13 weeks: A new trimester! {pregnancy update}

I love milestones, and 13 weeks is definitely a milestone!  It’s refreshing to know that I’m starting a new trimester.  I’m hopeful that morning sickness will continue to fade, and can’t wait to see my belly – and the baby – begin to grow in earnest.

I haven’t felt that way with every pregnancy; sometimes I’m reluctant to lose my waistline (yet again), but knowing that every time is ever more likely to be the last makes me look at it differently.  Children are always a blessing, but somehow I find it easier to keep that in mind as I near the end of my childbearing years.

13 week baby bump

While I’m excited at beginning a new trimester, I’m quietly terrified of the thought of labor in a mere 27 weeks.  My last labor was exciting but relatively fast, especially for my first posterior baby.  Nonetheless I’m SO not ready to think about labor again.  My solution: I don’t think about it.  I know from experience that I’ll be ready when the time comes, so in the meantime I live in denial.  To paraphrase Matthew 6:31 roughly,

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘How shall we get through labor again?’…

No, fretting and worrying will not subtract one hour from labor.  There are better things to focus on.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Therefore do not be anxious about [27 weeks from now], for [October 17] will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. ~Matthew 6:33-34

So I walk around in a curious mixture of bliss and nausea, waiting to feel the first flutterings, oblivious to the fact that in 6 months I’ll be wondering what was I thinking?  I can’t do this!!!

Over the past week, I logged everything I ate for 5 days for my midwife.  It was a good chance to take a real look at my diet.  I’m probably not eating quite enough because of the nausea but I’m maintaining my starting weight, which is very good for me since I usually lose about 10 lbs. in my first trimester.  I’m no health nut, but I think my diet is generally healthy and balanced.  I’m curious to see if my midwife agrees next time I see her.  🙂

I’m also not doing much exercise yet because of the nausea.  Wait – who am I fooling?  I’m not doing any exercise, unless you count staring mournfully into the fridge and walking away because the sight and smell of all that food is more nauseating than an empty stomach.  However, I am trying to remember to do 100 squats/day because I can do them in small sets without getting sick and I hear they are wonderful for a variety of reasons, some of which apply to everyone and some of which apply specifically to pregnant women.  I have yet to remember to do more than 30, but I’m full of good intentions.  I just need someone to remind me.

Does anyone want to join me in 100 squats/day?  I could use some accountability!

The biggest excitement this week: a friend unexpectedly loaned me a fetal doppler!  We can listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home any time we want!  How cool is that?  We tried to make a  recording, but baby wasn’t very cooperative.  I only found the baby’s heartbeat once today, and it was competing with my own.  We could hear it easily, but it was difficult to separate the two on our recording.  Maybe we’ll have a recording next week!

At 13 weeks:

  • Baby is about 3″ long and weighs 1 oz.
  • Baby can suck thumb, kick, and flex arms.
  • Bone is beginning to replace cartilage and the ribs are appearing.
  • Baby’s unique fingerprints are already in place.
  • more

Updates?  I love hearing updates from others!  And I’m serious: does anyone want to do 100 squats/day for the rest of April?  Or the next 30 days?  Or 27 weeks?


  1. I did squats during the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy. And then I went three weeks overdue, and didn’t do them as often as I should have. Which reminds me, I FINALLY had that baby! It was a successful homebirth, my first vaginal birth after having 2 c-sections. It was beautiful, and wonderful, and I’ll never go back to a hospital unless something is wrong (and despite what doctors think my going very overdue isn’t something wrong.) It’s our first boy as well, and he was born at 43 weeks 🙂

  2. Ugh. Squats. I wonder if it’s too late. I think I’m already starting to waddle at 26 weeks, does that count? 😉

    • Amanda, it’s never too late! I was very inactive with my last pregnancy until the last month. I started walking daily and worked up to 2-3 miles/day by the end. I walked 5 miles the day before labor started!
      Start now. You might be surprised how good it feels!

  3. Congratulations!! I am due on Oct 20th, so I am also thrilled to be passed the morning sickness! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly.

  4. Kim, I’ll do squats with you! Due to breastfeeding problems, I regained my initial quick loss without even realizing what was happening. Now that my milk has totally dried up I am trying to get back in shape, so the squats will be a great addition to my “routine”. I’m doing a whole-foods diet (as much as possible) and doing 20 minutes of interval walking (intervals of moderate-paced walking with short bursts of power-walking) daily. This is supposed to be a very effective way of losing weight because it jump-starts the metabolism and regulates hormones.

    I’m so glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. This too shall pass! Still TTC here…
    Just a little word of caution–Doppler ultrasound is not entirely safe, so you should probably be frugal in your use of it. Google “ultrasound dangers” for more information–there are links to neurological disorders that shouldn’t be ignored. Not that you shouldn’t ever use the Doppler–just be cautious.

  5. Also enjoying your blog posts. I am one week behind, so it is neat to see where I am headed. I have my first ob appt. tomorrow. We don’t have any midwives close to where I live. This will be #13…so also very likely my last 🙁 This has been one of my hardest pgs as I have felt sicker and more exhausted. But I haven’t slowed down too much, so that is probably why 🙂 I will have to research the info on the squats. Sounds like a great idea. I actually used a birthing ball for the first time on my last birth, and I felt really comfortable during labor on it. I look forward to nursing another little one. My children will also be so excited when they find out, we are having another little one.

  6. I’m enjoying your weekly updates! It’s especially fun since our babies are so close. I’m 14 weeks today. I have not had much nausea at all this pregnancy, which I am so thankful for. My two littles (3 and 1) keep me busy enough without needing to throw up very often; I’ve definitely had strong aversions and cravings though. And, I’m getting my energy back, though I definitely get pretty tired if I try to do too much in a day.

    And, I’m already having to fight off dread of labor too! My first labor was so loong (almost 40 hours) and my second was much shorter (10 hours), but I had insanely awful back labor (and a lot of back trouble for many months after giving birth). So, I’m seeing my chiropractor every two weeks hoping to avoid that this time around. I could definitely deal with another 10 hour labor as long as I don’t have the back pain again…if I had been at the hospital instead of at home, I’m almost sure I would’ve been begging for drugs. 😉

  7. I’ve been following your pregnancy for a few weeks, as I am one week behind you. You posted about coming out of the sickness at around 11 weeks just as I was feeling my worst at 10. But it brought me hope! Now and I am at 12 weeks and really starting to feel better, beginning to function again. It’s a good thing too, because the house doesn’t just run the same with a 10yo and 8yo in charge. 🙂 This will be baby #7 and I’m thinking it’s a girl because the sickness is lasting longer. Can’t wait to reach that 2nd trimester like you.

  8. I’m curious about joining in on the squats… not sure that I know exactly how to do one, but surely I can figure it out! Lol. I don’t get enough exercise, but I really need to be making time to do it. I heard that regular exercise reduced chances of gestational diabetes & I would really really really like to avoid that this go ’round!

  9. Your bump is so cute! I would love to join you in the squats but as I have been overcome with sickness again (baba did not get the memo that it is perfectly ok not to make mum feel sick at 27weeks) I am currently bedridden. However if I start to feel better I will certainly try as I would like to be strong enough to stand for most of my labour!! Keep up the nice updates and Happy Belated Birthday to Kaitlyn!

  10. I like the idea of having someone for accountability, but I just don’t know if I could do the squats. I did attempt this position when in labor with Nathan, but that just didn’t work at all. My ankles just couldn’t take it. But of course I have really bad ankles. I really do need to do something regularly all the time but especially during my pregnancy. Hey maybe exercise will distract from the nausea.

  11. Don’t miss your waistline; a baby bump is one of the most beautiful things a woman can wear. 😉

  12. A home fetal doppler is really cool. I ordered one online with my first pregnancy. I am a nurse and we lived over an hour from the birth center I was going to for prenatal care and the birth. There were a couple of times as a first time mom I was a little nervous and it was nice to have the reassurance of hearing the heartbeat available in my bedroom. It was also cool to be able to share the heartbeat with friends and family with a recording too. I didn’t want overexposure to ultrasound waves though, so I was careful not to use it all the time.

    You make me remember that we still need to get a good recording of this latest pregnancy!

  13. Meghan V. says:

    I’m around 25 weeks *I think* (it’s hard to remember while running after littles!). I’d love to join you in doing the squats…ahhh but I SOOOOO don’t like to exercise and pregnancy is such a good excuse NOT to. Well, at least in my mind. 😀

  14. Squats! Ha! Maybe after the baby is born, but I have this weird pain in my tummy when I do things like that, so I think I’ll just follow your progress.

    Your little belly is adorable. I’m jealous. I just look like a lumpy-dump now. 8 weeks to go! 🙂

  15. I need to do the squats too…what a good idea. I’m 21 weeks, so I’ll be doing a bit of catch-up, but hey…every little bit helps, eh? I love your paraphrase of Matthew 6:33-34! For me it’s never the labor I fear…it’s the newborn that scares me! 🙂 The crying and lack of sleep. Labor is a breeze compared to that in my opinion!

  16. Ashleigh says:

    Read John 16:21. Labor is quite a long way off for you still but maybe this will get you through when the time comes. Otherwise forgetting about the impending labor tends to be how I deal with it best also 🙂 happy 2nd trimester!

  17. Now that I’ve finally announced my news publically, I can finally talk pregnancy with you! ; )

    I’m just over 8 weeks, and had been doing quite well, nausea wise, compared to all my other pregnancies. But the last couple days have been reminders of what’s yet to come. Nonetheless, it’s such a blessing….and this I know: It WILL end! lol

    I’ll join you in doing the squats….especially since I have stopped running for now.

    On another note…even though my husband knows your parents and some siblings from church, he’s never seen you. So I thought it would be fun to show him your belly pic. The first thing he said was, “Her first?” After I laughed, I told him this was your 11th…and that you were the Brown’s oldest daughter. His eyes got big. It’s because my belly is bigger than yours at 8 weeks. But that’s just my belly. Despite always losing all my baby weight, as soon as my body realizes it’s pregnant, my belly pops out. **sigh** Maybe I’ll send you a private email of my belly from Easter. 🙂

  18. Kym Johnson says:

    congrats on your diminishing nausea! I always disliked that part, and it’s starting up for me. Just found out we are expecting #7 and I have to be on blood thinners, so it’s exciting and scary all at once! I will try to be your squat partner! I have early onset arthritis, so some days good, some not, but I do need to get to exercising.

  19. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is the benefit of squats? I’m assuming something to do with labor, but what specifically?

  20. I’ll be your squat partner! I really need to do SOMETHING. Strong legs are handy during labor too.

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