomach, and has always had commercial formula via pump. I am moving her from these onto a pureed diet of real foods (still through the tube), and this is really challenging to me. I find myself thinking far more about nutrition – taste is unimportant, so I am busy researching the most nutritious and easily absorbed blends for her. This is having an impact on what I feed the rest of the family.

    We have an organic fruit and veggie box delivered each week, so the challenge is to make a week’s worth of meals from whatever receive. I suppose then my current philosophy is as fresh as possible, varied, more fruit and veg. Enjoyment and family meals, and celebrating flavour. I prefer “real” foods – butter over artificial margarine and spreads for example.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I have a love hate relationship with food. All the good for you stuff tastes bad. Why oh why must pringles and oreos be unhealthy. 🙂

  13. Ashley Jenkins says:

    This has become a new focus for me! Eating involves our money, time, and other people, so naturally there is indeed a Christian view on it!

  14. Tina Savasuk says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win…would love to read this. About a year ago my family started trying to avoid highly processed food. It is a struggle sometimes though. I really believe that food is best in it’s most natural state but that is not to say I practice only what I believe.

  15. Well I am heading out the door to the grocery store and debating which store I shop at this week. Do I spend a little more at the big Texas based organic food store chain which I love, but tends to take a bite out of our paychecks, or the big box grocery store that won’t hurt the wallet as badly but doesn’t have the same quality foods? At the same time I had a homemade fruit smoothie for breakfast and just cracked open a diet coke. While my family tries to always eat food as God provided it, we are sinners and fall more towards a balanced approach.

  16. I remember in college having a debate about what defines music as “Christian.” That led us to logic that meant there was such thing as “Christian Food” and the like…though most of us weren’t convinced of our logic at that point! Interested to see what the book has to say.

  17. I like The Christian Philosophy of Food on facebook! Katy A.

  18. I would love a chance to read this book! I homemake everything (as much as I can) from bread to noodles…we like using fresh produce from our garden and we get our meat from my husband’s family’s meat market where we know it is fresh and not filled with icky pink slime!

  19. “Liked” the book on FB

    Thanks for hosting!

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