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I’m working on a post about Black Bean Brownies (would you ever try them?), but in the meantime you might want to test drive this coupon code.  Just click the coupon and my affiliate link will take you right to the store.  I like to make things easy for you.  🙂

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Now I’m off to try a variation on the brownies before I share the recipe.  It may sound crazy, but it’s for a good cause: morning sickness.


  1. Whoops! Maybe I heard that about morning sickness from YOUR blog :). Spaced that!

    • Melanie,
      Thanks for the link. It explains how the beans work very clearly, and I think the post I originally linked to has disappeared. Maybe I’ll go back and change the link in my original post!

  2. Black bean brownies are the best! Have you heard that beans are the answer to morning sickness? I just heard about that not too long ago. This post explains it:

  3. Congrats on the baby! I have made them and like them. I just don’t bake them the entire time suggested now, cause if I bake them the entire way, they turn out crumbly. I also like to put chocolate fudge on top. That helps with the crumbliness if you overbake them. Also the chocolate-y ness. YUM. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the coupon code. I’ll be over there looking around soon. As for the brownies, YES I’d try them! Legumes make a great addition to baked goods. My mom has a recipe for chocolate cake with lentil puree in it and it’s about the best chocolate cake we’ve had–very moist and flavorful, and you’d never guess the lentils. My sisters love having people over when we serve it so they can shock them with the ingredients once the cake is gone. 🙂 I hope the morning sickness is eased by the beans in this form. Wishing you a nausea-free afternoon! Our prayers are with you and your growing baby.

  5. So, congratulations are in order?! Very cool! Best wishes for you and your fam!

  6. Would I ever try them? Well, yes, because of not being opposed to trying new things. But, I never would have THOUGHT of black beans and brownies being one! It’s intriguing and we will certainly make them soon as you post it. So many of your other recipes are now family favorites. Bring it on!

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